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22 Ridiculously Good Paleo Sandwich Breads to Try

By Jess

Sandwiches aren’t often touted as a healthy meal choice, but they totally can be! A good paleo “bread” can be a great vehicle for healthy fillings like meats and veggies, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying one. Try some of these paleo sandwich breads!

Holy wow! These sandwich bread recipes produce bread you’ll swear isn’t Paleo. When I bite into one, all I can think is “Yummm!”

1. Olive, Caramelized Onion, and Herb Biscuits
These drop biscuits are perfect alone or sliced open and filled with a small amount of your favorite sandwich fillings—a little thinly sliced ham, perhaps! They have a great flavor and a simple ingredient list, with just almond meal and coconut flour as the base.

Yeast-Free Paleo Sandwich Bread
Photo: Cook It Up Paleo

2. Yeast-Free Paleo Sandwich Bread
Perfect for families with allergies, this bread is yeast-free, nut-free, and coconut free. It also has a simple ingredient profile, with eggs, applesauce, ghee, maple syrup, psyllium husk powder, apple cider vinegar, and a few other bread-typicals. Great flavor and texture!

3. Paleo Burger Buns
These burger buns have a great texture, and they’ll hold together while you bite into your burger or sandwich. You’ll need extra virgin olive oil, honey, active dry yeast, egg, sea salt, tapioca flour, and almond flour. If you want, you can sprinkle sesame seeds on top!

4. Cauliflower Chive Bread
This bread would be perfect for a nice savory sandwich, as it has a great flavor boost from the fresh chives right in the “dough”! You can make it really simply with cauliflower, garlic powder, sea salt, coconut flour, chives, and eggs for stability. Toast and enjoy.

5. Simple Paloe Bread
For this bread, with a great almond-and-coconut flavor, you’ll use almond flour, unsweetened shredded coconut, eggs, coconut oil, and honey. You don’t need yeast for this recipe—the honey is to provide a lovely, light sweetness and boost the bread’s flavor.

Cauliflower Bread
Photo: Cookies To Kale

6. Cauliflower Bread
This easy “bread” is made with riced cauliflower, egg whites, flour of choice (any grain-free flour), nutritional yeast, dried basil, dried rosemary, and sea salt. You can use it for whatever sandwich you like, but my mouth is watering just looking at this one with avocado spread, sprouts, radishes, pickles, carrots, tomato, and more.

7. Breadless Eggplant Sandwich
This isn’t exactly a bread recipe, but it’s so unique and so perfect for hot sandwiches that I can’t help but share it with you. This awesome sandwich-holder is an eggplant! In place of the soy sauce, use coconut aminos to keep it paleo-friendly, and use your favorite veggie fillings.

8. Paleo Pita Bread
Love your pitas? Pita bread is a great way to make sandwiches out of “messier” ingredients, and now you can have your pita bread paleo-style with this recipe using egg, melted butter, coconut flour, almond flour, and just a few other simple ingredients.

9. Irish Soda Bread Buns
These soda bread buns have a fabulous soda bread flavor and will hold together for a sandwich unbelievably well. Make them with almond flour, tapioca starch, celtic sea salt, coconut sugar, whole eggs, apple cider vinegar, and caraway seeds for topping the dough.

Paleo Sandwich Waffles
Photo: The Primal Desire

10. Paleo Sandwich Waffles
Yes, these are waffles you can use for sandwich bread! They have a lovely flavor with tapioca flour, green apple, almond meal, coconut milk, cinnamon, and apple cider vinegar, and a brown bread texture that’s awesome as waffles but also great as sandwich bread, according to this blogger!

11. Almond Butter Sandiwch Bread
This sandwich bread is made with eggs and almond butter as its base. You could also use cashew butter! I love the rich texture and flavor, with arrowroot powder helping to bulk up the dough. This recipe is also incredibly easy, with no temperamental flours to work with.

12. Beetroot Sandwich Bread
This sandwich bread is packed with flavor and lots of nutrients, especially iron, from red beets right in the dough! Almond flour and honey add a lovely flavor and lots of nut protein, with eggs, flax oil, pumpkin seeds, and slivered almonds with sea salt making up the rest of the ingredients.

13. Ultimate Paleo Sandwich Buns
You can use these buns for burgers or for sandwiches, but make sure you use them for something nice and savory. Want to know why? Because they’re made with chorizo baked right into the bun! This meaty bun also uses almond and coconut flour with lots of eggs, so you know you’re getting lots of protein.

Paleo Seedy Sandwich Loaf
Photo: Paleo With Mrs.P

14. Paleo Seedy Sandwich Loaf
Made with mixed seeds—your choice, but I like pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds—this awesome sandwich bread is one you’ll want to keep in the back of your mind for those days when you just need a sandwich. The cashew butter in this dough makes the bread rich and delicious.

15. Almond Butter Sandwich Bread
It amazes me that a bit bowl full of almond butter and eggs can, with the help of a few other ingredients, be whipped up into a delicious loaf of flavorful and nutrient dense sandwich bread without any grains or dairy. Give this easy sandwich loaf a try if you haven’t make nut butter breads before.

16. Ultimate Paleo Sandwich Rolls
I love these rolls for their soft and chewy texture, and how well they stand up to a messy sandwich like a sloppy joe. You’ll make them with almond flour, tapioca flour, eggs, paleo shortening, and applesauce with a bit of baking powder and Himalayan salt.

17. Flaxseed Focaccia
Made almost entirely with flaxseed, this focaccia has a bready flavor and texture and is perfect for slicing up and serving with sandwiches. Flaxseeds have a gelling quality similar to chia, so the bread stands up well to cutting and won’t crumble apart on you.

Golden Flax Focaccia
Photo: The Primitive Palate

18. Golden Flax Focaccia
Here’s another take on flax bread, and this one is seasoned with fresh rosemary, granulated garlic, and olive oil. It has a very Italian flavor, and would be lovely for Italian-style sandwiches—or any kind of sandwich, really!

19. Cashew Sandwich Buns
Ideal for burgers or any other kind of hot sandwich, these buns are made from a base of raw cashews, tapioca flour, coconut flour, sea salt, eggs, and apple cider vinegar. The apple cider vinegar is a common ingredient in paleo breads because it helps them to be lighter and fluffier.

20. Perfect Grain Free Sandwich Bread
Made with almond, chestnut, sweet potato, and arrowroot flours with coconut milk and pure maple syrup, the unique ingredients in this bread combine to create a flavor unlike any other paleo sandwich bread you’d had before. Great for everything from almond butter and jam to savory veggie or meat sandwiches.

21. Grain Free Paleo Plantain Bread
With just two ingredients, this bread couldn’t be any easier to make. It’s super tasty with a plantain flavor, and it’s easy to churn out several slices at once and store in the freezer for when you’ll want them later. These work for any type of sandwiches, and they hold together very well, too!

Simple Paleo Sandwich Bread
Photo: Living Healthy With Chocolate

22. Simple Paleo Sandwich Bread
This easy sandwich bread is made with a combination of almond flour, flaxseeds, and arrowroot powder with butter, eggs, and plain yogurt. You can use coconut yogurt or coconut cream for a dairy-free option—the yogurt adds a great flavor, richness, and moisture.


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