Raspberry Chocolate Crepe Cake

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This simple crepe cake recipe is made with homemade raspberry jam and chocolate sauce that makes the most decadent combination!

crepe recipe

Crepes are a common item sold by street food vendors all over France. There’s a good reason why they are so popular too –they are a delightful treat that can be prepared in several different ways.

baked raspberry crepe cake

This recipe adds a lovely twist to paleo crepes by turning it into a raspberry crepe cake that’s grain-free, gluten-free, and loaded with healthy ingredients. The crepes are made from scratch with things like almond milk and arrowroot flour. It even includes a delicious homemade raspberry jam that contains chia seeds as well.

How to Make Crepe Cake

prepping raspberries

Make the raspberry jam: Cook honey, frozen raspberries, and lemon zest in a pan. Once the raspberry mixture starts to bubble, stir in chia seeds. Reduce the heat and stir until thickened.

crepe cake ingredients prep

Make crepe batter: Combine the coconut flour, arrowroot flour, and salt in a bowl. Whisk the eggs and almond milk in another bowl. Slowly add the coconut and egg mixture together while whisking until a smooth batter forms.

Cook the crepes: Pour about a quarter cup of batter into a heated pan and swirl to cover the base. Cook until the top is no longer wet and the bottom has turned a light golden color. Run a spatula around the edge of the pan to loosen the crepe and flip. Cook for one more minute or until cooked through.

Assemble: Take one crepe and spread a thin layer of raspberry jam on top. Top with another crepe and repeat until you run out of crepes.

Glaze: Melt dark chocolate and coconut oil over low heat. Stir occasionally to prevent burning. Pour over the layered crepes and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Garnish with fresh raspberries.

paleo raspberry crepe cake recipe

Make-Ahead and Freezing Instructions:

To Make-Ahead: Crepes can be made up to three days ahead. Just make sure to store these crepes in an airtight container to keep them moist and fresh. The refrigeration time allows the flavors to meld, enhancing taste, but you will lose some crepe crispiness.

To Freeze: Layered crepes can also be frozen. Tightly wrap the crepes in plastic wrap and place them in the freezer. To defrost, leave them in the refrigerator overnight. You can also freeze the crepes separately. Make sure to put wax or parchment paper between them and then wrap the whole stack in plastic wrap to keep them from drying out and sticking together.

P.S.Paleo desserts are so fun to make once you realize that you can still enjoy some yummy treats even if they’re made with all natural ingredients. Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying out different recipes and seeing which one suits your taste buds the best. Don’t be afraid to try different flavor combinations and textures because there are so many out there, you’re bound to find some that you’ll end up loving. Some of my personal favorites include: 

#1 – Raspberry Eton Mess

#2 – Legendary Gluten-Free Blueberry Crisp

#3 – Dark Chocolate Paleo Pie with Homemade Crust


  • For the crepes
    • 8 eggs
    • 2 cups almond milk
    • ½ cup coconut flour
    • 2 tablespoon arrowroot flour
    • ½ tsp coconut oil
  • For the raspberry jam
    • 3 cups frozen raspberries
    • 1 tsp lemon zest
    • 1/3 cup honey
    • 4 tbsp chia seeds
  • For the chocolate glaze (optional)
    • 2 oz paleo approved dark chocolate
    • 1 tsp coconut oil
    • fresh raspberries for decoration (optional)


  1. To make the raspberry jam, place the frozen raspberries, lemon zest and honey in a saucepan and cook, string occasionally until start to bubble.
  2. Stir in the chia seeds.
  3. Reduce the heat and stir constantly until thickened. Remove form the heat and set side.
  4. To make the crepes, combine the coconut flour and arrowroot flour with pinch of salt in a bowl. Whisk the eggs and almond milk in another bowl.
  5. Slowly add the coconut flour mixture and whisk until the mixture forms a smooth batter.
  6. Heat the coconut oil in an 8 inch non-stick fry pan over medium heat.
  7. Pour 1/4 cup batter into the pan and swirl to cover base.
  8. Cook until the top of the crepe is no longer wet and the bottom has turned light brown.
  9. Run a spatula around the edge of the pan to loosen then flip and cook for 1 minute or until cooked through.
  10. Transfer to a plate and cover with foil to keep warm.
  11. Repeat with remaining batter to make 12 crepes.
  12. To assemble the crepe cake, place 1 crepe on cake plate. Spread with thin layer of raspberry jam. Repeat layering with remaining crêpes and raspberry jam.
  13. To make the glaze, melt the dark chocolate and coconut oil over low heat, stirring occasionally.
  14. Pour the glaze over the crepe cake and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  15. Garnish with fresh raspberries (if using) and serve.


Serving Size





Total Time

40 minutes

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

30 minutes


Raspberry jam thickness: Make sure to stir the jam continuously while it thickens. If you don’t, the jam will become lumpy, which makes even spreading a challenge.

Keep crepes warm: Cover the cooked crepes with foil to trap the warmth underneath. Every time you add a new crepe, it will warm the one below. Warm crepes are easier to layer without breaking them, as chilled crepes stiffen and become brittle.

Chilled glaze application: The glaze is easier to apply when the crepes are cold. A chilled surface helps the glaze set for a polished finish. You’ll need to refrigerate your dessert again to set the glaze properly.

Optional raspberry garnish: Decorate with fresh raspberries for added visual appeal. Make sure they are dry by patting them with a paper towel before placing them on the chilled cake to prevent extra moisture that can cause sogginess.

Prep-ahead option: Prepare the raspberry jam a day in advance and store it in the refrigerator. This allows flavors to meld, enhancing the overall taste of the crepe cake.

Non-stick pan: Use a non-stick fry pan to ensure easy flipping and prevent crepes from sticking. A well-coated pan guarantees a flawless finish and perfect crepes every time.

Creative chocolate glaze: Enhance the chocolate glaze by adding half a teaspoon of vanilla extract or a pinch of sea salt. Customizing the glaze adds depth and complexity to the dessert.

Crispy crepes: To maintain the crepes’ crispiness, assemble the cake just before serving. If made in advance, store crepes separately and assemble them just before serving.

Storage tip: Store any leftover crepe cake in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Individual portions can be wrapped for easy grab-and-go.

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    I have a question, what is the size of the eggs that you used for these crepes, please?
    Thank you in advance (this is for the birthday of my girlfriend).

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