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27 Creamy and Tart Fruit Paleo Sorbets

By Jess

Sorbets and sherbets are so easy to make paleo-style, because all you really need is fruit and, if necessary, some kind of sweetener. If you want, you can get fancy with herbs and flavors, like some of these recipes do.

A melt-in-your-mouth sorbet is one of my favorite desserts, especially when it’s a bit warm outside. Lots of different combinations to try!

1. Mint and Lime Infused Mango Sorbet
This sorbet has a combination of sweet mango and tart lime happening with fresh mint and, if you feel like it needs it, a bit of healthy sweetener. If you use a fresh mango that’s very, very ripe and sweet, you won’t need to, and your sorbet will be extra smooth and silky.

Photo: Making Thyme for Health

2. Fresh Peach Sorbet
This sorbet is made with fresh peaches, raw honey, lemon zest, and a touch of coconut/almond milk (you can use any brand and any combination of the two, or just one). It has kind of a peaches-and-cream flavor, and I’d even add a half teaspoon of vanilla.

3. Purple Grape and Rosemary Sorbet
Sweetened with maple syrup and spiced with fresh rosemary, this smooth and creamy grape sorbet is an elegant dessert that’s perfect for a grown-up dinner party. The alcohol adds a little bit of flavor while keeping the sorbet soft and scoopable straight out of the freezer.

4. Skinny Coconut Cherry Sorbet
This sorbet has only four ingredients, and it’s really easy to make—since you use frozen cherries, it’s practically instant and doesn’t require an ice cream maker. You can replace the Greek yogurt with coconut yogurt to make the whole thing completely dairy-free.

5. Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet
This sorbet reminds me of the strawberry rhubarb pies my high school government teacher was famous for, and would bring to his classes on the last day of school. It’s sweet and tart with honey and lemon juice, and the beautiful pink color is perfect for a celebration—even if all you’re celebrating is the beginning of summer.

Cherry Rosemary and Lemon Sorbet
Photo: Healing and Eating

6. Cherry Rosemary and Lemon Sorbet
I’ve said before that I really like adding herbs to my fruity dishes because they enhance the flavor so much. This recipe is a perfect example of that, with cherries, fresh rosemary, and lemon. It’s tart, sweet, refreshing, and icy cold on a hot afternoon.

7. Concord Grape Sorbet With Rosemary and Black Pepper
The black pepper is absolutely genius in this sorbet recipe, because it adds a hint of subtle spice that elevates this treat to a sophisticated, grown-up dessert (though the kids might like it, too!). It’s sweetened with honey and steeped with fresh springs or rosemary.

8. Healthy Peach Melba Sorbet
Made without any added sweeteners besides fruit, this healthy and delicious treat is soft, creamy, swirly, and delicious. You’ll need ripe peaches, ripe bananas, raspberries, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and coconut oil. Those last two are optional but they add a lot to the flavor.

9. Basil Cantaloupe Sorbet
This mildly flavored, sweet sorbet is a lovely dessert for the whole family, and it’s sweetened with either honey or maple syrup (maple is almost always my favorite). You’ll also need fresh cantaloupe, salt, fresh basil, and vodka (it’s just for keeping it soft, and doesn’t make the sorbet alcoholic).

Five Minute Easy Watermelon Sorbet
Photo: The Things We’ll Make

10. Five Minute Easy Watermelon Sorbet
You do have to freeze your watermelon in advance for this sorbet, but once you’ve done that, it whips up in a flash with nothing but watermelon and lime juice. The lime juice adds a bright spunk, and you’ll want to use the sweetest watermelon you can find.

11. Concord Grape Sorbet
This sorbet has a secret ingredient that makes it as rich and creamy as any ice cream, but without any dairy or lots of sugar to make it smooth. Want to know what it is? Egg whites! All you need is whipped eggs whites, concord grapes, lemon, honey, and sea salt.

12. Triple Coconut Sorbet With Kirsch Soaked Cherries
With three layers of coconut flavor coming from coconut milk, shredded coconut, and coconut water, you’ll love this coconutty sorbet sweetened with maple syrup and served with cherries soaked in cherry brandy, maple syrup, and lime juice. You could also leave the brandy out for a kid-friendly version.

13. Strawberry Lime Sorbet
Made with strawberries, lime juice and zest, and a sweetener of your choice (granulated recommended—coconut or maple would work), this easy sorbet has sweet and bright flavors that are sure to get your taste buds excited.

Summertime Mango Coconut Sorbet
Photo: Living Healthy with Chocolate

14. Summertime Mango Coconut Sorbet
For a tropical flavor combination that can’t be beat, try this mango coconut sorbet made with mango, full fat coconut milk, lime juice, coconut palm sugar, and arrowroot powder. The arrowroot is the secret to a smooth freeze without ice crystals.

15. Paleo Blueberry Sorbet
This sorbet is bursting with blueberry flavors from fresh blueberries, and it’s sweetened with maple syrup so it has a smooth, complex flavor. The full fat coconut milk helps make it creamier without ice crystals, and adds healthy fats, too.

16. Savory Tomato Sorbet
Because why not? This tomato sorbet is refreshing and flavorful with tomato juice, olive oil, hot sauce, sea salt, onion, and ripe avocados. If you’ve never tried a savory sorbet before, consider this your open invitation—you’re sure to love this one.

17. Coconut Water Sherbet
We’ve seen a lot of coconut milk sorbets, but what about one with coconut water as the main ingredient? This one is refreshing with coconut water and milk, medjool dates, and lime. Gelatin adds nutrients while also helping with the shape of the sherbet.

Strawberry Mint Sorbet
Photo: Rachel Cooks

18. Strawberry Mint Sorbet
You don’t need a ton of fancy ingredients to make health sorbets at home. This one just needs frozen strawberries and fresh mint leaves! If you don’t have mint or want to try something different, you could also use fresh basil leaves—any variety will work.

19. Lazy Cocoa Berry Sorbet
This sorbet is lazy because it doesn’t require you to do anything except through all the ingredients in the food processor and then freeze it for awhile. You’ll need frozen berries, honey, orange juice, cocoa powder, and coconut yogurt (to use instead of dairy yogurt).

20. Peach Basil Sorbet
This smooth and creamy sorbet is a little bit fancier, with fresh basil leaves, maple syrup, and milk of choice (coconut recommended). The coconut milk and maple syrup help the sorbet freeze smoother and creamier, with fewer ice crystals.

21. Cantaloupe Sorbet
Sweetened with a touch of honey (which can be left out if you’re avoiding all added sweeteners), this cantaloupe sorbet is fresh and light, and only needs cantaloupe and lemon juice. Personally, I’d also add a bit of sea salt because I like my cantaloupe slightly salted.

Healthy Strawberry Sorbet
Photo: My Fussy Eater

22. Healthy Strawberry Sorbet
Made with just strawberries, maple syrup, and water, this healthy sorbet is the perfect way to coax your kids to eat healthier treats in the summer—you won’t even have to do any convincing with the gorgeous pink color and sweet strawberry flavor of this one!

23. Five Minute Peach Mango Sorbet
The combination of mango and peach is great—tropical meets temperate, and both are sweet and orange! This recipe is made with just mangoes, peaches, and a little juice to sweeten it. This blogger used peach mango orange juice, but any juice will do.

24. Banana Brown Sugar Sorbet
Extra ripe bananas don’t always belong in banana bread. Try making this delicious spiced sorbet! You’ll need ripe bananas, cinnamon, cardamom, lime juice, and coconut sugar to replace the brown sugar. How delicious does this sound, and so easy!

25. Mango Banana Ice Cream
Bananas are a great ingredient to add to dairy-free ice creams and sorbets, because when ripe, they’re so creamy and sweet that they add that rich smoothness you look for in frozen confections. This recipe also uses mangoes, non-dairy milk, and some sweetener if you need it.

Green Grape Sorbet
Photo: Geniabeme

26. Green Grape Sorbet
This one-ingredient treat is the ultimate frozen sweet snack, because it’s made only of frozen grapes. You can surely trick the kiddos into thinking they’re eating something oh-so-bad for them, especially with the pretty green color that looks like the green in rainbow sherbet.

27. Pineapple Dole Whip Copycat
You know that sickly sweet pineapple ice cream everyone loves at Disney parks? Now you can make your own even better version at home, with only two ingredients and no sugar or any other nastiness. All you need is pineapple and coconut or almond milk to replace the whole milk!


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