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Easy Paleo Sandwich Bread Recipe

Mix all of the ingredients together and, within half an hour, have a paleo sandwich bread loaf ready to go! So easy to make and so, so good.

The Best Homemade Meatball Sub Ever

This meatball sub recipe swaps out the sandwich bread in favor of sweet potatoes stuffed with homemade meatballs and a secret sauce to top it off.

22 Ridiculously Good Paleo Sandwich Breads to Try

Sandwiches aren’t often touted as a healthy meal choice, but they totally can be! A good paleo “bread” can be a great vehicle for healthy fillings like meats and veggies, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying one. Try some of these paleo sandwich breads!

35 Creamy Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

Try these paleo ice cream sandwich recipes including dairy free ice creams with fun flavors, and chewy, sturdy cookies, brownies, donuts, and other treats that are perfect for wrapping around a nice big dollop of ice cream.

17 Best Sandwich Cookies (Paleo and Gluten Free)

The only thing better than a cookie is two cookies with something sweet and creamy in the middle. Am I right? Of course I am. So give these paleo sandwich cookie recipes a try, for grain-free, refined-sugar-free, dairy-free treats with fillings like frostings, cream, and ice cream!

Seed and Nut Sandwich Bread

There’s no denying it: I love bread. I love sandwiches with bread. I love soup with a side of bread. I love bread drizzled with honey. I love bread. Non-Paleo eaters chide me all the time: “don’t you miss bread?” But what they don’t know is that I can still love my bread and eat…

40 Creative Paleo Sandwiches You’ll Love

When you go paleo, you kiss traditional sandwiches goodbye. There’s no way around it—bread isn’t paleo. But if there isn’t a way around it, maybe there’s a way through it. I’m talking about working WITH your paleo lifestyle instead of against it. Give these real-food sandwiches a try.

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