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Homemade Flourless Blueberry Banana Pancakes

Instead of making traditionally sugar-loaded, carb-heavy pancakes, it’s possible to use all natural whole food ingredients to make a delicious, healthy Paleo blueberry and banana pancake breakfast.

The Best Paleo Green Smoothie Ever (Save This Recipe)

I’ve always thought of smoothies as having originated in the 1990s, about the time the low-fat craze got started but when I started digging a little in preparation for this post, I realized they have a much longer history than I ever knew. For thousands of years before blenders were ever invented, many tropical and…

12 Favorite Paleo French Toast Recipes

French toast is a favorite in my house, but it’s a treat for special occasions—it’s a lot of work to make on a real foods, paleo diet! But these recipes make it a little easier, and they’re delicious to boot.

19 Hot Cereals for a Soul Satisfying Paleo Breakfast

Whether you call it hot cereal or porridge, the concept is the same—it’s hot, it’s creamy, it’s delicious, and it fills you up in the morning. So try this paleo hot cereal recipes with no grains or dairy!

40 Nutrient-Dense Paleo Breakfast Smoothies

You can have homemade smoothies that are incredibly delicious and full of nourishing ingredients. Green smoothies have gained popularity for their ability to “sneak” greens and veggies into sweet (or even savory) smoothies, and as you’ll see in the recipes below, smoothie bowls are a fun way to enjoy extra thick smoothies with toppings. If…

34 Wholesome Paleo Frittata Recipes

Frittatas are a common feature at my family’s table. My husband makes a mean frittata—and by “mean,” I’m talking about amazing. Pack energy into your meal by way of protein and vegetables, and you can customize them a thousand ways. Need some ideas?

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