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21 Energy-Packed Paleo Workout Recipes

I’m one of those people who is very particular about what they eat or drink before or after a workout. I need something that will hold over my hunger for awhile, but that won’t feel heavy and gross in my stomach. It has to be energizing, but with healthy, sustainable energy. These paleo pre-workout and…

Almond Joy Energy Balls (Oh My!)

These almond joy balls use all natural healthy ingredients that will give you a great boost of energy that satisfies your sweet tooth at the same time.

Cinnamon Apple Pie Energy Balls

I brought a few cinnamon apple pie energy bites to work to get some feedback from some of my friends. I didn’t tell them what flavor these energy bites were and when my friend Sarah told me it tastes like sweet apple pie I think I cried a little. I can now die a very happy girl.

40 Out of This World Homemade Energy Bars

Energy bars are useful in so many ways. They can make a solid breakfast in a pinch, a great snack pre-workout or post-workout, or an excellent afternoon pick-me-up when you’re hitting that afternoon slump you’re still working on kicking out of your day. Some of these bars focus on nutritious sugars, while others concentrate on…

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