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Coconut Flour Pumpkin Pancakes (With Blueberry Syrup)

The Syrup Is The Secret Sauce The blueberry syrup recipe is easily my favorite part of this pancake breakfast. To make it, you’ll need either fresh or frozen blueberries, some freshly squeezed orange juice, water, and arrowroot flour. Heat the blueberries and orange juice in a small saucepan over a medium heat for 5-6 minutes,…

17 Irresistible Paleo Pumpkin Spice Drinks and Desserts

Pumpkin spice may be the flavor of fall, but there’s a reason for the trend—delicious pumpkin spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cloves is, well, amazing. Don’t miss out on all things pumpkin spice because you’re paleo! Try these paleo pumpkin spice recipes for lattes, cookies, chia puddings, and more.

Paleo Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

There’s only a couple of months total for you to really get into the fall and pumpkin spirit, so get a move on already and enjoy this Paleo pumpkin smoothie! Pumpkin spice season is here!

Homemade Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin makes a lot of people think “fall.” But I love pumpkin year round. Of course, if you want to use a big ole actual pumpkin, you may have to wait until fall to make this recipe. Pumpkin is in the squash family and squashes generally aren’t ready until very late summer, and into the…

3-Ingredient Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes with Caramel Sauce

And yes, I’m about to tell you how to make pumpkin pancakes AND caramel sauce in a Paleo-friendly way! These pancakes are super simple – easier than regular pancakes, I think, because there are fewer ingredients. And, they only use a small bit or almond flour (perfectly paleo itself) because the pumpkin puree needs just…

Spicy Baked Pumpkin Seeds

These really are the perfect snack-time companion. Filling and satisfying, a handful of pumpkin seeds can leave you satiated for a few hours all by itself. They’re also nice to have on hand for adding into soups and onto salads. It’s so easy to get them into the oven, and from there it’s just a…

Chocolate Paleo Pumpkin Bread

Chocolate makes just about everything better, and such is the case with this pumpkin chocolate bread. It’s as if pumpkin and chocolate were made to go together, and the bread is just a conduit that helps them cohabitate. To make sure that you taste chocolate in each bite this recipe uses cocoa that ends up…

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