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9 Surprisingly Healthy Paleo French Toast Recipes

Most new Paleo eaters assume that French toast must be off the menu, since bread is the main component. But in fact you can enjoy French toast to start your day off as long as you make it according Paleo cooking guidelines. The following recipes all do just that, using Paleo-friendly bread and other ingredients…

6 Paleo Breakfast Bars to Start Your Day Right

Each of these breakfast bars contain wholesome Paleo ingredients so you can start your day off on the right foot. They will keep you sustained for hours, and are super portable so they make a great choice when you need to eat your breakfast on the run.

15 Paleo Cereals with No Artificial Ingredients

Commercial cereals are definitely a no-go on Paleo because they’re loaded with things that aren’t Paleo friendly, like wheat and other grains, and a host of artificial ingredients and unnatural flavors and dyes. Getting back in touch with a more primal way of starting your day can make a big difference in how you feel,…

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