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18 Delectable Dairy-Free Egg Salad Recipes

Egg Salad conjures up different images for different people. To some, it’s a creamy and delicious lunch sandwich. To others, a picnic side dish. To others still, it’s that nasty, yellow, mayonnaise-filled goop your Great Aunt Agnes used to make for Easter, and your mother would give you the death stare if you didn’t choke…

Authentic Italian Tuna Tomato Salad (No Mayo)

If you love to enjoy a tasty, flavor filled salad full of fresh garden vegetables but you wish that they had just a little bit more protein in them, this tuna salad recipe is perfect for you. It’s a tomato salad with an authentic Italian twist, while adding a hefty serving of protein from tuna.

The Best Avocado, Tomato and Cucumber Salad Ever

Avocados grow on avocado trees, in warm climates. They are indigenous to the Americas and there is evidence that people have been eating avocados since as far back as 10,000 BC. The English word avocado is a spin on the Spanish – aguacate – which itself is a take on the Native American Nahuatl word,…

22 Tasty Paleo Fruit Salads

Fruit salad can be an excellent, paleo-friendly way to satisfy your sweet tooth without going sugar crazy. Fruit is naturally sweet, and there are so many ways you can dress it and combine the flavors. Try some of these!

The Best Tuna Salad You Have Ever Had

I’m convinced that the only reasons I’ve managed to keep my Paleo lifestyle up all this time is that I quickly caught on to planning ahead. I spend a few hours on weekends making protein-rich meals and snacks that I can heat up on week-nights or grab from the fridge in the morning and take…

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