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Old-Fashioned Homemade Gingerbread Paleo Energy Balls

She told me that she adds molasses to give it that specific taste. She brought the bottle out for me to dip my finger in and try the molasses… all by itself… And let me tell you it was not what I was expecting. My mom laughed as I choked on the earthy, bitterness of…

Tart Strawberry Cashew Energy Balls (aka. Paleo PB&J Bombs)

I got so pumped when I took my first bite of these little strawberry delights because I have such a passion for creating mouth-watering recipes that are actually good for your body and don’t taste like cardboard. I know I’m probably not the only one that has had a “healthy” food that tastes like plastic….

Quck and Easy Sesame Seed Apricot Energy Bites

So almonds and apricots…what the heck can I make with that? The first thing that popped into my mind was energy balls. Easy-peasy and almost always a no-fail creation. Toss the almonds and apricots into a food processor with a couple other ingredients and call it a day. The easiest instructions ever award goes to:…

Nutrient-Packed Beet Root Energy Balls

Nothing more, nothing less. I actually remember forcing myself to eat a tomato when I was about fifteen years old because I was trying to eat healthy. I hated it but I made myself eat it anyway and eventually they grew on me and I liked them. I remember guacamole being all the hype, I…

Almond Joy Energy Balls (Oh My!)

These almond joy balls use all natural healthy ingredients that will give you a great boost of energy that satisfies your sweet tooth at the same time.

Cinnamon Apple Pie Energy Balls

I brought a few cinnamon apple pie energy bites to work to get some feedback from some of my friends. I didn’t tell them what flavor these energy bites were and when my friend Sarah told me it tastes like sweet apple pie I think I cried a little. I can now die a very happy girl.

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