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Fresh Basil Paleo Pesto

Traditional pesto is made similar to this recipe, but often contains Parmesan or Romano cheese. Since Paleo folks don’t go for cheese, we’ve taken that out of this recipe but we promise you won’t miss a thing. With the fresh, bright basil, the strong garlic, and the smooth olive oil, plus a little salt, you…

Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

To make the pesto, red peppers are first blackened under the broiler. Don’t be afraid to let the skins get completely black, because then they will be easier to peel off. Once the peppers come out of the oven they are steamed for ten minutes to loosen the skin, and then it should peel right…

Thai Basil Pesto Salmon Bowl

This bowl has a zesty Thai pesto, a paleo rice replacement from cauliflower florets, fresh veggies, and of course the salmon for protein and healthy fats.

Fresh and Easy Arugula Pesto

Fresh pesto has an amazing ability to liven a dish. You can enjoy it with zucchini pasta, over grilled fish, stuffed into chicken, or incorporated into meatballs. Or it can be eaten straight with a spoon. Pesto adds a ton of healthy flavor and at the same time only takes about two minutes to mix…

12 Heavenly Paleo Pesto Recipes

Pesto is great to keep on hand because it adds massive amounts of flavor to a dish while remaining pretty healthy, and conforming to a Paleolithic way of eating. These are easy to make because you just toss everything into the blender and whir it up for a minute until the consistency is just right….

Paleo Turkey Pesto Meatballs

Since the first time we cooked these pesto meatballs, my boyfriend and I have had them almost once a week, or once every two weeks at the longest. They are regularly requested by him now and are one of the few recipes that he actually helps to make. There are only two basic steps. The…

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