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25 Cocktail Recipes That Are Paleo-Approved

We all know that consuming alcohol isn’t exactly encouraged on the paleo diet, but most paleo experts agree that if you’re eating clean, it’s okay to enjoy one of the “cleaner” drinks every now and then. So give one of these paleo cocktails a try!

40 Nutrient-Dense Paleo Breakfast Smoothies

You can have homemade smoothies that are incredibly delicious and full of nourishing ingredients. Green smoothies have gained popularity for their ability to “sneak” greens and veggies into sweet (or even savory) smoothies, and as you’ll see in the recipes below, smoothie bowls are a fun way to enjoy extra thick smoothies with toppings. If…

Iced Paleo “Coffee”

Ever been to New Orleans? If you have, you’ve also probably been to the famous Café du Monde, in the heart of the city’s French Market area. And if you’ve been to Café du Monde, you’ve likely enjoyed a cup of chicory coffee: regular coffee mixed with chicory root. It tastes very similar to regular…

Simple Paleo Hot Cocoa

There’s a lot to say for a warm cup of hot chocolate at just the right moment. And now, with this Paleo version of hot chocolate, you can relive all those special hot chocolate moments and know that you’re living a healthier lifestyle at the same time. This simple hot cocoa may be simple, but…

Raspberry and Almond Butter Protein Shake

One of my favorite things to do in the late summer or early fall is to go berry picking. Almost no matter where you live in the country, you can find some sort of berry that thrives in your climate. In cooler areas like Michigan and Maine, blueberries flourish. Warmer areas are great places to…

30 Juice Recipes to Fuel Your Body

Got juice? You can use juicing (either in your juice machine or your blender with a strainer) to make healthy and delicious drinks and get those vitamins into your body. Check these recipes out!

Warming and Comforting Hot Toddy

I’m not a huge fan of the cold, which makes me wonder why I live in such a cold climate. But when the ones you love are around you the weather isn’t such of a drawback, ya know? When it’s cold outside and especially when it’s cold and rainy, a hot toddy is just what…

Homemade Blueberry Lemonade

OK, so if you’re a fan of lemonade you’re probably going to love this. It’s everything you love about lemonade plus blueberries. A winner all the way! Blueberries are so much fun to use because in addition to being so small and cute they have an amazing flavor, a natural sweetness, and tons of antioxidants….

Hazelnut Horchata

Ever since I tried horchata at a Mexican restaurant I’ve always wanted to figure out how to make it. The traditional recipe can be made in a variety of ways and involves using either ground almonds, sesame seeds, or barley. We could make it with almonds, but the other two are not allowed on Paleo….

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