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5 Genius Homemade Paleo Soft Pretzels

By Jess

I have to admit that soft pretzels are a particular vice of mine. I love them hot and chewy with cinnamon coconut sugar and plenty of butter. Of course, I love them paleo style! No matter what array of ingredients you have available to you, there’s likely a paleo soft pretzel recipe here to appeal to your taste buds.

homemade paleo soft pretzels

1. Easy Paleo Pretzels or Bread Sticks
This recipe works for either soft pretzels or bread sticks, and it has a nice rollable dough that kids love to play with! You’ll need eggs, almond flour, sea salt, butter, coconut flour, and toppings like cinnamon and/or coconut palm sugar if you desire.

ACV Soft Pretzels
Photo: Mommypotamus

2. ACV Soft Pretzels
The dough for this pretzel is familiar, with flours like cassava and coconut flour, and ingredients like psyllium seed husk powder, maple syrup, and yeast. What’s unique about the recipe is that that water bath for boiling the pretzels is made with apple cider vinegar instead of a base like baking soda.

3. Coconut Flour and Tapioca Soft Pretzels
In this recipe, coconut flour adds bulk and a protein-rich base, while tapioca flour keeps the pretzels chewy and soft. These two flours work well together to create a buttery pretzel with a soft and yummy texture and flavor. Kids love this recipe!

4. Paleo Pretzel Sticks
This paleo soft pretzel recipe is super simple in both method and ingredients. All you need is eggs, baking powder, applesauce, ghee, coconut flour, and salt, and instead of twisting into shapes and bathing in boiling water, you just shape into sticks and bake!

Nut-free Pretzels With AIP Option
Photo: Cook it up Paleo

5. Nut-free Pretzels With AIP Option
These pretzels are suitable for a variety of special diets, being paleo-friendly, free of nuts, and including an option for an AIP diet. The olive oil, maple syrup, yeast, and salt create a characteristic flavor held together with cassava flour, a popular choice for soft pretzels.


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