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Pepperoni Cauliflower Pizza Bites with Homemade Crust

Using cauliflower for pizza crust produces a great low-carb, gluten-free, Paleo substitute for pizza. This recipe takes the idea of cauliflower pizza crust and makes it into bite-size pieces that are easier to eat and great for a snack.

18 Tasty Paleo Duck Recipes to Try (Treat Your Duck Right)

Duck is an underrated protein. It’s recipes are not as popular as its cousins chicken or turkey, but it has a delicious fat layer that crisps up when you cook it, and a tender, juicy flavor. So make duck a part of your diet, and you can start with some of these favorite paleo duck recipes for salads, one-pan meals, and even meatballs!

8 Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Paleo Gnocchi

My husband is Italian, so I’ve had to perfect the art of gluten-free and grain-free gnocchi. Surprisingly, they aren’t that difficult! Try some of these paleo gnocchi recipes and fall in love.

40 Authentic Paleo Curry Recipes to Try

Curries are popular dinners in our house. It’s easy to make a big pot of richly flavored chicken, vegetables, or both and eat from the leftovers for lunch all week. These paleo-friendly curry recipes, however, branch out from your standard curry pot into flavored nuts, dips and sauces, drumsticks, and soups. Some of them even…

Paleo Pork Fried Cauliflower Rice

Late-night Chinese take-out was a staple of my undergrad years. And – who am I kidding? – my grad school and beyond years as well. Sometimes it wasn’t even “late-night.” Sometimes it was just, you know, like, “normal time to eat a meal.” Regardless, Chinese take-out was a fairly regular meal for me. Piles of…

25 Ridiculously Addictive Mussel Recipes

One thing you can still enjoy readily in the Paleo lifestyle is seafood. Mussels can make a crazy-healthy dinner, and the best part is that most traditional and tasty recipes for mussels are already naturally paleo without any adjustments necessary. You can do them curry-style, marinara, spicy, garlicky, buttery—there are dozens of ways, and all…

The Best Effing Chicken Recipe Ever

Chicken was, unfortunately, a staple in my house when I was growing up. I say “unfortunately” because it was never really all that good (sorry mom). My mom would throw chicken breasts, rice, and maybe some peas in a casserole dish, cover it with water, or, if we were lucky, maybe a can of mushroom…

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