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25 Yummy Chocolate Bark Recipes (Paleo-Friendly and Dairy-Free)

Chocolate bark can be as simple as melted chocolate topped with crushed candy canes, or it can be as fancy as a healthy vanilla bean crunch bark with sliced almonds and sea salt. It’s up to you and your ingredients, and how much time you’ve got for kitchen concoctions. Either way, you’ll want to give…

3 Easy Banana Ice Cream Recipes (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry)

What could possibly be better than delicious homemade banana ice cream? That’s easy – three different flavors of homemade banana ice cream. That’s exactly what I’ve got for you guys today with three different recipes to make vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate banana ice cream entirely from scratch.

30 Best Paleo Chocolate Cakes (Moist and Dark)

Chocolate cake is an absolute classic, and everyone needs a favorite go-to chocolate cake. Of course, when you’re following paleo, you can’t just use grandma’s recipe for her famous cake. But these paleo chocolate cake recipes are so delicious, you’re sure to find a new favorite on this list.

Dark Chocolate Paleo Pie with Homemade Crust

I’ve got an unbelievable treat for all of you chocolate lovers out there today. Here’s an incredibly decadent chocolate pie made with all natural ingredients that are completely dairy-free and paleo-friendly.

40 Guilt-Free Paleo Pudding Recipes (Chocolate, Chia Seed and More)

Puddings are a favorite treat among kids and kids-at-heart, but conventional versions you grew up eating are made with lots of sugar and dairy—or maybe even no dairy, just corn syrup solids. Yuck! Try these paleo-friendly puddings with real food ingredients and delicious flavors.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Coconut Popsicles

Looking for a tasty treat to help you cool off during the warm summer months? This coconut raspberry popsicle recipe is perfect then. Made using all natural ingredients like frozen raspberries, coconut milk, and honey, these popsicles will be a huge hit with kids while also making for a healthy snack for adults as well.

No Bake Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Bites

Have you been looking for the perfect paleo dessert option to indulge your sweet tooth? We’ve got a frozen chocolate covered cheesecake bites with raspberries recipe for you that’s absolutely to die for.

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