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7 Delightful Orange Marmalades for Cooking and Eating

I love marmalade more than anything else in the jam-and-jelly family because of the chewy texture of the citrus peels, and the slight, pleasant bitterness. These paleo marmalade recipes will show you how to make marmalade without refined sugar, and there are even a few ideas for using it once you’ve made it!

Guilty Paleo Orange Chicken

This Paleo orange chicken recipe gives you the bold flavors of orange chicken without all the added calories. It is a lighter version of traditional Chinese orange chicken, while still being a guilty pleasure.

40 Orange Recipes You Need to Try

Oranges are in season where I live as I’m writing this, and I’ve been loving getting them from my favorite Farmer’s Market stand, which I lovingly refer to as “citrus guy.” Even if you don’t have your own citrus guy, you can enjoy some of these paleo orange recipes!

Orange Carrot Soup

This soup is almost as basic as it gets – but it doesn’t taste that way. The mix of cumin and coriander seeds, the earthy sweetness of fresh carrots, and, finally, the sparkling touch of citrus brings everything together. Like any well-rounded dish, this orange carrot soup hits most of the main flavor categories: sweet,…

Blood Orange and Spinach Salad with Citrus Dressing

Blood oranges have arrived and are featured in this salad, although regular oranges would work just as well. I like blood oranges because every single one is different in terms of how colorful the inside is. They are also full of vitamin C. When the oranges are paired with spinach, which is high in calcium…

Spicy Slow Cooker Orange Chicken Drumsticks

Orange chicken is not usually prepared with healthy ingredients. The Asian-inspired dish is one of my favorite comfort foods, so I went looking for an alternative method to prepare it. Drumsticks are definitely allowed on the Paleo diet, it was just a matter of finding more nutritious toppings. In this recipe we avoid any kind…

7 Paleo Orange Chicken Recipes with No MSG or Refined Sugar

Making Paleo orange chicken is a great way to free yourself from your local takeout restaurant, and gives you control over what goes in it. You never really know if a meal is Paleo friendly unless you make it yourself. These recipes deliver massive amounts of orange flavor to satisfy your craving without sending you…

Creamy Homemade Orange Julius

Every time you enjoy this drink you are doing your immune system a favor. Personally my immune system needs any help it can get. Thanks to this recipe I can now happily drink my vitamin C. You could expand from the oranges and add more fruit such as strawberries or mango as well. My cousin…

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