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30 Easy Paleo Blondies Everyone Will Love

Blondies may be known as the slightly tamer version of rich, chocolaty brownies, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less delicious. And these paleo recipes are anything but tame! Try grain-free blondies using ingredients like avocado or sweet potato, almond butter and coconut butter, and more. They’re packed with add-ins like cranberries and nuts and…

Easy Crockpot Buffalo Chicken (Spicy and Comforting)

Paleo Hot Sauce is A Must Slow cooked chicken goes hand in hand with a good sauce, and that’s exactly the case with this recipe as you’ll be cooking boneless skinless chicken breasts for about eight hours in an incredible sauce that is made with paleo approved hot sauce and a few other choice ingredients….

23 Easy Ways to Cook and Eat Healthy with Leeks

I didn’t realize until I starting doing the research that leeks are an incredibly versatile ingredient. You can put them in soups and hashes, you can caramelize them, and they’re super delicious. If you’re looking to get leeky, try some of these recipes.

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