5 Divine Gluten-Free Peach Cobblers

By Jess

Peach cobbler is a treat you can indulge in on Paleo as long as you use the recipes below. They’ve all been tailored to meet the exacting Paleo specifications so they’ll spend a minute on your lips and no time on your hips. The best part about eating dessert on Paleo is that it doesn’t have the guilt that most other diet programs make you feel about eating something sweet and delicious. That’s because there’s no refined sugar, dairy or grains to muck up your system, so you can enjoy the flavor without the regret.

5 Divine Peach Cobblers- my absolute favorite dessert! These are so good.

1. Almond Butter Peach Cobbler
The almond butter in this peach cobbler really sets it apart from the others, and it’s not the only almond-based item on the list of ingredients. Taylor is using almond flour here to replace ordinary flour, and it’s a great choice because it retains some of the quality from almonds and is the perfect way to make the crumble that cobbler is known for. Joining the almond flour is sunflower seeds, so this is not just a modified version for Paleo, it’s also getting a healthy upgrade from your run-of-the-mill conventional peach cobbler. Bonus!

individual cobbler
Photo: What I Gather

2. Peach and Apricot Cobbler
Mixing together two fruits that complement each other is the perfect way to amp up the flavor of your cobber. What’s nice about this recipe is that it’s made for just one person, so whenever you want a dessert but want to make sure that you don’t go overboard and eat more than one serving, you can go with this. And if you’ve got company you can simply double the recipe or multiply it by how many people you have on hand and everybody gets their own. It has the signature crumb topping that you simply must have when you’re having a cobbler, and it’s sure to satisfy.

3. Cardamom Peach Cobbler
You may never have thought to use cardamom in your cobbler, but once you get a taste of this you may never think to eat cobbler without it again. What’s interesting is that there’s only a bit of cardamom in the filling, most of it is used in the crust, so you’re getting the taste of cardamom in each bite. The rest of the ingredients are spot on when it comes to a Paleo friendly peach cobbler, like eggs, coconut flour, raw honey, and sea salt. You can tell there’s an attention to detail with this and they’re trying to use high quality ingredients while avoiding wheat and dairy.

4. Apple-Peach Cobbler Shake
Apples and peaches make a great pair, and you’ll get the flavor of both in this cobbler shake. Sometimes you want the taste of a cobbler without having to make the actual cobbler, and that’s what this shake is all about. There’s even ground flax and pecans to simulate the crumble that a cobbler has. The use of frozen organic peach slices means that you don’t need to add ice to it to make it come out cold and delicious. You have the option of adding hemp protein powder to this if you want to increase your protein for the day. This is one drinkable dessert that is easy on the stomach, and ready for you any time of day.

bacon peach cobbler
Photo: Cavegirl Cuisine

5. Bacon Peach Crisp Cobbler
Paleo cooks are always trying to work bacon into a recipe, and a peach cobbler is apparently not off limits when it comes to the list of items you can put bacon in. She’s cooking up the bacon so it’s nice and crisp, and using it in the crispy portion of the cobbler. There’s also the tasty filling made with fresh peaches and organic palm sugar, and the crust which is constructed of eggs, banana, coconut flour, almond butter, and more, all of which tastes amazing but will not put a dent in your Paleo progress.


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