114 Little Paleo Diet Tips That Make a Huge Difference

By Jess

The Paleo diet can present its fair share of struggles, so it’s good to have as many tips and tricks as possible to move the scales in your favor. Here are our tips to make the transition to Paleo as painless as possible.

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114 Little Paleo Diet Tips That Make a Huge Difference- so many little Paleo lifehacks! Love this.

1. Eat the whole egg. – Put an end to the egg white vs. egg yolk debate and just eat the darn things. Picturing Paleo man separating their eggs is almost comical. Most of the nutrients come from the yolk, and you’ll be doubling up the amount of protein by going whole.

2. Cavemen moved, you should too. – Our modern lifestyle affords us the comfort of sitting in one place all day, whether that’s an office chair, car seat, or sofa. Let’s wind the clock back a few dozen millennia and do what we did when being leisurely wasn’t an option. The more you move the better you’ll feel and the positive cycle will continue.

3. Plan ahead. – Don’t let a fit of hunger sneak up on you and cause you to get derailed from your Paleo path. Anticipate getting hungry, and look ahead to your day to see if there are any situations or instances where you’ll find yourself in a position to cheat. Prepare meals and snacks that will tide you over until your next meal time.

4. Buy more vegetables. – Every time you go to the store make it a habit to load up on vegetables. Veggies are the key to making Paleo work, and not eating enough of them is the main reason people don’t see results. There’s a fair share of meat eaten on Paleo, but the magic is in getting enough vegetables.

5. Don’t go it alone. – Cavemen lived in tight knit communities, hunting and gathering in groups and migrating together to find better resources. It’s best to do Paleo with another person, and at the very least you’ll want to get the support of your family and friends.

6. Fruits are not the enemy. – While fruit is not a focal point of the Paleo diet, it’s also not your enemy, so don’t treat it like it’s going to send you off track. Having a serving of fruit each day will give you antioxidants, extra fiber, and a taste of something sweet.

7. It’s OK to be hungry sometimes. – It’s perfectly natural to get hungry, be satiated for awhile, and then get hungry again. Don’t fear being hungry, it’s good to have a strong appetite before your meals. Your hunger level always tells you something about what’s going on with your body, so listen to it.

8. Nothing beats simplicity. – Keeping things simple on the Paleo diet is essential if you want to succeed. Early man was forced to keep it simple, but modern man has to deliberately bring things back to a simpler time. The more you complicate a meal the less Paleo it is.

9. Explore your many options. – If you ever find yourself thinking that the Paleo diet is restrictive, check yourself and remember that there are plenty of different options available to you. Just because you won’t be eating the things you used to, like dairy, grains, and sugar, you can still have a balanced and varied diet that satisfies.

Get Outside

10. Get outside. – There’s no denying that Paleolithic man spend a great majority of his time outdoors. That’s a stark contrast to the way we spend our days now, so take every chance you get to get outdoors and commune with nature.

11. Replace, don’t restrain. – Diets that forbid you to have a certain type of food, like desserts or chocolate, are shortsighted. You’ll want to get into the habit of replacing unauthorized foods with suitable substitutes. To make this really easy we have 27 Paleo Substitutions so you can see a quick “use this, not that” Paleo guide.

12. No one has to agree with you. – It won’t be long before someone comes along and tells you the Paleo diet is silly. That’s OK because there’s only one person that needs to get on board with the philosophy: You.

13. Buy organic. – Whenever possible, opt for organic produce. This essentially brings food back to a time when pesticides and herbicides weren’t used to grow food, and saves your body from these toxic chemicals.

14. Sleep better. – Sleep is so important to your general wellbeing that you’ll want to make sure you’re getting enough of it at the right time. Get into the circadian rhythm of life and schedule your wake up and sleep times according to the natural rhythms your body goes through.

15. Un-tech yourself. – It’s so easy to spend half the day on a smartphone or computer, but it’s not what we were designed to do. Break away from LCD screens for at least an hour a day to give your eyes a rest and live more naturally.

16. Lift weights. – In order to get a caveman’s body you’re going to want to lift like one. Lift heavy weights with low reps to build the sort of physique that could bring down a mastadon. For a cavewoman’s physique focus on bodyweight exercises that involve the whole body at once.

17. Get sunshine. – If you’re getting outside more this likely won’t be an issue. Just make sure that you are getting some sun exposure on bare skin without burning yourself. The increase in Vitamin D will help your body immensely.

18. Look for progress in all areas of your life. – If you’re doing Paleo to lose weight, don’t forget to observe your life as a whole and see that it’s having an effect on all that you do. You may see an improvement in how you feel, you’ll stress less, relationships will improve, and work performance will increase.

19. Get familiar with ghee. – This is one source of fat that you can use on Paleo. It’s made from butter but has been “clarified” by having all of the impurities removed from it. It’s buttery flavor makes just about anything taste better.

Crock Pot

20. Love your “Grok Pot”. – Time to start a love affair with your Crock Pot. It’s a reliable way to make Paleo meals without having to spend a bunch of time babysitting your food at the stove. It’s so easy to put a meal on in the morning and have it waiting for you when you come home for dinner.

21. Always be learning. – There’s always more to discover with Paleo, and some gurus provide the scientific basis for why it works. No matter how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, there will always be new recipes, tips, and information available to take in and apply to your life.

22. Be patient with yourself. – Following the Paleo diet is a process, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you have trouble sticking to it at the very start. It can be hard to give up the things that you’ve grown so used to eating, and adopt a new, foreign way of eating.

23. Give fasting a try. – Our Paleo ancestors wouldn’t have had 3 square meals a day following a hunter gatherer lifestyle. Intermittent fasting has been shown to help with fat loss and mimics the feast and famine way of life that was the norm.

24. Stock up on Paleo foods. – A fridge full of Paleo foods is a sight to behold, and it is an important way to give your brain the signal that you aren’t starving, and that there’s plenty to eat. It also makes you better equipped to read Paleo recipes online and be able to follow along.

25. See how you like organ meats. – They may not sound too appealing at first, but they don’t taste much different than the meats you’re used to eating, it’s more of a mental thing knowing you’re eating organ meats. These are loaded with vitamins and minerals and are very in line with ancestral eating.

26. Look for things to get easier as you go along. – The start is the hardest part. If you can make it through the first month of Paleo you’ll get to the promised land. That’s why you’ll see 3 week and 30 day Paleo challenges because it really will be a challenge to stick to it perfectly for a month.

27. Learn to like leftovers. – Leftovers are a way of keeping things simple, and of living more efficiently because you’re getting two meals out of the time it takes to prepare one.

28. Don’t forget play time. – It’s easy to get too serious about it all and forget to take time out to play. Have some fun each day, play a sport, play a board game, get involved with others and lose yourself in the moment.

Eat More Healthy Paleo Fats

29. Consume healthy fat every day. – The Standard American Diet includes hardly any healthy fat. Correct this imbalance by making sure you eat avocados, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils to get the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat into your life.

30. Improve your cooking. – You’ll likely be doing a lot more cooking on Paleo than you ever have before because it’s the only way you can have complete quality control of your meals. Get better at cooking and you’ll have a better and more enjoyable time on Paleo.

31. Drink plenty of water. – Don’t forget to drink your water while on Paleo. Make sure it’s well-purified and resist the temptation to add in liquid sweeteners that have become popular in recent years.

32. Forget what you know about “diets”. – Paleo doesn’t subscribe to all of the rules and regulations that many of the most famous diet plans do. No need to count carbs, calories, points, or to weigh yourself. Eat real food and use the mirror and how you feel to gauge your progress.

33. Line yourself up. – Make sure that your body is inline so that it’s properly functioning. This may entail doing daily exercises or seeing a chiropractor if you’re out of whack, but it will make a huge difference if you’re currently dysfunctional in your movements.

34. Train with intervals. – Interval training is a more effective way to do cardio, and it taps into our innate need to feel a burst of adrenaline as we run as fast as we can. Try intervals where you sprint for 30 seconds and jog lightly for 30 seconds to a minute.

35. Retain some modern amenities. – There’s no need to live exactly like a caveman in order to reap the benefits. Use a blender to blend up smoothies, use your car to get you around, and use your phone and computer to keep in touch with loved ones. But don’t let it make you lazy.

36. Give things a try first. – With so many different vegetables available, many that you may not have tried before, you may be tempted to turn your nose up at some of them. But be sure to try them first before making up your mind. You may discover a new food that you love and never knew it existed.

37. Adjust your restaurant orders. – Many of the restaurant items you’ll find are almost Paleo but not quite. Be sure to give clear instructions to the server so that your meal doesn’t include any grains or dairy. Swap in an extra side of veggie for the starchy sides served at most restaurants.

Paleo Desserts

38. Have your just desserts. – You don’t need to pass on dessert as long as you’ve made yourself a Paleo dessert. This program is not a test of willpower or a way of making you crave all the things you used to have, it’s about learning a new way of eating.

39. Develop your 7 go-to dinners. – Try as many Paleo dinner recipes as it takes to amass 7 different dinners that you a) love b) are easy to make c) you wouldn’t mind having on a weekly basis. You can then rotate them out and have something different every night of the week. The same can be done with breakfast and lunch and you’ll have many different daily combinations to work with.

40. Balance your meals. – Many outsiders believe Paleo is about all-you-can-eat bacon or porterhouse steaks at every meal. While protein servings are a factor in Paleo, you want to eat balanced meals that have just as many vegetables as meat on the plate. If you skew, skew towards the side of more veggies.

41. Get savvy about food labels. – Learn how to read food labels and get familiar with the different names for things like MSG and the different artificial sweeteners. Or make it super simple and eat food that doesn’t come with “Nutrition” labels.

42. Use coconut oil for cooking and baking. – Turn a deaf ear to the debate on coconut oil and start using it to cook with. It also does a great job in baked goods, and they’ll come out tasting better than the store bought stuff with no flour or sugar used.

43. Consider cleansing before going Paleo. – A detoxing cleanse is a good idea if you’re going to start Paleo because it will create a wedge between how you used to eat and how you’ll eat from now on. It helps to purge the body of some built up toxins and makes the Paleo way of eating more effective.

44. When the weather permits, spark up the grill. – Next to a Crock Pot your barbecue grill is the next closest cooking apparatus to mimic the caveman way of cooking. Try a grilled chicken breast or salmon filled with grilled asparagus spears and portobello mushroom caps.

45. Take a world tour in your kitchen. – You can sample the different cuisines of the world without ever leaving your home. Paleo invites you to use seasonings and spices outside of your comfort zone. Your taste buds will thank you.

46. If you’re going to cheat, cheat right. – If you feel a cheat meal building up, make it a good one that addresses your most demanding cravings. Then get right back on track and don’t beat yourself up about it. Try even harder to make balanced meals and use substitutions so you don’t get cravings to start with.

47. Get a predator’s mentality. – Reclaiming the mentality of a predator is one way to get into the Paleo mindset. Humans didn’t always have easy access to food, we had to get off our bottoms and go chase it down. You don’t need to hunt your food, just have that same gusto when it comes to preparing your food instead of making it feel like a drag.


48. Don’t underestimate the power of smoothies. – You can join in on the smoothie craze sweeping the nation. Just be sure to use qualified Paleo smoothie recipes so that you keep it dairy free and healthy. Antioxidants ahoy!

49. When in doubt, have salmon. – Stuck for a meal idea? Salmon is a delicious fish that gets recommended by health advocates across the board. The omega-3s it contains are an important part of Paleo health and wellbeing.

50. Flour can be your friend. – If it comes in a box and has flour in the ingredients list, it’s not your friend. If you use almond flour or coconut flour you’ll be getting added fiber and a similar taste and texture. Banishing all-purpose flour from your diet is enough to see results, and one part of the bigger Paleo picture.

51. Be the oddball in social situations. – It’s perfectly acceptable to be the one that isn’t drinking at a bar, or the one that brings their lunch to work, or the one that gives extra orders to the server at a restaurant. You are doing something different, and you’ll get different results because of it.

52. Take control of caffeine. – Assess whether caffeine is having its way with you, or you’re having your way with it. If you just can’t seem to live without it, you may want to consider giving it up for awhile and then returning to it only on occasion.

53. Take up a sport. – Going on Paleo is the perfect time to take up a sport. Paleo is one of the best diets to follow for athletes, and no matter what you start up you’ll benefit from the protein and nutrients Paleo provides.

54. Never be without a recipe. – Surround yourself with plenty of resources for Paleo recipes. You’ll want them all at your fingertips so you’re not spinning your wheels when it comes time to decide what to eat. These days you’re in luck, because there are plenty of Paleo recipe blogs and books to choose from with loads of delicious recipes.

Diet Tip

55. Don’t forget herbs and spices. – If you’re ever feeling like the Paleo diet is bland and boring, spice things up a bit with your favorite herbs and seasonings. They’re all Paleo friendly, and many have vitamins and antioxidants to help you out nutritionally.

56. Invest in a standalone freezer. – Making your meals in bulk, or buying your meat in bulk, and then freezing them for later use is a way to keep Paleo economical. It forces you to plan ahead which gives you a better shot at success.

57. Keep your focus on the positive changes. – Instead of fixating on the struggles you’re having with giving up some foods, focus instead on how great you’ll feel once you fully convert to Paleo. Once you start feeling better, focus on those good feelings and it’ll be a breeze to keep going.

58. Go grass-fed. – Grass-fed beef is better for you than grain-fed beef. It only makes sense since this is what cow’s naturally eat when they roam in the wild. Opt for bison or wild game to take it a step further.

59. Convert some of your favorite recipes. – If you’re partial to mom’s apple pie, or grandma’s enchiladas you don’t have to give them up forever. Figure out how to replace the offensive ingredients with Paleo friendly items and you’ll have healthier versions of your favorites.

60. Get your mind right. – Paleo success is mostly psychological, so pairing your Paleo dieting with a quality self-improvement book is one way to make sure that you don’t get discouraged and go back to your old ways. This is a time to improve both physically and mentally.

61. Fill up when you eat. – Some diets have you eating up to six meals a day, grazing on low-calorie or low-fat fare. On Paleo you eat like you’re supposed to, until you feel full and satisfied. Don’t consider it a meal until you get your fill.

62. Go green. – Even if saving the planet isn’t your thing, you can still take some eco-friendly tips from the green movement. Ride your bike when you can instead of driving, consider your carbon footprint, and reduce, reuse, and recycle. Try to reestablish the connection to Mother Earth that our ancestors had.

63. Purge your kitchen. – Before filling up your kitchen and fridge with Paleo foods you’ll need to make room by getting rid of all the non-Paleo foods. Pre-packaged, processed foods need to get gone. Keeping them around will only serve as a temptation.

64. Don’t drink calories. – Not that we’re counting calories, but water should be your main source of refreshment, with herbal teas being acceptable as well. Shun soft drinks, avoid caffeinated beverages, and steer clear of fancy coffee drinks loaded with dairy and sugar.

65. Ignore fads. – Fads come and go but Paleo is based on 10,000 years of success. Next week some new weight loss trend will come up and a week later it will be gone. Stay the course and go with a way of eating that is time tested and works.

Start a Garden

66. Start a garden. – Repurpose some of your lawn as garden space and grow your favorite vegetables. This will help you appreciate just what’s involved in making and delivering food to you. Next best: seek out local farmer’s markets and by local produce.

67. One kettlebell is all you need. – Buy just one kettlebell and you’ll be able to perform a series of exercises with just the right amount of weight for you. The kettlebell swing works multiple parts of the body with one exercise and serves as cardio too. You can always trade in for a heavier weight if you outgrow it.

68. Eat with the seasons. – Eating the same foods all year long is definitely not what Paleo man did. Eat fruits and vegetables when they’re in season, as this is when nature intended us to eat them, and also when they taste best.

69. Don’t get overwhelmed. – There is a massive amount of information to take in on the Paleo diet, with Paleo “experts” clamoring to establish themselves as the go-to source of advice. Take it all with a grain of salt and realize that no one really knows what it was like 10,000 years ago.

70. Be in it for the long haul. – This isn’t the sort of crash diet you want to do to slim down for a special event. Paleo is more of a lifestyle that you embrace, and something that you can do for a lifetime. A long view is one way to make it more likely that you’ll see results.

71. Start a new hobby. – The Paleo diet is going to give you more energy, and all of that energy has to go somewhere. If you’re just sitting around you might get antsy and be tempted to eat out of boredom. Keep your hands busy and mind active with a new hobby aligned with your interests.


72. Have some bacon. – What other diet plan has bacon on the approved foods list? Take advantage of this with the occasional bacon-laced meal, but don’t go overboard with it. Bacon sends big signals to your brain that you’re definitely not dieting.

73. Be your own guru. – At the end of the day Paleo is what you make of it, and what you determine works best for your body. Take advice from the “gurus” out there, but make up your own mind as to how you want to approach this on a daily basis.

74. Get experimental. – Don’t be afraid to tinker with a Paleo recipe. The person that created was just taking a stab at it and got it right. That doesn’t mean the recipe can’t be tinkered with, or that you can’t do the same and come up with your own winner.

75. Put it on autopilot. – If you want to make this ridiculously simple go with a pre-set meal plan and plug yourself into the system. Two weeks later you’ll be leaner, but probably not meaner. This takes all of the guesswork out of it, and lets you focus on other things in your life besides food.

76. Drop the boob tube. – Your television is a source for advertisers to exact their will on you. Before long you’ll be hankering for a fast food cheeseburger or a $5 footlong. Your best bet is to turn off the TV for the first month of Paleo so you can establish new habits.

77. Keep meats lean. – Paleo does involve eating meat, but you’ll want to keep the meat lean and healthy most of the time. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the occasional marbled cut in a roast, or some pork sausage, but most of the meat you eat should be lean.

78. Manage your stress levels. – Eating Paleo should help with your reaction to stressful situations, but you can also help out your Paleo efforts by taking time to chill out and relax. Meditate, get a massage, take a sauna, or watch your favorite comedy to take the edge off.

79. Seek good advice when needed. – Before long you’ll have identified the Paleo blogs that resonate with you and whose advice you trust. When you have a question be sure to get an answer you can rely on so you’re not working with bad information.

80. Ditch the diet pills. – In your quest to lose weight you may be tempted to use diet pills for fast results. If you are following Paleo the results should come pretty quickly without the need to supplement with these sort of pills. Many times they can have dangerous side effects.

81. Take some “before” measurements. – While it’s best to measure your progress by how you feel, you’ll eventually want to see how far you’ve come. Instead of going with pounds on the scale, measure your Body Fat Percentage and clothes sizes. Take a before picture so you remind yourself what you don’t want to go back to.

Make More Than You Need

82. Make more than you need. – If you’re going to take the time to make a Paleo meal, consider doubling the recipe or making a casserole or slow cooker meal. This will provide you with leftovers and a meal the following day. Big time saver!

83. Consider starting your own Paleo blog. – Going Paleo can be a life-changing event in more ways than one. Blog about your personal journey and share your recipes for a chance to add a supplemental and perhaps full-time income to your bottom line.

84. Identify a small group of Paleo friendly restaurants to frequent. – You’re going to dine out eventually, so it’s best to be prepared for that moment. When you have your own list of pre-approved restaurants you’ll be ready with a suggestion when a friend says “let’s go out!”.

85. Say no to legumes. – This food group can be tricky because so many weight loss programs list them as approved foods. There are plenty of health benefits for foods like beans and peanuts, but alas, they’re not Paleo foods.

86. Quit smoking. – This is one habit that you’ll want to stop when you’re doing the Paleo diet. With the amount of toxins in just one cigarette this is a vice that goes against the entire Paleo philosophy. If you’ve been worried that you’ll gain weight when you smoke, Paleo and a cessation attempt are a good combination.

87. Be picky about what you eat. – Paleo is a time to be more discerning about the kind of food you eat, how it’s prepared, and what exactly is in it. So much of our modern day food has more in it than meets the eye, so you have to be a bit suspicious of anything you didn’t prepare yourself.

88. Perfection is not the goal. – Don’t strive to be perfect when it comes to Paleo, just strive to be better than you’ve been. There is no wrong way to do this diet, and even a flawed attempt will produce significant results compared to eating typical fare.

89. Absorb the start-up costs. – It may be a little pricey to opt for organic produce, grass-fed meats, and high quality oils. But you’re worth it, and you’ll recoup these costs by not eating fast food or junk food, and by avoiding future medical bills from an improper diet.

90. Expect to change. – Don’t be surprised by the changes that are bound to happen when you follow Paleo long enough. Giving up all of the preservatives, chemicals, and other additives in food, while simultaneously giving your body more vegetables and fruit it going to have some powerful effects.

91. Beware of Forums. – Many times when you search for a Paleo question you’ll be presented with answers from people in forums giving their opinions. This is one way to get a lot of misinformation in a short period of time. Stick to more knowledgeable sources from those that have a track record of Paleo know-how.

Paleo Dieters Nap

92. Take siestas. – Whenever possible try taking a short but refreshing nap after lunch. It’s a great way to let your food digest, and can help you bring more energy and focus to the rest of your day. Evidence suggests our ancestors would have found a shady spot to rest during the hottest part of the day.

93. Be ready for a challenge. – The initial shock to the system when going Paleo can be a bit harsh. You can ease yourself in by slowing making the switch, but always push yourself to go a little further or you may never make it over completely.

94. Equip your kitchen. – If you don’t have the right tools you’re going to be limited in what you can make on Paleo. Invest in a food processor, blender, and a good set of knives as the essential foundation to your kitchen arsenal.

95. Use conventional wisdom as a reverse compass. – If the masses are going right, you go left. If the government wants to stick to their outdated food pyramid and push the importance of grains and dairy, drop them completely.

96. Stop trusting food corporations. – You’re the one with the responsibility to feed yourself, so stop putting in the hands of faceless food conglomerates that are only interested in the bottom line. These companies are responsible for things like trans fat, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and GMOs.

97. Be objective with yourself. – Try not to get too emotionally involved in your Paleo progress, and treat it like a scientists treats an experiment. Try something new, measure the results, keep tinkering. Eventually you’ll find success as long as you don’t get frustrated along the way.

98. Stick to your plate. – Don’t go family style when it comes to dinner time, fix your plate and stick to that as your dinner. Just be sure to load it up enough so that you get full and aren’t looking at the leftovers with a yearning look in your eye.

99. Don’t quit, make adjustments instead. – If you’re tempted to quit Paleo before seeing results it means there’s something you’re not doing right. Instead of giving up on it completely try to identify why it’s not working for you, and adjust your strategy.

100. Avoid products claiming to have the Paleo “secret”. – You may come along books and programs that claim to have the Paleo secret, but the joy of this diet is its simplicity, and the information on it is freely available to discover without anything gimmicky like that.

101. Keep a food journal. – Logging what you eat is a good way to remember the things you liked, as well as what you didn’t like. It also lets you see what caused any digestive issues so you can avoid it next time. You can also blog about what you eat and possibly make some extra money from it.


102. Use soups and stews frequently. – Soups and stews are a great way to make a hearty and satisfying meal that has a lot of room for human error. It’s hard to mess up a soup recipe, and Paleo soups are complete meals that require no side dishes.

103. Be present when you eat. – Take time to sit and enjoy your meal with no distractions. You’ll be amazed at how much better your food tastes when you bother to look at it before it makes its way into your mouth. It will help reduce the amount of stressful eating as well, and you should always eat from a calm and serene center.

104. Pre-eat before eating events. – If you’re worried about being too hungry at a restaurant or potluck social event you can eat before you go so you’ll be less likely to binge while you’re there, or order something totally non-Paleo off the menu. It’s a way of being social and in line with your greater goals.

105. Make your own condiments. – Condiments can really do wonders to foods that would otherwise be boring. You can learn how to make your own things like Paleo mayo or Paleo ketchup and have them at the ready when you need a quick flavor upgrade.

106. Give up the alcohol. – It’s best to give up the alcohol for at least the first month of Paleo. You’ll see the best results if you do, and if after the first month you want to have the occasional drink it won’t mess up your progress. The Paleolithic Era predates alcohol by several thousands of years.

107. Meet new Paleo-minded friends. – Whether online or in the real world it’s good to associate with other people that are following the Paleo diet as well. You can share your progress with each other, and they won’t look at you strange.

Zucchini Pasta

108. Sub in veggies for pasta. – This simple substitute can take a carb-laden meal and replace it with one that is packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You’ll still get to use delicious, meaty sauces so you won’t miss the noodles. This substitution alone can lead to some big improvements in your waistline.

109. Know when you’re legitimately hungry. – Sometimes when you feel hungry, you’re really just thirsty, bored, or feeling depressed. If it doesn’t seem like it’s been long enough since your last meal, check to see what’s really driving you to eat.

110. Get more amorous. – A healthy sex life will keep you happy and is a great workout. On Paleo you’ll have a better time because you’ll be more fit and everything should start working better. Paleo dieters have reported an increase in libido and endurance, which is only natural.

111. Get an activity tracker. – You can make the whole Paleo process more fun by getting an activity tracker. Today’s models not only track your steps, they can be used to track all your different activities like stair climbing, and they can also monitor your sleep to show you how well you slept.

112. Know what triggers cravings. – By now you’re probably aware of what makes you crave certain foods. You can either sidestep these triggers or learn to use a suitable replacement when cravings do surface. Triggers are essentially habits, so you can also work on changing old habits that make you want to eat like you used to.

113. Frozen veggies are convenient. – While fresh vegetables are always preferred, frozen organic vegetables are always handy to keep stocked up on. They can be used when you run out of the fresh stuff and don’t feel like running up to the store.

114. Remember your why. – Having a strong why will get you through the tough days on Paleo. At the end of the day this is all geared towards your health and happiness and having a more active and fun life. Don’t lose sight of that when all you want to do is order a pizza.

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