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Farm to Table Garden Tomato Soup

Farm-to-table tomato soup anyone? This recipe makes use of garden vegetables, tomatoes, leeks, and garlic for that homey vibe that warms the heart.

Authentic Italian Tuna Tomato Salad (No Mayo)

If you love to enjoy a tasty, flavor filled salad full of fresh garden vegetables but you wish that they had just a little bit more protein in them, this tuna salad recipe is perfect for you. It’s a tomato salad with an authentic Italian twist, while adding a hefty serving of protein from tuna.

The Best Avocado, Tomato and Cucumber Salad Ever

Avocados grow on avocado trees, in warm climates. They are indigenous to the Americas and there is evidence that people have been eating avocados since as far back as 10,000 BC. The English word avocado is a spin on the Spanish – aguacate – which itself is a take on the Native American Nahuatl word,…

21 Paleo Cherry Tomato Dishes

Cherry Tomatoes are a great way to add flavor and veggie-good nutrition to your salads, pasta dishes, meat dishes, and more. They’re easier than larger tomatoes because you can slice them in half without losing much juice, and they’re sweet! Check out these paleo cherry tomato recipes.

Tomato and Red Pepper Gazpacho

Have you ever had a soup that was so tasty you couldn’t help but make it multiple times in a week? That’s the sort of soup we’re making today. When I first tried gazpacho I thought there was some mistake and they had forgotten to heat it up. But knowing now that it’s supposed to…

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