10 Good Reasons to Sign up for Paleocon (A Free, Life-Changing Online Event)

Paleo doesn’t have to be a mystery, and PaleoCon is hoping to clear up some of the misinformation and put you on the right track to better health through the Paleo diet. If you don’t like sitting through sales pitches and just want to know if PaleoCon is something you should trade your contact information for, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top reasons we came up with as to why someone would want to join up.

10 Good Reasons to Sign Up for Paleocon (a free, life-changing online event).

1. You’ll Get Clear About Paleo
The biggest reason to sign up for PaleoCon is to get clear on what Paleo is, what it isn’t, and to help undo some of the misinformation that exists out there. Consider it the step of unlearning, helping to right the ship if you’ve been practicing the diet according to misguided advice. They’ve assembled some of the more well-respected authorities when it comes to eating the Paleo way, so you don’t have to spend time fact-checking what they’re telling you. Avoid a big pitfall for many first-time Paleo followers and get your facts straight from the start. Of if you’ve been following what you think is Paleo, finally know for sure if you’re doing it the right way.


2. You Get to Stay Home
Even though PaleoCon is presented as if it’s a convention, it’s all provided to you online, so you don’t actually have to fly to a different city and sit through a conference. The videos are provided to you through on demand and online streaming, and a broken up into individual talks, so you can go right to the topic that interests you most and get the info you need right in the moment. By being able to access this according to your schedule, and in the comfort of your own home, there is very little standing in your way of better health and nutrition.

3. You’ll Learn Something New No Matter Your Level of Experience with Paleo
They promise that whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been doing Paleo for awhile now, you’ll still find value in this package. The information they provide should help the total Paleo newbie as well as those that have been eating like a caveman for years, even before its popularity peaked. Often a program of this scale will suffer from being too basic for advanced users, or too advanced for basic users. They’ve done a good job of speaking to a mixed audience and putting this in terms everyone can gain from.

4. You Can Personalize Paleo to You
They will show you how to personalize the Paleo diet to your own personal goals and lifestyle. Unlike many diets that are set in stone and unchangeable, Paleo is much more fluid and is about finding a balance of foods that you enjoy and will happily eat each day. There are so many grey areas in regards to certain foods, different types of foods, and whether these are permissible on Paleo that it’s good to learn how to draw your own conclusions based on what you know about your own body and how it responds to food.

5. Provides Info for Women
In all of the mayhem over the Paleo diet, little information is provided on how to tailor it for a woman. If you’ve been searching for Paleo tips and information from a female perspective you’ll find that at PaleoCon. There are entire discussions targeted for women, including whether or not you should be lifting weights. This information comes from women that are following the Paleo diet themselves and have done plenty of research into tweaks and adjustments that need to be made for the female body to thrive best.

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6. Learn to Prepare Delicious Paleo Meals
The cornerstone to success with Paleo is continually feeding your body and brain foods that make it happy on all levels. If you’ve been stuck eating basic meals because you’re afraid of preparing anything too complicated, PaleoCon can help steer you in the right direction and get you eating gourmet-caliber Paleo meals that get you excited about eating Paleo everyday. Armed with the ability to cook delicious and tempting meals your chances of success will skyrocket.

7. You’ll Be Backed By a Community
It’s easy to get that “going it alone” feeling when on Paleo because of so much scattered information, and so many instances of the blind leading the blind. But the community behind PaleoCon is helpful, knowledgeable, and ready to answer any questions you might have. You don’t have to feel that you’re a lone caveman or cavewoman fending for yourself in a dangerous world. By having access to those that have gone before you and are willing to help you, it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to learn basic and more advanced Paleo philosophy.

8. You Can Finally Break Old Habits
If you’ve been battling back and forth with habits you’ve established over a lifetime of eating non-Paleo, PaleoCon can help you rid yourself of these habits. These people have overcome the same sort of habits, so they’re speaking from experience. They’ve also heard many of the problems that Paleo followers experience and have successfully helped them rid themselves of these old ways. They’ll show you how to apply tips and hacks so that you’ll find it easier to follow Paleo.

9. You’ll Be Able to Take Action Right Away
Unlike waiting for a book to be delivered to you, or getting bogged down by an obscene amount of data, you can immediately begin to apply what you learn from the videos and take action today. This means you can begin to right the wrongs you’ve been doing, and start feeling better about your decision to eat Paleo right now. Cutting down on the gap of time between learning and doing is essential when trying to get up to speed on a new way of thinking, or in this case eating and living.

10. You Don’t Need to Pay a Lot (or Anything)
Signing up for PaleoCon simply requires your name and email address and immediately gets you into the video area where you can watch the previous day’s lineup of speakers. That means there’s plenty of free information provided in exchange for your contact information. There’s the ability to take it a step further and sign up for their additional resources, which is $50, a rather small price to pay for a wealth of information all organized in one central location.

Click here to sign up for Paleocon for FREE


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