8 Reasons We Love the Paleo Recipe Book

While there may be plenty of Paleo recipes out there, there’s only one Paleo Recipe Book, and there’s a lot to love about this thing. When starting out on Paleo you might be lost on what to make, and how to make it. Or maybe you’ve hit the point in Paleo where you feel like you’ve tried everything and need some new recipes. No matter what point you’re at, you can always benefit from an influx of over 350 high-quality recipes at your fingertips, no searching required. Enjoy our slightly biased Paleo Recipe book review.

the paleo recipe book

1. It Inundates You with Recipes
If you’ve been frustrated that there aren’t enough high-quality, delicious recipes that you can reliably re-create in your own kitchen, those days are over. This book is packed with so many recipes that you’ll be set for months, literally months, and you’ll never have to eat the same thing twice – unless you want to! And with the recipes they provide you’ll want to make the same thing again, and again, they’re that tasty.

paleo recipes

2. It’s Totally Paleo
No more wondering if the blog you’re on is Paleo, or Primal, or Whole30, or gluten-free, or grain-free, or somewhat Paleo. You’ll know that all of the recipes, all of the hundreds of recipes, are all verifiably Paleo. With so many different diet plans out there that resemble Paleo, but aren’t exactly Paleo, it can be hard to find purely Paleo recipes to follow to know that you’re doing things right. Just a smidgen of doubt when starting on a diet can sabotage all of your efforts. You need to make very sure that the food you’re eating is helping you on your journey, and not setting you back.

3. Clear Pictures
How many Paleo blogs have you seen where the images look blurry, or the food looks disgusting. How are you supposed to follow it if you can’t see what the finished product looks like, and if they can’t make it look good under optimal conditions, what chance do you have? The Paleo Recipe book clears all that up by providing you with professional-grade photos of each creation so that you can build up an appetite for the dish, and also know when you’ve gotten it to look just right. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a high-quality picture is worth a thousand more.


4. Clear Directions
The key to any recipe is how clear the instructions are. Anyone can make anything as long as they’re given the proper directions and tools for the job. They provide you with the step-by-step instruction that will ensure that you get from point A to point B and have similar results to what they’ve been able to make. No more frustration over unclear steps, or directions that seem to be missing a few lines, or that are a grammatical nightmare. Follow along with easy and finally be happy when you’re finished instead of upset.

5. It Keeps Things Simple (and Quick)
There’s an entire guide that focuses on simple and quick Paleo recipes so if you’re in a hurry or just don’t want to bother with a more elaborate dish, you can keep it short and to the point. Don’t be fooled though, just because it features a book of recipes that are simple and quick doesn’t mean they’re sacrificing flavor. You’ll still get great-tasting meals, you just won’t have to wait as long to eat them. There will always come a point on any diet where you need a meal like 20 minutes ago. If you can’t get that meal ready fast enough you may be tempted to eat the first food that you come upon. These recipes can come through at just the right time.


6. It Plans Things Out For You
Planning ahead is the key to success with a diet, and they’ve taken the liberty of helping you plan what you’re going to eat on which days. They’ve mapped out an entire 8 weeks of what eating Paleo would look like, and the best part is that all of these meals are included in the giant recipe book, so you’ll know what to eat, and you’ll know how to make it. This makes the whole thing paint-by-numbers easy. Why spend your time re-inventing the wheel when someone has already planned things out and proven that it works for those who follow it?

7. It Includes Desserts
Life’s no fun without the sweet stuff, and on Paleo you can have your dessert, and eat it too as long as it’s made in accordance with the guidelines. They’ll steer you clear here so you don’t have to worry if you’re violating any rules or using food that may or may not be Paleo in order to make your dessert. So many desserts labeled “Paleo” on food blogs across the Internet are anything but. Learn how to do it the right way so you’re not setting yourself up for failure even though you think you’re making Paleo friendly sweet treats.

8. It Doesn’t Break the Bank
They aren’t taking advantage of you on the price either, and a book like this would sell for about the same if you were to buy it at the bookstore, owing to its huge size. The fact that it’s a one-time payment and you can start using it immediately is a big bonus. You get what you pay for, and in this instance you are saving yourself a lot of time, which even a caveman can agree is our most precious resource.

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  1. I love this! use it everyday. It is really convenient to have the 8 week meal plan with shopping lists as well. keeps things really easy.

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