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14 Refreshing Passion Fruit Drinks and Desserts

By Jess

Passion fruit adds tropical and exotic flavors to smoothies, dressings, puddings, and cakes. Got your hands on some of these beauties? Try some of these paleo passion fruit recipes!

I had to find passion fruit in my local area, but once I did these passion fruit recipes provide plenty of ways to prepare it and add it to meals.  Passion fruit adds tropical and exotic flavors to smoothies, dressings, puddings, and cakes. Got your hands on some of these beauties? Try some of these paleo passion fruit recipes!

1. Radicchio Salad With Passion Fruit Vinaigrette
This salad is colorful with exotic flavors from bright passion fruit dressing. Make the base with radicchio, cherry tomatoes, and sunflower seeds, and top it off with a dressing of olive oil, rice wine vinegar, passion fruit, agave, turmeric, salt, and black pepper.

Creamy Passion Fruit Popsicles
Photo: Living Healthy with Chocolate

2. Creamy Passion Fruit Popsicles
We love popsicles in our house, and the simple recipes are the best ones. This healthy recipe is so creamy and delicious with an easy custard base (made from coconut milk, coconut sugar, and egg) and a delicious passion fruit flavor with a pretty yellow color.

3. Watermelon and Passion Fruit Lassi
Simple smoothies like this one, with watermelon, passion fruit, and mint leaves, make an awesome breakfast on spring or summer mornings, or when you’re in a rush. This one can be made with coconut yogurt to keep it paleo, and honey as the sweetener.

4. Goji Berry Passion Fruit Lassie
Here’s another lassi for you to try, with superfood goji berries and delicious passion fruit, along with plain (coconut) yogurt and honey. The color is beautiful, and you can also receive anti-allergy benefits from using raw, local honey made by bees that foraged on local plants!

5. Mango and Passion Fruit Lassi
Mango is one common traditional flavor of lassi drinks, and this one with passion fruit has a fun twist and extra nutritional power from flax seed meal, which is high in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. You can use coconut yogurt to make it dairy free.

Cucumber, Shallot, and Strawberry With Mint and Passion Fruit Dressing
Photo: Circus Gardener

6. Cucumber, Shallot, and Strawberry With Mint and Passion Fruit Dressing
This sweet-and-savory salad is perfect for picnics, evening dinners, or even workday lunches. You’ll need strawberries, cucumber, banana shallot, extra virgin olive oil, passion fruit vinegar, Dijon mustard, and fresh mint. If you can’t find passion fruit vinegar, try making your own!

7. Mango Passion Fruit Ice Cream
Made extra healthy with avocado puree, this sweet mango and passion fruit ice cream is easy to make, and doesn’t require an ice cream maker (though you could use one if you have it). Replace the milk with almond milk—coconut would work too, but may be too rich.

8. Raw Coconut Passion Fruit Pudding
This delicious coconut pudding is made with young Thai coconuts, coconut water, soft sates, passion fruit pulp, fresh lime juice, and fresh fruit for topping. It’s easy to make and completely raw and vegan, so it’s suitable for a variety of eating styles (friends and family!).

9. Passion Fruit Apricot Nice Cream With Granola
This “nice cream” is a super creamy, dairy free frozen treat sweetened with bananas and apricots. The flavor of passion fruit pulp is subtle and delicious, and tigernut flour helps to add extra nutrition and body. Add whatever toppings you would put on healthy ice cream!

Passion Fruit Mango Smoothie
Photo: Green Healthy Cooking

10. Passion Fruit Mango Smoothie
For a bright morning smoothie that’s sure to perk you up and boost your energy, try this passion fruit mango smoothie made with super-ripe fresh mango, passion fruit, and full-fat coconut yogurt (the recipe calls for dairy yogurt, but you’ll want to make it dairy-free!).

11. Avocado Chocolate Mousse With Passion Fruit
If you’ve never done this magic trick before, you have to try it. Avocado chocolate mousse, when made with ripe-but-not-overripe avocados, tastes purely chocolatey with just the right amount of sweetener. This passion fruit topped version is on the next level!

12. Banana, Coconut, and Passion Fruit Smoothie
This sweet smoothie has the tropical flavors of banana and coconut with the deliciously subtle and exotic taste of passion fruit. It’s easy to make with coconut cream, a bit of honey to sweeten, and some ice if you’d like it nice and frosty—but even the ice is optional!

13. Passion Fruit Vanilla Shake
This simple and fruity vanilla shake doesn’t require any ice cream, but it’s creamy and delicious! This is a perfect drink for both kids and adults. You’ll need fresh passion fruit, orange, pure vanilla extract or vanilla paste, almond milk ice cubes (instead of dairy milk), and a bit of honey if you need more sweetness.

Tropical Passion Fruit Cream Cake
Photo: Real Raw Kitchen

14. Tropical Passion Fruit Cream Cake
This cream cake is mostly raw and fully paleo, and it’s an awful lot like a healthy cheesecake. The crust is made with walnuts, dates, and cacao powder, and the filling layer is made with cashews, pineapple, maple syrup, lemon juice, coconut oil, and vanilla. Top with passion fruit!


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