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Tart Strawberry Cashew Energy Balls (aka. Paleo PB&J Bombs)

I got so pumped when I took my first bite of these little strawberry delights because I have such a passion for creating mouth-watering recipes that are actually good for your body and don’t taste like cardboard. I know I’m probably not the only one that has had a “healthy” food that tastes like plastic….

Quck and Easy Sesame Seed Apricot Energy Bites

So almonds and apricots…what the heck can I make with that? The first thing that popped into my mind was energy balls. Easy-peasy and almost always a no-fail creation. Toss the almonds and apricots into a food processor with a couple other ingredients and call it a day. The easiest instructions ever award goes to:…

Nutrient-Packed Beet Root Energy Balls

Nothing more, nothing less. I actually remember forcing myself to eat a tomato when I was about fifteen years old because I was trying to eat healthy. I hated it but I made myself eat it anyway and eventually they grew on me and I liked them. I remember guacamole being all the hype, I…

Carrot Cake Energy Balls (with Cashews and Cinnamon)

I remember one year it was my dad’s birthday and we were having a hard time trying to come up with a cake theme for him. I mean, he’s had a lot of birthdays and we felt we exasperated all of his likes on previous ones. For days, my mom and I pondered about what…

Almond Joy Energy Balls (Oh My!)

These almond joy balls use all natural healthy ingredients that will give you a great boost of energy that satisfies your sweet tooth at the same time.

Cinnamon Apple Pie Energy Balls

I brought a few cinnamon apple pie energy bites to work to get some feedback from some of my friends. I didn’t tell them what flavor these energy bites were and when my friend Sarah told me it tastes like sweet apple pie I think I cried a little. I can now die a very happy girl.

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