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12 Creative Ways to Make the Best Paleo Tiramisu

Think tiramisu is a fancy-pants dessert relegated to the menus of expensive restaurants? Think again! You can make this treat paleo style in a variety of forms and flavors. Try some of these paleo tiramisu recipes for the traditional squares as well as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chia puddings, and more.

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1. Vegan Pumpkin Tiramisu
Made with lots of creamed cashews, coconut milk, maple syrup, vanilla, pumpkin, and spices, these decadent and sophisticated tiramisu is a unique departure from its coffee-and-chocolate original. You can use a paleo cookie of your choice in this recipe. Almost any will work!

Paleo Tiramisu Cheesecake
Photo: Plated with Style

2. Paleo Tiramisu Cheesecake
Speaking of a cheesecake, these version of paleo tiramisu is exactly that! You’ll make a lady finger cookie layer, a cheesecake layer with almond extract, cashews, maple, and coconut sugar, and a decadent coffee syrup made with cocoa powder, coffee, dark rum, and cognac.

3. Healthy 1 Minute Tiramisu Cake
This mug cake is delicious with a moist and fluffy texture and paleo-friendly ingredients like coconut and almond flours, dark cocoa powder, espresso powder, vanilla, coconut milk, and a granulated sweetener of choice—either coconut sugar or stevia would work.

4. Raw Tiramisu
If you’re up for something different you can try this paleo tiramisu that reminds me a little bit of a paleo cheesecake. The “lady finger layer” is made with walnuts, dates, espresso powder, and vanilla, and it’s covered in a chocolate mousse made with creamed cashews. There’s a cream layer and some tasty toppings, too!

5. Classic Paleo Tiramisu
While this isn’t exactly like a non-paleo tiramisu you’d get in a restaurant, it does have more of a classic flavor and feel with a sponge cake layer, custard apple cream, almond liqueur, fresh espresso, and a dusting of soft and chocolaty cocoa powder.

Paleo Raw Tiramisu Cake
Photo: The Merrymaker Sisters

6. Paleo Raw Tiramisu Cake
Made with multiple layers of “cookies,” vanilla cream, and chocolate, this chilled an creamy cake is delicious and full of flavor. You’ll want to use honey or maple syrup in place of the raw malt syrup, but the rest is perfectly paleo and perfectly sweet and tasty.

7. Coconut Chia-Misu
This recipe might take the cake for most creative! It’s a tiramisu-inspired chia pudding made with coconut cream, chia seeds, fresh black coffee, maple syrup, coconut nectar, vanilla powder, and cacao nibs. And it’s healthy enough to enjoy for a breakfast treat! Maybe.

8. Chocolate Tiramisu
For a tiramisu treat that tastes like the classic but is easier to put together, try this layered tiramisu in a glass. You’ll need chocolate cake (recipe included, but you could use any), strong brewed coffee, coconut cream, maple syrup, and cocoa powder. So easy!

9. Classic Paleo Tiramisu
Made with homemade cake, brewed coffee, marsala, cocoa, and whipped coconut cream, this classic tiramisu dessert is similar to its non-paleo cousin in both flavor and texture. It just begins with vanilla sheet cake instead of lady fingers—easy to do at home!

Raw Paleo Tiramisu
Photo: Peachy Palate

10. Raw Paleo Tiramisu
Despite being raw, this paleo tiramisu recipe does try to replicate the layers and textures of a traditional tiramisu. It’s made with a combination of ground nuts, coconut flour, Medjool dates, coconut oil, raw cacao butter and cacao powder, vanilla, brandy, and more.

11. Paleo Tiramisu Granita
Whether you can’t go through the trouble of making all those layers, or its just plain too hot outside to spend much time in the kitchen, this granite recipe is a fun treat. Its flavored just like tiramisu with espresso powder, honey, cocoa powder, and vanilla, and its topped with a fluffy coconut whipped cream.

12. Tiramisu Cupcakes
Want that classic flavor but don’t want to deal with the layering? Try this cupcake made with simple, paleo-friendly ingredients like maple syrup, vanilla, coconut flour, and cocoa for dusting. Theyre topped with a coffee syrup and a creamy frosting—dairy free option available.


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