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Paleo Garlic Naan Bread (Quick and Easy Recipe)

It was in England that I fell in love with freshly baked Naan bread or better yet: Garlic Naan. Even though I always find it odd to have a rice, potato or pasta dish accompanied by bread, I never once question the need for Naan!

6 Perfectly Chewy and Fluffy Paleo Naan

Loved naan bread before you went paleo? We all did, trust me. Luckily, I’ve found a handful of paleo food bloggers willing to recreate naan for you with paleo-friendly ingredients. Give one of these a try!

Paleo Naan (YUM!)

P.S. I use this Paleo-approved butter to make this delicious Naan and other Paleo baked goods. In Persian, the word “nan” refers to any kind of bread and in languages throughout the Middle East and South Asia, there are words similar to “naan” that refer to something akin to our recipe today. But if you’ve…

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