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Paleo Unicorn Smoothie (The Healthiest Smoothie in All the Lands?)

Ever since Starbucks came out with their brightly colored Unicorn Frappuccino, health enthusiasts have been coming up with their own unique twists on the now famous drink. Thankfully, it’s entirely possible to still enjoy the same type of fun and flavorful drink by using frozen fruits along with almond milk, raw honey, and whipped coconut cream.

Paleo Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

There’s only a couple of months total for you to really get into the fall and pumpkin spirit, so get a move on already and enjoy this Paleo pumpkin smoothie! Pumpkin spice season is here!

The Best Paleo Green Smoothie Ever (Save This Recipe)

I’ve always thought of smoothies as having originated in the 1990s, about the time the low-fat craze got started but when I started digging a little in preparation for this post, I realized they have a much longer history than I ever knew. For thousands of years before blenders were ever invented, many tropical and…

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