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Cashew Vanilla Fudge

Traditional vanilla fudge is pretty much the antithesis of what you want to eat when you’re eating Paleo. Most recipes call for sugar (usually white sugar and/or confectioner’s sugar), some form of milk (milk, cream, evaporated milk, etc.), butter, and vanilla extract. As you probably know, even if you only know the basics about Paleo,…

33 Yummy Fudge Recipes Paleo Followers Can Enjoy

Everyone loves fudge. But typically, fudge is a concoction made from corn syrup, artificial ingredients, and way too much white sugar. Fortunately, some of the healthiest paleo sweet ingredients, like coconut oil, nut butters, and cacao, have the perfect properties necessary to make chewy and melty delicious fudge that satisfies your sweet tooth.

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