10 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Food Blog

If you’ve always wanted to start a blog, but needed a few more good reasons before going ahead with it, here they are. I know what it’s like to wrestle with the decision of starting a blog, but trust me, the rewards are great, and they get better and better over time. So read through this list and then follow me as I show you how to start your own blog easily.

Don't forget all the delicious food you will be making
Don’t forget all the delicious food you will be making

1. It’s fun!

I wouldn’t encourage you to do this if it wasn’t fun! When you blog you get to be creative and show the world what you can do. Your blog is your personality on display, and your recipes are examples of your skill. It can be exhilarating to put out a post and see how people react to it.

Do what you love, love what you do.
When you’re blogging about something you’re passionate about, it isn’t work at all. I chose to blog about Paleo because it helped me slim down and I fell in love with it. You should blog about a similar passion in your life, whether Paleo or something else that will keep you interested.

2. It can supplement your income.

Of course this is probably the first reason for most people to start a blog, but if you aren’t having fun you won’t stick with it and the money won’t come. I found that out the hard way with a few blogs I started that didn’t come to fruition.

From Part-Time to Full-Time
When you start to see some money come in you’ll catch the bug, and when it starts to cover your car payment you’ll get more excited. When it covers your rent or mortgage payment you’ll be ready to quit your day job, but I recommend making sure your earnings have stabilized before you make any rash decisions.

My affiliate earnings from one of my accounts
My affiliate earnings from one of my accounts

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3. You set the pace.

No one will force you to blog, so it doesn’t have to be source of stress. You can blog at your own pace, and if you just want it to be a hobby, you can take it slow. If you are motivated to make it a success you can put in more work to get results faster.

You’re the Boss of Your Blog
It can be fun to be your own boss, but at the same time you’ll have to develop the commitment and ability to take orders from yourself, and follow through on your own commitments.

4. There are no limits to where it can take you.

When you start a blog you’ll be setting into motion tons of different events and interactions that just can’t take place unless you start. You may find new friends through your blog, or develop your writing style so much that you feel like writing a book in a totally unrelated area.

A Blog Can Open Doors
You’ve likely heard stories of bloggers being offered book deals, and blog concepts being turned into movies. You just never know where this will take you or what sort of doors will open up when your talents are on display to the general public.

Travel More

5. It’s easier now than ever before.

Ten years ago it wasn’t as easy as it is today to make a fully functional, great-looking blog. Technology keeps improving, and they keep enhancing the user experience so it just gets easier and easier to do more and more.

The Tools Are In Place
Everything is easily accessible these days, and if you can log in and compose an email you have what it takes to start a blog and publish your first post.


6. It enhances your own experience.

When you blog about what you’re doing, you have time for introspection which only sweetens the experience on your end. If your blog is following your adventures in learning something new, the blog itself will serve as a documentary of where you started and how far you’ve come.

You Learn When You Teach
Telling others how to do things is a great way to solidify the steps in your own mind. You’ll become a better cook by showing others how to cook, or instructing them on a subject you’re passionate about.

7. You don’t have to go it alone.

If there’s a part of blogging that doesn’t excite you, or that you feel you’re not good at, you can always hire some help. There are tons of freelancers willing and waiting to help you out with web design, writing, photography, and even recipe creation. You don’t have to feel like the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.

Be the Producer and Director of Your Blog
Your blog is a movie, and it’s produced by you and directed by you, but it doesn’t necessarily have to star you on every page. Once you build up your reputation

8. It teaches you new skills.

Running a blog will get you out of your comfort zone in some areas and require you to learn some new things, even some new terms that are used in the industry. Don’t get overwhelmed, and prioritize what you need to learn first, second, third, and so on. If you’re not very techy and the whole process scares you, don’t worry, it’s something you can learn as you go along.

Be Open to Learning New Things
Your blog will teach you only if you’re open to learning something new. Be sure you’re still teachable and challenge yourself to acquire new knowledge so it can lead to something great.

Blogging Teaches You New Skills

9. It can be a therapeutic.

If you’re having a bad day in other areas of your life, your blog can be a source of positive energy. There are some bloggers that use their blog as a soapbox to vent their frustrations, and they often resonate with their audience who is experiencing the same thing.

Love Your Community
If you show love and appreciation for your community, they’ll show it back which can be very rewarding. People will always have questions about things they’re passionate about, and they’ll respect others who have the answers and are also passionate.

10. It doesn’t cost much at all.

I couldn’t believe how cheap it was to start your own blog. When you register a domain name you might pay around $10 for the year, not for the month. A good quality host will cost about $10 a month. Compared to other monthly expenses like cable and even going to Starbucks for a month these costs pale in comparison.

The Value of Sweat Equity
When you’re starting out you can do most duties all by yourself, keeping costs down and quality control up. This makes it even cheaper to get started, and there’s basically no other business model with less start up cost and overhead than running a blog.

To get started right now see my 3-step blog-starting process that walks you through it.

10 Good Reasons to Start Your Own Food Blog- including helpful tips on how to get started.


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  1. Hello – As I read your inspiring ways to start a blog, and hopefully earn a living at it, I wonder what your motivation is. I can’t see any hidden agenda, so I figure you must just have a good heart. Thank you! I’ve got an idea or two, and will start my blog soon, thanks to you. Blessings, Natalie

  2. Many friends over the years have suggested I start a food blog. I really had no idea how to do that. Thanks for the information. I feel empowered to succeed at blogging and will begin very soon. Thanks!!

  3. Jess, I’ve gotta commend you on being so willing and big-hearted to share this information with us. It’s incredibly inspirational–you’ve gotten my mind spinning with the possibilities of “what if…” I’m moving to Sweden in this fall, so my mind is exploding with ideas for unique foodie twists for a blog…

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