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Paleo Dinner Recipes

Creamy Cauliflower Skillet Dump Dinner

One-pan recipes are a godsend for people who don’t have much time to prepare dinner after work, so if you find yourself rushing home and scrambling to put something together, this recipe is fantastic for that. (You may also like: Cilantro Cauliflower Rice Chicken Bowl)

Creamy Garlic Broccoli Cauliflower Rice Casserole

Just thinking about the flavor of the garlic with the crisp broccoli florets has my mouth watering. Even though this is a vegetable dish, it’s extremely satiating and trust me when I say that you won’t miss the meat at all! (You may also like: Loaded Cauliflower Casserole)

Instant Pot Chili Dogs with Paleo Cheese Sauce (Kid-Favorite)

When my kids first started school, I used to struggle with lunch ideas that they would actually eat. That’s why I was thrilled to discover this recipe for making instant pot chili dogs with a homemade paleo cheese sauce. It combines three different things that my kids go crazy over—chili, hotdogs and cheese. You’ll be making a fiery hot chili first, with loads of ground beef and spicy ingredients. The chili is then paired with the homemade cheese sauce made with cashews, garlic and onion before being added onto grass-fed hot dogs that are served with paleo-friendly buns. It can get a little messy while eating, but trust me when I say that they won’t mind at all.

Instant Pot White Chicken Chili (Creamy and Soul-Satisfying)

It seems like anytime somebody shares a new paleo chili recipe, it’s always ground beef that gets all the love. That’s a shame because there are some truly excellent white chicken chili recipes that are also paleo-friendly. Some smart ingredient choices keep this recipe low carb, such as using arrowroot flour (which helps to make this chili creamy and thick), full-fat coconut milk, and your own homemade chicken broth. The chili definitely has some kick as well, as you’ll also be including bell peppers, jalapenos, cumin, oregano, and chili powder. If you like your chili to be nice and spicy with slightly less fat content, this is the recipe for you.

44 Best Paleo Meatballs of All-Time (Easy Recipes!)

One thing about eating Paleo is that you don’t have to give up meat, and in fact it plays an integral part in the plan. What you have to watch out for is recipes that seem like they’re Paleo friendly but in fact traditionally use ingredients that are not. For instance, at first glance meatballs…

21 Incredible Paleo Pizza Recipes to Satisfy Cravings

You don’t want to have to give up pizza just because you’ve gone Paleo. But at first glance it seems that it would be a no-go because of the grains used in most pizza crusts. No worries, there are plenty of workarounds for cutting out the grain from the crust and green lighting pizza once…

Slow Cooked Authentic Osso Buco

Make your own bouquet garni with this recipe, adding it in with the veal shanks cooked in a simmering sauce full of healthy, flavorful ingredients.

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