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Pineapple Cherry Dump Cake

Alright, so it might not have the most enticing name, but dump cakes are a pretty tasty way to get dessert to the table without a lot of fuss. And it might not have the most attractive appearance. After you get a serving onto your plate it kinda looks like you might have dropped a…

29 Simple Mug Cakes for a Sweet Fix

Sometimes you just want one slice of cake, and you don’t want the work of making the whole thing. What’s a foodie to do? Mug cake, of course! Mug cakes mix up quickly as a single serving and “bake” in the microwave.

My Famous Vanilla Cake (Moist & Heavenly)

Time to rethink vanilla! No longer shall vanilla be thought of as the bland, boring cousin of chocolate. When someone is just sort of “meh” we won’t call them vanilla as a derogatory term. No more associating the word plain when we think of vanilla. The middle-of-the-road reputation that’s been placed on vanilla is really…

15 Heavenly Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are a summer tradition in my family, as I’m sure they are in many others. As we know, though, they’re mostly bread crumbs! Not these recipes, my friends. Check out the following Paleo-friendly crab cake recipes for summer fun.

34 Delectable Paleo “Cheesecake” Recipes

To make and enjoy a Paleo cheesecake, you have to bend your definition of what a cheesecake really is. Cream cheese, of course, isn’t Paleo. So what we’re making here are an assortment of cakes made with ingredients like cashews and macadamia nuts to create a creamy filling that feels and tastes like cream cheese….

Decadent Chocolate Cake with Ganache

Perhaps one of the best things Paleo has going for it is that you can still have chocolate. It’s easy to stick to it when you can have some chocolate without feeling guilty or that you’re ruining your progress. It’s all about how it’s prepared, and this cake lacks any refined sugar, grains, or dairy…

Paleo Pineapple Upside Down Cake

The key to a good cake is choosing the right flour for the job. In this case I’ve gone with almond flour. It has the density we’re looking for and does a good job of surviving the flop and coming out unscathed. It also provides fiber, and I’m always looking for ways to increase my…

No Bake Paleo Strawberry “Cheesecake”

Paleo cheesecake is actually very easy to make. There is no baking necessary, only blending. The bottom layer, or crust, is made of ground pecans and almonds that are mixed with dates. Once the crust is blended together, you can press it into a pie pan or springform pan – using a springform pan will…

6 Outrageously Good Paleo Salmon Cakes

You’ll love the taste of these salmon cake recipes because each one takes a different approach at making salmon taste even better. If you love salmon but have grown tired of the same old presentation, give these salmon cakes a try and you’ll find that they’re easy to make and even easier to eat.

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