34 Sweet & Savory Paleo Pancakes

Enjoy a warm and hearty breakfast without regretting your decision later with this Paleo pancakes in several different styles. Depending on if you want sweet and fluffy, or thick and hearty, we’ve got you covered with plenty of pancake recipes that fall within the Paleo eating guidelines. The main thing to kick out of your kitchen is all-purpose flour. Replace it with a combination of almond flour and coconut flour and you’ll be able to make all sorts of Paleo goodies that will keep you on track.

34 Sweet and Savory Pancakes- a must-read for pancakes lovers!

pumpkin pancakes with bacon
Photo: Against All Grain

1. Pumpkin Pancakes with Bacon and Pecans
Adding pumpkin to pancakes is a great way to flavor them up without adding anything that will slow you down or make you fat. These pancakes are also flavor enhanced with bacon, and have a bit of crunch thanks to the pecans so you’re getting a mouthful of savory bacon, nuttiness from the pecans, and the distinctive taste of pumpkin in each bite. Because they use coconut flour these come out light and fluffy, and taste great. If you didn’t know it was a Paleo recipe you might not even realize it as you’re eating them.

2. Coconut Flour Pancakes
Using coconut flour instead of all purpose flour is one way to turn ordinary pancakes into paleo friendly pancakes. This recipe shows you the basics when it comes to substituting flours to make the pancakes better for you. These come out looking and tasting just like the pancakes you remember before starting paleo, and the list of ingredients includes things like coconut oil, raw honey, coconut milk, and coconut flour, so as you can see they are really relying on coconuts to put this together. Since coconut doesn’t contain any grains or dairy, it’s a perfectly suitable food for Paleo, including all of its byproducts.

3. Cranberry Pancakes with Coconut Flour
These pancakes use a combination of cranberries and coconut flour to create a mouth-watering breakfast that can’t be beat. It includes cinnamon applesauce, so you’ll be getting a fruity, somewhat sweet flavor, at the same time you are getting dried cranberries so you’ll have a nice tart taste as well. When eating paleo it is important to make the food taste as good as possible, and find workarounds so that you can eat the foods you are accustomed to. You don’t want to make it seem like you are on a diet, you want to did the feeling like you are eating foods you enjoy and not depriving yourself.

4. Paleo Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes
Here they’re using a combination of almond flour and coconut flour to get the right texture. Coconut flour produces light and airy pancakes, while almond flour makes them a little more dense and thick, so using both makes for a happy medium. Using nutmeg, cardamom, and cloves is a surefire way to get your taste buds going first thing in the morning, and the flavor of these will surely stick with you through the morning and into lunch. They get their sweetness from molasses, and their buttery flavor from ghee. With the right garnishment these look pretty enough to grace a magazine cover.

5. Pecan Flax Paleo Pancakes
Anytime you add flax to a recipe you are going to be adding omega-3, as well as fiber, making this a healthy boost to your breakfast, and a way to make things even healthier. The pecans will help boost the taste, and also adds healthy fats and a bit of crunch to them, giving your mouth more textures to enjoy. The flaxseed she’s using is in the form of flaxseed meal, so it’s been ground up which means you won’t be getting crunchy little seeds, and you probably won’t even notice them at all because they’ll become part of the flour mix.

apple pie pancakes
Photo: Primally Inspired

6. Apple Pie Pancakes
These pancakes harness the flavor of apple pie, and serve them up in a format that is easier to make first thing in the morning. These are covered and smothered in apples, as well as a nice serving of maple syrup, so she’s doing a good job of combining two food types into one mega-delicious creation. Stack these as high as you can for the best presentation, but remember to only eat until you feel full, as part of the Paleo way is listening to your body and it’s natural senses it has in place to tell you when it’s hungry and when it’s not.

7. Paleo Blueberry Pancakes
No pancake list would be complete without a mention of blueberry pancakes, perhaps the most popular pancakes on the planet. You don’t have to deprive yourself of this breakfast time treat, in fact, blueberries are very beneficial for your body since they’re packed full of antioxidants. This is so long as you don’t add a bunch of wheat and grains while you’re eating them. You can even have pure maple syrup on the Paleo diet, so this is a meal you can enjoy as frequently as you like, as long as you keep your portions to a reasonable size.

8. Banana Walnut Paleo Pancakes
Banana walnut pancakes are a nice treat, and a tasty break from typical flavors such as blueberry, or plain. The banana will give you extra potassium, as well as fiber which will help your digestive system handle the rest of the day’s meals. By combining them with walnuts, one of the healthiest nuts you can eat, you’re getting healthy fats and additional nutrients. These pancakes will also have a bit of a crunch to them thanks to the walnuts, which helps to balance out the otherwise smooth texture of the bananas.

9. Paleo Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Strawberries and chocolate go together really well, and in these pancakes you’re getting the best of them both. Of course it uses fresh strawberries, and you’ll note that they’re using dark chocolate, which is acceptable on the Paleo plan. You may start to notice that many of the ingredients on the Paleo diet come for all-natural sources, so as long as you don’t go with prepackaged products that have a bunch of additives and chemicals in them, you should be alright. Ask yourself whether our earlier ancestors would have had access to an ingredient or food item before using it.

10. Coconut Cassava Pancakes
The cassava gets baked right into these pancakes because it comes in the form of tapioca starch, which is mixed together with coconut flour to form a nice pancake batter consistency. There are plenty of ways to successfully make Paleo pancakes, and this recipe is one way to make them nice and fluffy, while also providing the classic taste you’re looking for. Coconut milk and coconut oil do their part in making these extra flavorful. Top them with any number of Paleo friendly ingredients like nuts, and pure organic maple syrup and you’ll feel good all morning long.

sweet potato pancakes
Photo: Canada Girl Eats Paleo

11. Sweet Potato Pancakes
If sweet potato pancakes are your thing, you don’t have to give them up while you’re on the Paleo diet. You can enjoy this recipe, which will give you additional antioxidants, fiber, and the one-of-a-kind taste the only sweet potatoes bring. These hearty pancakes will definitely keep you full until lunch time, and you won’t even get the mid morning snack craving that comes from eating a breakfast that’s too light or too sugary. Sweet potatoes, eggs, coconut flour, coconut oil, and a pinch of cinnamon form the foundation for these yummy pancakes, none of which will send you veering off course.

12. Coconut Banana Pancakes and Lemony Butter
These pancakes combine two popular tastes, coconuts and bananas, into one pancake, and top the whole thing off with a lemon-infused butter. The coconut flavoring comes from coconut oil as well as real coconut that is mixed right into the batter. The banana of course comes from a banana, and the lemon butter uses ghee and lemon zest and juice for it’s flavor. This is an interesting mix of ingredients, and most likely not something you’ve tried in the world of pancakes. Paleo is all about broadening your palate and trying new things.

13. Carrot Cake Pancakes with “Cream Cheese” Frosting
Carrot cake lovers will want to take note of this pancake concoction. It is meant to taste like carrot cake, complete with a cream cheese frosting, without using any grains or dairy. The carrot flavor comes from – surprise! – carrots, and the way they made the cream cheese frosting without using any cream or cheese is pretty awesome. They borrowed a page from the vegan cookbook and used cashews to create the right texture. From there it was just a matter of getting the taste right using only Paleo ingredients. Success! Top it with some crushed pecans and eat it up.

14. Almond Protein Pancakes
These protein pancakes are made with plenty of eggs and nuts to provide you with a wholesome source of protein, and without weighing you down with unnecessary ingredients. In fact, there are only 4 ingredients used, so you can make these up whenever you want a hot breakfast that will keep you satiated until the lunch whistle blows. Eggs, almond flour, and coconut oil are the main ingredients, add a bit of water and your batter is all set for the griddle. Embrace simple recipes like these because Paleo involves cutting out all of the stuff you shouldn’t be eating, and only using the minimum number of ingredients to make food delicious.

15. Paleo Mocha Chip Pancakes with Espresso Syrup
Pile on the deliciousness with these pancakes that use a heaping portion of strong coffee to make sure that you not only get full, but get wired in as well. The coffee is used not only in the pancakes themselves, but also in the syrup, so you’ll be getting a double dose of caffeine to start your day without merely sitting and drinking a cup of coffee. The coffee goes really well with the chocolate, making this a treat to have when you need a wake up call, or any time you want your caffeine fix.

curried squash and bacon pancakes
Photo: My Little Jar of Spices

16. Curried Squash and Bacon Pancakes
If you want to eat pancakes at either breakfast or lunchtime these are the pancakes to go with. They are not your typical pancake in that they are made with savory ingredients rather than sweet or fruity. You wouldn’t want to top these with syrup, but a bit of sriracha might be really nice. They have a nice curry flavor to them without having to actually make curry, and the bacon means they’re going to have a smokiness to them as well. There’s even some flax seeds thrown in for good measure, adding beneficial omega-3s and fiber to help you out.

17. Bacon and Green Onion Zucchini Pancakes
Zucchini pancakes are a great switch up to normal pancakes, and here they’re doing their best to make them as delectable as possible. You’ll get a savory flavor from the bacon, and the remaining ingredients are all kept simple, and are all Paleo approved. It’s nice to have a diet where you don’t have to get obsessed over points and calories and can just pay attention to the quality of the ingredients you’re using. This recipe is a great example of a simple dish that tastes great and that you can have any time.

18. 2-Ingredient Pancakes
This is the pancake recipe to make when you don’t have a lot of ingredients on hand because it only uses two of them. Some pancake recipes say “just add water” which technically is two ingredients, the mix and the water, but this one is much more natural. It uses a banana and some eggs to make the batter, so these will definitely taste like banana pancakes. You can add to it if you want, consider dark chocolate chips as a great source of antioxidants, and third ingredient that can really make these special. We were skeptical at first, but give this a try and you’ll be a believer.

19. Black Forest Pancakes
Dark chocolate and cherries are the key to transforming these pancakes into a Paleo experience. The pancakes themselves use almond flour, which generally produces a pancake that is thicker and sticks to your ribs, although it won’t stick to your waistline. There is cocoa built right into the batter, and then additional dark chocolate added on top so you won’t be short on chocolate flavor. The cherries are fresh and add a nice tart yet sweet flavor to the mix. Raw honey or maple syrup gives it the sweetness it needs, and keeps you within the parameters of Paleo eating.

20. Paleo Macadamia Pancakes
Macadamia nuts are one of the featured nuts on the Paleo diet, so you don’t have to worry about eating them, or whether they’re good for you or not. The healthy fats they contain are something that the Paleo plan encourages, so you can indulge in them without feeling guilty. Here they’re using a coconut butter that already has the macadamia nuts in it, so you don’t have to buy them separately and wonder how to prepare them. This is a recipe that is purely Paleo, so no adjustments or substitutions need to be made, just make and enjoy.

chocolate raspberry pancakes
Photo: Jan’s Sushi Bar

21. Chocolate-Raspberry Pancakes
Serving breakfast to morning company? This is a recipe that is sure to please, even if they’re not following Paleo. Everyone can enjoy this, and it makes such a nice presentation that they won’t even think it’s diet food of any sort. That’s a great thing about Paleo, you don’t have to eat food that others think is weird or odd or is obviously diet food because it’s just natural food that tastes good. These pancakes are smothered in chocolate and served up with fresh, tart raspberries so you get antioxidants galore without having to plug your nose while you swallow it.

22. Chocolate Chip Banana Pancake
There are chocolate chip pancakes, and there are banana pancakes, and each tastes great on their own. When you put the two together you’re onto something really great, and that’s what we have here. They have made sure to use unsweetened chocolate chips, and then used palm sugar to keep things Paleo and not introduce any refined sugar. The ordinary white sugar that comes in those big bags at the store has been processed so much it’s a crime to call it sugar or even food. Get back to basics by using unrefined sugars in all of your Paleo cooking.

23. Baked Sweet Potato, Zucchini and Banana Pancakes
These pancakes use a concoction of three different flours to get just the right taste and texture. They also have healthy sweet potatoes, zucchini, and banana in them so you’re getting a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals but without having to feel like you’re making a big effort to eat healthy. The step by step directions are easy to follow, so just because it looks great and tastes great doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time making it or struggling in the kitchen. They make the suggestion of adding blueberries for added antioxidants. Great idea!

24. Almond Butter & Banana Pancakes
Almond butter is sure to become your new best friend on Paleo. That’s because peanuts are a no-go, and almond butter makes a great substitution. Here they’re not substituting it for peanut butter, they’re just using it to make these pancakes taste great. Be sure to choose an organic almond butter to assure high quality. Coconut milk will make these come out light and fluffy and creamy, and there’s just a bit of cinnamon to help it all taste just right. You simply can’t go wrong with these if you’re a fan of nuts and bananas.

25. Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes
Lemon poppyseed is generally found in muffins, but here they’ve made a batch of pancakes with it. This is a no brainer if you love lemon poppyseed muffins, as it will give you the same taste without having to eat a muffin filled with wheat or grain. The reason these are so great is they may prevent you from breaking from your Paleo path to have a food that isn’t authorized because you have a craving. It’s important to make foods like this for yourself so that you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything. Really you’re not, and if you stay the course you should be rewarded with weight loss and lean muscle gain.

egg foo young-ish pancakes
Photo: The Preppy Paleo

26. Egg Foo Young-ish Pancakes
These pancakes will give you the feeling of getting Chinese food delivered, without subjecting yourself to the types of things they use to make Chinese food. This is a healthy mix of eggs, spinach, and meat of your choice, all fried up in ghee so it’s going to taste fantastic, and won’t make the number on the scale go up. There are actually plenty of Paleo adapted Chinese food recipes available, so you can re-create a trip to a Chinese restaurant in your own home. It’s fun to make Paleo foods because you get to be the one in charge of quality control.

27. Banana Blueberry Pancakes
These pancakes are filled to the brim with blueberries, but each one contains plenty of bananas. They also say you can use plantains in these, which will give them a slightly different flavor and texture, and will be just as healthy. Plantains are actually a better choice than bananas when on Paleo because they haven’t been tinkered with as much as bananas have because they’re not as popular. Always opt for organic bananas and blueberries, as you don’t want anything taking away from the nutrients and antioxidants they contain. Herbicides and pesticides can really detract from the goodness these foods have.

28. Mini Beet Pancakes
These pancakes come out looking purple thanks to the beets they’re made with. Beets contain a special antioxidant in them called betalain, and it’s found only in beets and a few other foods. That’s why these are a great dish to make for yourself because not only do they taste good, but they’re helping your body out as well. They come in a silver dollar size, so they’re fun to eat, and you can top them off just like you would any other pancake, with some pure maple syrup. These use raw beets, not the pickled kind you find in the store so they’ll have retained their antioxidants.

29. Apple Cider Pancakes
These pancakes only use a little bit of apple cider, but the distinctive taste of cider really rings through. You won’t have any concern over grains or wheat because it’s using almond flour as the base, and it gives these pancakes a nice thickness to them without taking away too much from their fluffiness. The end result is a pancake that you can cook up any time you happen to have some apple cider handy, and they’re even so good you might want to seek it out just to make these.

30. German Apple Pancake
This pancake is raising the bar on what might be considered a pancake. It’s triple the height of most pancakes, and is stuff with apples, so you’re getting what appears to be a German apple pancake but made in a way that lets Paleo eaters enjoy it. The traditional version uses Paleo no-nos such as cow’s milk, all-purpose flour, powdered sugar, and brown sugar. Here they’ve gotten rid of all of that stuff that will muck up your system and replaced it with ingredients that the body has no trouble digesting and processing.

banana bacon paleo pancakes
Photo: Nourishing Nantucket

31. Banana Bacon Pancakes
Bacon is generally not thought of as a diet food, and it’s shunned from most diet plans out there. But that’s why Paleo isn’t much of a diet at all, but more like a lifestyle and eating philosophy. Here you get to enjoy bacon, but notice that it’s blended in with a healthy item like bananas. The attention to detail can’t be overlooked, they’ve made sure to use nitrate-free bacon, so it’s not just about eating the right foods but making sure those foods are as lightly processed as possible. Almond flour does the job of general purpose flour and you’re off and running in the morning with this recipe.

32. Chocolate Coffee Paleo Pancakes
There are so many ways to gussy up a pancake, but coffee has got to be one of the more logical choices out there. It’s a morning staple for many, and here you’ll be using instant coffee granules mixed right into the pancake batter. You can opt for decaf if you’re not doing caffeine, and you can also just take the coffee out if you just want some delicious chocolate pancakes. No matter how you play this you’re going to get a great deal of flavor to start your day off the right way.

33. Primal Paleo Pancakes
These Paleo pancakes are free of so many things, it’s a wonder that they’re even able to exist. They contain no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, and no grains. So how can they make a pancake like that after stripping away all of the things normal pancakes are known for? Easy, they keep it simple with items like bananas and eggs, and keep the flavor coming with seasonings like cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s amazing the picture you can paint when you clear the canvas and start from scratch. You might have trouble wrapping your head around your ability to make real food with such simple ingredients, but it works!

34. Super Simple Pancakes
If a recipe is listed as being super simple we have to follow up and see if that really is the case. Super simple means it has to be something that doesn’t require a lot of brainpower, which can come in handy in those small hours of the morning. It also means that the ingredients list should be short, since you don’t want to complicate things by having to assemble an army of ingredients. This recipe has only 3 things used in it, and the instructions have been reduced to just 4 easy steps. It qualifies, and is a handy recipe to have around for those mornings when you don’t know what to make but want something hot and yummy.


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