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35 Creamy Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

Try these paleo ice cream sandwich recipes including dairy free ice creams with fun flavors, and chewy, sturdy cookies, brownies, donuts, and other treats that are perfect for wrapping around a nice big dollop of ice cream.

3 Easy Banana Ice Cream Recipes (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry)

What could possibly be better than delicious homemade banana ice cream? That’s easy – three different flavors of homemade banana ice cream. That’s exactly what I’ve got for you guys today with three different recipes to make vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate banana ice cream entirely from scratch.

Fresh Strawberry Sorbet

Sorbet is a great option for dessert when you’re craving something sweet, but don’t want to go overboard on calories. It’s also a treat I’m happy to share with my kids without worrying that they’re eating too much added sugar. It’s so fun to help them explore new recipes in the kitchen and this is…

Ice Cream Truffles

I am a recovering ice cream addict. I’m not ashamed to say that at one time in my life, sitting down and chowing a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s was not out of the question for me. At times in my life, ice cream became a once-a-day thing, which probably wouldn’t have been so…

Classic Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream

Even after I started eating Paleo, I have to admit that there were days I strayed here and there, especially at first. When I was just a novice, I thought I had to give up certain things forever. And let me tell you – ice cream was the number one thing that occasionally made me…

5 Ingredient Banana Ice Cream (Guilt-Free)

Roasting bananas in the oven with a little bit of coconut oil and honey brings out the banana’s natural rich sweetness. You could add more honey to the recipe later on if you prefer ice cream to be really sweet, but taste as you go and start with a small amount. Bananas are sweeter than…

45 Dairy-Free Paleo Ice Cream Recipes

Conventional ice cream is definitely a no-go on Paleo. Store bought ice cream is loaded with non-Paleolithic items like milk, sugar, and cream, and that’s if you go with a brand that doesn’t add a lot of extras like corn syrup or whey protein. But don’t fret if you love ice cream, because there are…

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