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7 Paleo Pavlova Cakes to Try (Like a Sweet and Fluffy Cloud)

Pavlova is a delicious Australian dessert made with egg whites (it’s like a giant meringue) that is essentially a sweet and light cloud that you can eat. Top it with whipped coconut cream or lemon curd and fruits of your choice, and you’ll never want to eat anything else again.

Golden Cranberry Pavlova
Photo: Healthy Indulgences

1. Golden Cranberry Pavlova
I think this recipe has a brilliant way of dressing a pavlova, which cooked cranberries, honey, and pure vanilla extract. The cranberry orange sauce has vanilla, orange zest, and fresh delicious citrus juices. If you don’t want to use erythritol, go with coconut sugar.

2. Sugar Free Berry Pavlova With Lemon Curd
This light and fluffy pavlova is absolutely perfect with lemon curd and berries! Feel free to replace the xylitol with stevia, and definitely use arrowroot starch instead of corn starch. The sweet vanilla flavor and the easy lemon curd (or you can use your own recipe) are delicious!

3. Coconut Sugar Pavlova
Coconut sugar helps give this pavlova a bit more structure with a sweetness and flavor that isn’t overwhelming, like honey can be. It’s flavored with vanilla and can be topped with toppings of your choice. Personally, I’d use whipped coconut cream and fresh strawberries.

4. Paleo Pavlova Cake
If you aren’t quite up for the necessary trickery of making a paleo pavlova work, try this recipe. It’s not really a pavlova, but it has a similar flavor and you can pile it high with fruit for a tasty treat that’s easier to make with ingredients like creamed cashews and coconut oil.

5. Healthy Chocolate Pavlova
Why not turn your pavlova into a light but decadent chocolate treat? This recipe adds cacao powder to the traditional (well, the paleo) pavlova, as well as cacao nibs or chunks of dark chocolate. Top it with whipped coconut cream and whatever fruits you like to have with chocolate!

Paleo Pavlova Cake
Photo: Paleonstatic

6. Paleo Pavlova Cake
Sweetened with raw honey and topped with whipped coconut cream flavored with vanilla and cinnamon, this gorgeous cake is dressed to impress with the flavor to match. Top it with piles of berries, kiwi, bananas, or whatever else floats or boat. Er…your pavlova.

7. Paleo Pavlova With Berries and Whipped Cream
Sweetened with grade B maple syrup for a deep, complex flavor and some extra minerals, this tasty pavlova is perfect piled with vanilla whipped coconut cream sweetened with a touch of stevia and topped with your favorite fruits—blueberries would be yummy!


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