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French Silk Chocolate Pie in a Jar

Yummy dark chocolate French silk pie jars are perfect treats for any occasion. They are super easy to make and take just minutes to mix, chill, and top with a whipped cream topping.

Cinnamon Roll Blondies

If you’re craving a gooey cinnamon roll, but don’t have the time/energy to make them, give this cinnamon roll blondie recipe a try!

Strawberry Shortcake Crumble Bars

These strawberry shortcake crumb bars are so, so good! All the goodness and cozy feels of strawberry shortcake, but in portable bar form and made completely from scratch with whole food ingredients.

4-Ingredient Avocado Vinaigrette

Avocado vinaigrette is unbelievably tasty, needs only four ingredients, and is ready to devour in under 5 minutes. It’s definitely a must-try for avocado fans and can be made in a big batch to last the week.

Avocado Cilantro Lime Dressing (Dairy-Free)

Creamy avocado cilantro lime dressing is super easy to make, absolutely delicious, and goes amazingly well with any vegetable or salad. The best part is that you can make this in less than 5 minutes.

BLT Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

How to Make Cherry Tomato Bites Before you can stuff your cherry tomatoes, you’ll first need to do a little bit of prep work: Make an opening in the tomatoes. Take each of the cherry tomatoes and cut a thin slice off the tops. Hollow out the tomatoes. Use a small teaspoon and scoop out…

3-Ingredient Cauliflower Noodles

Thank goodness for low-carb, cauliflower noodles! I absolutely love using this with my cauliflower alfredo and they are one of the most delicious homemade pasta recipes you can make.

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