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Paleo Bread

Sesame Grissini Breadsticks (Crispy Gluten Free Snack)

Grissinis, also known as breadsticks, originated from Turin, Italy, but are now served in many restaurants in North America. You can now also find these in supermarkets either pre-made or frozen, however they’re not nearly as good as fresh grissinis. Homemade Dough That’s Totally Gluten-Free It’s not just individuals with Celiac disease who can’t tolerate…

Homemade Paleo Garlic Knots

These paleo garlic knots are made with a dough that uses great gluten-free ingredients and comes topped with fresh garlic, parsley, and olive oil.

22 Ridiculously Good Paleo Sandwich Breads to Try

Sandwiches aren’t often touted as a healthy meal choice, but they totally can be! A good paleo “bread” can be a great vehicle for healthy fillings like meats and veggies, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying one. Try some of these paleo sandwich breads!

5 Genius Homemade Paleo Soft Pretzels

I have to admit that soft pretzels are a particular vice of mine. I love them hot and chewy with cinnamon coconut sugar and plenty of butter. Of course, I love them paleo style! No matter what array of ingredients you have available to you, there’s likely a paleo soft pretzel recipe here to appeal to your taste buds.

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