5 Paleo “One-Spoonful” Hacks That Will Change Your Life

By Jess

Sometimes it’s nice to give your Paleo efforts a boost, and these simple one-spoonful hacks are a quick way to deliver important nutrients that can be the tipping point you need to see accelerated results.

These one-spoonful hacks can have a big impact on your health, body and mind.

1. A Tablespoon of Coconut Oil for Medium-Chain Triglycerides

The word is out on coconut oil and how good it is for you. For too long it was vilified as a heart-clogging oil because of its large amounts of saturated fat. But the more this oil is studied the more positive benefits come to light.

One of the best reasons for increasing your intake of coconut oil is the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) it contains. These help your metabolism and actually been shown to increase the amount of fat you burn, all else being equal. It may seem counterintuitive to eat fat in order to burn fat, but try it for a month and see the results for yourself.

Why it Works: Rather than making you fat, the healthy fat found in coconut oil helps to improve circulation, stave off hunger, and burn fat. Take one tablespoon in the morning, and another in the mid-afternoon for best results.


2. A Spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar

The strong, acidic taste of apple cider vinegar may take a little getting used to, but it’s so good for you that you can’t pass it up any longer. It could be just the ticket to pushing you past a weight loss plateau, and will be a big boost towards your overall health and feelings of wellbeing.

Apple cider vinegar has some amazing properties to it and if you get into the habit of using it every day you’re sure to get results. Just be sure you’re using an organic, unpasteurized version that contains “the mother” so all of the nutrients are left intact.

Why it Works: Apple cider vinegar helps the body on multiple fronts. It has detoxing properties, helps keep blood sugar in check, and can also help keep you feeling satiated so you’re only eating when you’re truly hungry.

3. A Spoonful of Organifi to Lose Weight, Beat Stress, and Just Feel Great

Sometimes life gets so hectic that there’s just not enough time in the day to sit down and eat multiple servings of veggies, even though we all know we should. Getting those same nutrients from whole food sources and not synthetic vitamins is almost a must, and this hack will save you loads of time while improving the way you feel and perform.

Adaptogens are a big reason why Organifi works like nothing else I’ve tried. They add in ashwagandha which helps the body cope with everything it’s faced with on a daily basis, perhaps most importantly all of the toxins there are in the world we live in that weren’t around thousands of years ago.

Why it Works: Containing 11 powerful superfoods in a convenient delivery method, taking a spoonful of Organifi sends important nutrients to your body in a way that allows it to put them to use right away. I’m always on the lookout for the best things to make the Paleo lifestyle easier, and this is by far my favorite.

4. A Spoonful of Lemon Juice to Help Alkalize Your Water

Plain water is good for you, but with a simple spoonful of lemon juice you can amp up the goodness you get in each sip. The alkalizing power of lemons, plus the Vitamin C they contain, makes this a super-easy way to get more out of drinking water.

My favorite way to add lemon juice to my daily routine is to add it to some hot water first thing in the morning. It helps to stimulate my digestion and also cleanses the palate so that breakfast tastes even better.

Why it Works: Lemons are very nutritious, providing both Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system, and digestive enzymes to help you digest and assimilate the foods you eat throughout the day.


5. A Teaspoonful of Raw Organic Honey for Digestive Enzymes

Honey is one sweetener that’s allowed in Paleo cooking, which is why you’ll see it in so many dessert and baking recipes. But you have to make sure you’re getting raw, organic honey and not the overly processed stuffed found in plastic squeezable bears.

Raw organic honey contains enzymes and substances that processed honey has been stripped of, making it more than just a sweet spoonful. Also consider taking spoonfuls of royal jelly and bee pollen, as both contain nutrients that can help you feel and look better and are completely Paleo-friendly.

Why it Works: When you eat it raw and organic you are getting the purest honey and your digestive system and immune system benefit greatly. Science isn’t quite sure what raw organic contains that makes it work, but it’s definitely worth adding to your daily intake of healthy items.


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