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Easy Fried Bananas with Honey

These fried bananas with honey are easy, quick, and oh-so-tasty. Cook, drizzle, sprinkle, and relish in the yumminess in 10 minutes flat.

3 Easy Banana Ice Cream Recipes

This homemade banana ice cream recipe is creamy, smooth and so yummy. It can be made in less than 5 minutes with vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.

29 Easy Paleo Banana Bread Recipes (Try these!)

Did you know that there are several version of paleo banana bread you can make? No, really, there are! Many believe that by cutting out grains and wheat from your diet you’ll be giving up a staple of the American diet: bread. But as it turns out there’s plenty of ways to make bread without…

The Best Paleo Banana Nut Muffins Ever (OMG!)

I’m not sure exactly what it is about this muffin recipe but I genuinely think that it turns out way better than cooking an entire loaf of banana bread. I think that it’s due to a combination of using a few smart paleo friendly ingredient choices and the fact that the dough rises far easier…

The Best Paleo Banana Pancakes with Fresh Strawberries

Even as a teenager who, all things being equal, probably would’ve stayed in bed until noon if I could’ve, I would hear my Dad making all sorts of noise in the kitchen and I would time my arrival for just the moment the first pancakes were being flipped onto my plate. I suspect this may…

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