100 Best Paleo Diet Resources of All-Time

By Jess

These Paleo resources will come in handy whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been doing Paleo for a long time. From cooking tips, to how-to guides, answers, and more, you’ll find everything you need to make the Paleo diet work for you.

100 Best Paleo Diet Resources of All-Time- this is the holy grail for free Paleo guides, recipes, meals plans and tips! A must-read for all Paleo followers.

Starting Out

1. Getting Started Guide– Our comprehensive guide for getting started with Paleo includes an overview of what Paleo is, different ways to follow it, what to expect once you’re doing it, and how to develop your own list of helpful resources.

2. 56 Tips for Getting Started on Paleo– These tips will help you go from Paleo newbie to Paleo pro. They cover things like getting into the proper mindset, making Paleo easier or more fun, and what to do when just starting out, as well as further down the road.


4. Cooking Tips from Paleo Chefs– Cooking the Paleo way may look easy, but there is definitely some finesse to it. These chefs share their secrets to how they cook up delicious Paleo meals without a lot of grief in the kitchen.

5. Why Cooking is So Paleo– If you didn’t cook much before going Paleo, it’s one habit you’ll need to develop. Cooking brings us back to our ancestral roots and this page really breaks down why cooking is so fundamental to the Paleo diet.

6. 5-Ingredient Paleo Recipes– One way to keep Paleo cooking simple is to keep the ingredient list short. Five ingredients is so easy to wrap your head around that you won’t have time to second guess yourself while preparing the meal.

7. Kitchen Hacks for Paleo Cooks– Wondering how to turn your kitchen into a Paleo meal-making machine? These hacks will have you whipping up amazing dishes in no time at all, and helps you take advantage of what you may already have in your kitchen.

8. Paleo Crockpot Recipes– The Crock Pot makes it easy to cook an entire Paleo meal, while you’re at work or asleep. This is a great resource for those that don’t like babysitting their food on the stove top.

9. 100 Best Paleo Recipes– Stick with the best recipes and you can’t go wrong. We’ve hand-selected some of the most satisfying menu items out there and organized it into one exhaustive list. Choose any of these dishes and you’ll be glad you did.

10. 30 Days of Whole30 Recipes– Whole30 is Paleo but a bit more strict. It’s a great way to take the plunge into the Paleo way of eating, and this page shows you what 30 days of Whole30 eating might look like.

11. Paleo Porn Recipes– Despite the racy name this is a great resource for food that comes out irresistible. With detailed pictures and clear instructions you’re in good hands, and each meal we’ve tried from this blog has turned out much like the picture.

12. Discover New Meal Ideas– Chowstalker is a great place to quickly browse through hundreds if not thousands of different Paleo dishes from all over the web. They’re easy to use sorting system allows you to drill down to what you’re interested in.

13. Nom Nom Paleo Recipes– One of the most popular Paleo recipe blogs on the planet. Nom Nom Paleo is a nice resource to have when you’re looking for a real world-tested meal that sticks to the Paleo principles and creates satisfying results.

14. Civilized Caveman Cooking– The Civilized Caveman is a great resource for food that you’ll be excited to eat. It takes the rugged nature of Paleo eating and refines it a bit so you don’t have to look like a caveman when you’re eating.

15. Cooking Freezer Meals– One hack to cooking Paleo is to make freezer-friendly meals that you can simply reheat later in the week or month. This resource will show you how to make enough food for a month, food that still tastes good a month later.

16. Stupid Easy Recipes– These recipes keep things as simple as possible. They’re perfect for those times when you don’t want to prove your culinary worth, but just want to sit down to a hot and tasty meal.

17. Recipes from Loren Cordain– Loren Cordain wrote one of the first books on the Paleo diet and it’s always a good idea to go back to the original source if you want to be sure you’re eating food that is “Paleo Approved”.

18. Paleo Newbie Recipes– These recipes are especially for those starting out on Paleo. They’re made in a way that doesn’t overcomplicate matters, but instead makes it easy so you’re more likely to stick to it.


20. MovNat– These exercises show you how to move naturally, and are completely in line with the Paleo philosophy of taking us back to simpler times. In our modern world we don’t move nearly as much as Paleolithic times. Start moving the natural way!

21. Weekly Workouts– These workout plans get you through the week, and she updates it so that you don’t get bored or hit a plateau. Definitely consider adding exercise to your diet once you have a handle on the cooking and food.

22. Different Paleo-Style Workouts– Here are different exercises you can do that are similar to the type of movements that our ancestors would have done on a nearly daily basis. Keep it simple with these basic exercises that focus on using the whole body.

23. 6 Workouts You Can Do at Home– When you know of workouts you can do at home, there really isn’t any excuse not to do them. These workouts will greatly enhance the results you get from eating according to the Paleo plan.

24. Primal Blueprint Workout Plan– The Primal Blueprint isn’t exactly Paleo, but the workouts prescribed by Mark Sisson are definitely the sort of thing you’ll want to be doing to get the most out of all of the extra energy you now have.

25. Rundown of Paleo Exercises– Just like modern day food, our modern idea of exercising isn’t exactly what our ancestors were doing. This list helps get you thinking the right way about what sort of activity you should be getting each day.

How-Tos and Guides

26. Paleo Troubleshooting Guides– Stay on Paleo long enough and sooner or later you’re going to have to troubleshoot a problem. These guides walk you through the process of figuring out what needs adjusting.

27. How To Eat Out on Paleo– One important aspect of learning how to be on Paleo is handling social situations and eating away from home. This guide shows you how to eat at different types of restaurants and still stay within the boundaries of Paleo eating.

28. How to Eat on the Run on Paleo– When a sit-down restaurant isn’t an option, it’s time to get some Paleo-friendly grub from a fast food place. While most fast food options are not anything close to what you should be eating, some can suffice as long as you order correctly.

29. How to Gain Muscle on Paleo– Putting on muscle is key if you’re going to look like a buff caveman. This guide shows you the steps on how to put on some lean muscle that will make you look great and help you power through your day.

30. Guide to Paleo Sweeteners– Getting a handle on sweeteners that are OK to use on Paleo is one key that you’ll want to master. This guide explains how your body reacts to each different type of sweetener so you know what to steer clear of and what to use.

31. How to be a Vegetarian on Paleo– Paleo might not seem vegetarian friendly with so much meat in so many dishes, but it is possible to be a vegetarian on Paleo. There are some tweaks you’ll need to make and they lay it out for you.

32. How to Fast on Paleo– There are various types of fasts you can do while on Paleo that will speed up the weight loss and help your body kick over to fat-burning mode. Here’s a great resource that explains the fasting process well.

33. How to Eat Paleo on a Budget– If you’re wondering how much this Paleo diet is going to cost, or you’re a seasoned Paleo eater looking to stick to a budget, this guide helps keep costs down but quality up so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

34. Guide to Paleo Gurus– Wondering who to listen to to get your Paleo advice? This guide shows some of the top Paleo gurus and lists their specialty so that you’ll always have the right source available and won’t be misinformed.

35. Guide to the Autoimmune Paleo Diet– If you have an autoimmune disease and are trying Paleo in order to reduce or eliminate symptoms, you should really be eating according to the AIP method. Here’s a handy guide to understanding it better.

36. Herbs and Spices Guide– You’ll be using plenty of herbs and spices to flavor up your meals and add extra nutrition. This guide is nice to keep handy when you are in the kitchen as it shows many different spices and what they bring to the table.

37. Eat This Not That Guide– Our Paleo substitutions guide is a nice Eat This Not That style reference that shows you how to sub in Paleo friendly foods for unfriendly ones. With this guide you can modify some of your favorite family recipes to be Paleo.

38. How to Construct a Paleo Meal– Once you know the basics for constructing the perfect Paleo meal you’ll know exactly what is needed to get things started in the kitchen, or what to add to the cart at the store.

39. Guide to Digestion– Understanding how your digestive system works helps to understand why Paleo is so successful for those that try it. This guide shows you the ins and outs of the digestive system and how food is broken down.

40. How to Stock Your Paleo Kitchen– A properly stocked kitchen will cut down on the anxiety experienced when you’re hungry and don’t have enough ingredients to make a proper meal. Learn what needs to be in a Paleo eater’s kitchen.

41. Guide to Packing Paleo Kid Lunches– Packing a Paleo lunch for the kids doesn’t have to be hard on them or you. When they open these lunches they’ll be glad that their parents care about them, and they won’t be looking to trade for a Snack Pack.

42. Guide to Non-Hormonal Birth Control– Some Paleo followers decide to cut out some of the unnatural things they’re doing to their bodies. Getting off hormone-based birth control is not an easy task, but with this guide you can see all of your options laid out with pros and cons.

43. Guide to Paleo Cookbooks– With all of the Paleo cookbooks out there it’s hard to know which ones to buy and which to leave on the virtual shelf. We’ve scoured them all and present to you some of the best Paleo cookbooks for your money.

44. Product Guide for Paleo Newbies– One fun thing about starting up with Paleo is that you get to buy some new stuff. This product guide shows you which products are worth buying and will help make your new Paleo life that much easier.

45. Guide to Paleo Friendly Fats– Adding the right fats to your diet is one part of Paleo you don’t want to leave out. This guide shows you some of the best fats to cook with and consume while on Paleo for better fat loss.


46. Foods to Avoid on Paleo– Avoiding the wrong foods is just as important as getting enough of the right foods. Here are the foods you should absolutely steer clear of if you want to have the most success while on Paleo.

47. Rundown on Chocolate, Coffee, and Alcohol– These three are gray areas when it comes to Paleo, and a case can be made on either side for each one. They do a good job of letting you know how each affects the body and leave the final verdict up to you.

48. The Skinny on Supplements– With all of the healthy eating you’re doing on Paleo, are supplements really necessary? This page gives you all the info you need on whether you should be supplementing on Paleo or not.

49. Benefits of Eating Paleo– Stay in the right mindset by frequently reading the benefits that Paleo can provide if you just stick with it. Many times we lose sight of why we started the diet in the first place, so it’s good to get a refresher.

50. Healthiest Paleo Foods– On Paleo there are some approved foods that are healthier than others. We’ve found the top healthiest foods you can eat while on Paleo. The more you eat them, the better you’ll feel and the faster the weight will come off.

51. Making Adjustments for You– If you don’t adjust the Paleo diet to your own preferences and health concerns, you’re not getting the most benefit from it. The goal is to follow the diet perfectly for you, not subject yourself to a one-size-fits-all diet.

52. Recommended Reading– Here’s a great way to get up to speed quickly on what it means to eat Paleo, how to follow it the right way, and what science is saying about how health it is. These Paleo books are written by authors that know their stuff.

53. Why You Should Give Up Grains– If you don’t have a strong reason why you might not be able to stick to giving up grains. This post explains very clearly what grains do to the body, and why they’re just not allowed on the Paleo diet.

Meal Planning

54. 14-Day Paleo Meal Plan– The beauty of a two-week meal plan is that it lets your mind relax, knowing that you’ll be well-fed for 14 days. You can also repeat it if you’d like to stretch it to a month.

55. Meal Planning App– This app takes the guesswork out of your Paleo eating and makes it so you can simply drag and drop recipes until the grid has filled in. You may prefer this over a pre-made meal plan.

56. Two-Week Meal Plan with Pictures– It’s always nice to see what you’ll be eating, and our meal plan not only includes pictures for easy reference, but links to each meal so you’ll have the recipe at your fingertips and ready to go on the day you make it.

57. How to Use Pinterest for Paleo Meal Planning– Harness the power of Pinterest and use it to help plan out your meals. With this guide you can quickly put together a meal plan for the week with all of the necessary components you’ll need.

58. Sample Week of Paleo Eating– Here’s what a week of Paleo eating might look like. If you haven’t had your first Paleo meal it’s always nice to have an idea of what your new lifestyle might be like.

59. Shop, Prep, and Eat for the Week– Shopping and cooking is just half the battle when it comes to eating Paleo. Planning and prepping the food you buy is just as important and this guide can walk you through the process for a week.

60. Meal Plan and Menu– Keeping things interesting is essential on Paleo, and here is one more meal plan to consider. One tip is to follow the different meal plans on our resource page in succession so you don’t have to do any planning yourself.

61. How to Plan Paleo Meals– If you haven’t planned meals before, or are used to planning non-Paleo meals, it can be quite a transition. This guide will have you planning Paleo meals like a pro in no time.

62. Weekly Meal Plan on a Budget– Sticking to a budget is definitely possible on Paleo, and this weekly meal plan shows you exactly how to do it. Eat great without breaking the bank when you follow the tips shown here.

63. Paleo Comfort Meals for a Week– Eat food that makes you feel good and lessens the chance of veering off track or cheating while on Paleo. Here they take you by the hand and show you just what you need to do to eat well for an entire week.

64. Elana’s One-Week Meal Plan– Elana shows you what it would be like to cook and eat her recipes for a week. This is a nice meal plan because her recipes always come out great, so you’re insured of a very delicious and healthy week.

65. Weekly Menu with Pictures– Pictures help a lot when you’re trying to plan things out, and this weekly menu contains enough images to really see how things will go. Three square meals are covered for 7 days.


66. CSA Finder– A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box is a great way to cut down on the amount of produce you need to buy from the grocery store. Buy local and fresh and you’ll be eating more like our ancestors did, and eating with the seasons too.

67. First Month’s Shopping List– If you’re new to Paleo you can go from zero to fully stocked with this one-month shopping list. Take it with you to the store and you’ll be filling your cart with essentials that will last you the month. Of course you’ll need to shop again before month-end.

68. Shopping List Builder– Add recipes you’d like to try and this site will automatically make up your shopping list based on the ingredients used. It’s a handy tool that cuts down on much of the guesswork and prevents you from over or under buying.

69. Paleo Shopping at Whole Foods– When you go into Whole Foods without a plan you might come out with some things that aren’t exactly Paleo. This guide helps keep your shopping trip on the right path and gets you in and out with the basics covered.

70. Paleo Shopping at Trader Joe’s– There are a lot of Paleo friendly foods at Trader Joe’s, but there are also a lot of enticing items that aren’t Paleo. Stay on point with this shopping guide that is specific to Trader Joe’s and the food they have on offer.

71. A Rainbow of Veggies– This is a great tool to print out and bring with you to the produce section as you shop. If you’ve ever stared at the wall of veggies and were hesitant to put anything in your cart, this will help you get over it.

Tips and Advice

72. Success Stories for Inspiration– It’s always a good idea to help yourself stay motivated, and reading the success stories of others provides your brain with the reassurance that you’ll get to your goal if you just press on.

73. 10 Tips for Better Sleep– Sleep is very important on Paleo, and can often mean the difference between success and struggle when you’re trying to lose weight. Follow these steps and watch the weight start dropping.

74. Eating Paleo While Pregnant– Each trimester is covered in this extensive guide to eating Paleo while preggers. She even provides some insight into how your body will respond to different foods while you’re pregnant.

75. Paleo Cooking Tips– The better you cook, the better your food will taste, and the more likely you are to stick with Paleo for the long term. With these tips you’ll have the know-how to save time and cook more efficiently in the kitchen.

76. Start Your Own Paleo Food Blog– If you’re following Paleo you might as well let others in on your journey by starting your own Paleo food blog. You never know, it could end up becoming your source of full-time income.

77. 21 Ways to Relieve Constipation– Constipation can happen, even on Paleo. Here are a number of ways to relieve it naturally, so you can get back to regularity. Don’t forget to eat your veggies on Paleo!

78. Sunlight and Circadian Rhythms– Getting in sync with the circadian rhythms will put you one step closer to replicating the life of our early ancestors. Going to bed early and waking up early is just part of it.

79. Explaining the Paleo Diet to Others– If you’re worried about trying to explain your diet to others or helping them with their misconceptions, this page shows you how sum up your eating in a nutshell in just 60 seconds.

80. Helpful Tools for Paleo Parents– An added challenge for Paleo eaters is being a parent and trying to follow the Paleo diet. Trying to make meals the whole family will enjoy can be tough. These tools will help make it a bit easier.

81. Making the Paleo Transition– If you’ve been eating the Standard American Diet, switching to Paleo can be a shock to the system. Here they’ll show you how to make the transition less painful, which increases your odds of success.

82. The Primal Blueprint– Although Primal isn’t exactly Paleo you can learn a ton from this blueprint, as many of the fundamentals are the same. The blog itself contains a wealth of information that Paleo followers will be able to apply to their own life.

83. 6 Tips for Successful Weight Loss on Paleo– If weight loss is your main goal, don’t miss these tips on how to lose it successfully. They could mean the difference between steady weight loss and a scale that doesn’t seem to budge.

84. 30 Tips and Tricks to Make Paleo Easier– Paleo shouldn’t be hard to follow, once you get past the first few weeks to a month. These tips will help get you to that point without a lot of problems.

85. Lessons Learned from 3 Years on Paleo– Wondering what your life will be like after 3 years on Paleo? Here are nine different lessons he’s learned after following the diet for a very long time. It’s like having a wiser version of yourself come back in time and give you advice.

86. 10 Simple Tips for Paleo Success– The goal of all of these tips is to make you a success story to join the thousands of others that have found success with Paleo. Put them to use and you’ll make it more likely that you’ll lose weight and feel great.

87. Advice on Making Paleo Affordable– Eating the highest quality food you can afford is important because it will save you from a lot of the toxic stuff found in conventional food manufacturing. This tips show you how to eat well for less.

88. Make Paleo a Breeze– There aren’t too many diet programs that you can make a breeze, which is why Paleo is so unique. It shouldn’t be full of struggle and strife, so read this guide to see how easy it can be.

89. Tips for Staying on Paleo– Once you get started on Paleo it’s all about staying on Paleo. See what some of the roadblocks might be, and how you can overcome them or sidestep them completely.

90. 46 Tips for Any Paleo Dieter– No matter where you are on Paleo, from a newbie to a seasoned vet, these tips can help you. It’s always good to get as much advice as possible when starting something new, and as continuing education as you go along.


91. The Paleo Revolution– Here’s a nice infographic that provide you with a bit of history on Paleo as well as the dispelling of some popular myths about what it means to eat according to the Paleo diet.

92. Paleo Diet Cheat Sheet– This is something you can print and hang up in your kitchen. It’s a quick visual reference that instantly shows you what you should be eating, and what you should be avoiding.

93. Paleo Diet Explained– A timeline of the Paleo diet, and how we go to where we are now in terms of food. There is a ton of information to be easily gleaned from this infographic.

94. Paleo Diet Flowchart– Keep this chart handy and you’ll never have to wonder if something is Paleo or not. By answering a series of Yes/No questions you’ll have your answer in 30 seconds or less.

95. Visual Guide to the Primal Blueprint Challenge– This is one educational image, and even though it’s for Primal it provides a strong foundation for Paleo followers. Make the necessary modifications to it, but don’t lose sight of its basic message.


96. Extensive Paleo FAQ– With over 200 frequently asked Paleo questions answered our Paleo FAQ has to be the most exhaustive out there. From whether certain foods are Paleo to more complicated questions, you’re sure to find your answer.

97. Paleo Leap’s FAQ– Paleo Leap provides plenty of great answers to some of the most commonly asked questions of Paleo dieters. They answer more esoteric questions here, ones that you won’t find anywhere else, like “Shouldn’t be be eating raw meat?”

98. Loren Cordain’s FAQ– Many consider Cordains work to be the origin of what it means to eat Paleo. If you have a question you might as well go to the source and get your answer. A smaller list of questions, but very good answers.


99. Mark Sisson’s Paleo Forum– Mark Sisson is all about the Primal, but many members of the forum know a lot about Paleo. The nice thing is that you can ask any question you want and you’re sure to get multiple answers to help make up your mind.

100. Caveman Forum– This is a forum that’s all about the Paleo diet, and is a great place to go if you need an answer from someone that’s also following the Paleo diet and probably had a similar experience to your own.

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