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Legendary Bacon Wrapped Smokies with Paleo BBQ Sauce

This recipe will make your whole kitchen smell like barbecue thanks to the homemade barbecue sauce. It’s made with a fantastic combination of ingredients such as honey, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, and onion powder. All tasty and wholesome ingredients in these bacon wrapped smokies of course—absolutely no processed sugars, fillers or additives so you can enjoy this dish without any guilt. Once you have your BBQ sauce, all you need to do is wrap the Italian sausage in bacon. Hands down, this is one of my favorite recipes because it almost tastes too good to be healthy, but it’s 100% paleo thanks to the homemade BBQ sauce. Make sure to serve this dish warm when the bacon is still crispy for the full effect.

30 Delicious Recipes for a Paleo BBQ

Everyone loves a good BBQ dish, whether its chicken, ribs, pork, or just about anything else you could possibly stick on a grill. But what about non-grillables? These paleo BBQ recipes include all sorts of types of dishes, not just grilled meats, but everything has a delicious BBQ flavor.

Oven-Baked BBQ Ribs

But the even better part about these particular ribs is the BBQ sauce. Typical BBQ sauces, whether they’re homemade or store bought, are filled with sugar. In this recipe, we substitute honey for sugar. Most BBQ sauces are made with brown sugar. A lot of people think that brown sugar is less processed than white…

Homemade Paleo BBQ Sauce (YUM)

Is there anything boys like more than barbecue? I think that one of my boyfriend’s life goals might just be to eat barbecue in every state. He seems to eat a lot of barbecue on road trips. We could be driving to the beach, where there’s that one place by the gas station after such-and-such…

16 Homemade Paleo BBQ Sauces

Nothing quite tastes like BBQ sauce except for BBQ sauce, so you might have felt a little disappointed if you thought you’d have to give it up. But like many food items, it’s not about giving them up while on Paleo but about finding a way to have them using Paleo approved ingredients. These barbecue…

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