19 Scrumptious No-Bake Cookies

When it comes to baking Paleo desserts you cannot use traditional baking ingredients like all-purpose flour and white sugar. With Paleo-friendly alternatives like almond flour, coconut flour, and honey, however, you can still make some tasty treats. Below you will find a collection of delicious Paleo-friendly cookies that do not require any baking.

I love no-bake cookies! They are delicious, usually healthier than normal cookies and are so easy to make. Here are my favorites…

1. Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies
These chocolate almond butter no-bake cookies are made with a delicious blend of cocoa butter, almond butter, and shredded coconut with some chopped pecans thrown in to give them a little crunch. Naturally sweetened with honey, these cookies are sure to be a hit.

Photo: My Living Nutrition

2. Coconut Chocolate Thumbprints
These no-bake cookies consist of a sweet coconut cookie base topped with decadent chocolate ganache. All you need to make these cookies is a blender or shaker bottle to combine the ganache ingredients then drizzle on the chocolate ganache topping – no baking required!

3. Almond Joy Cookies
Loaded with sweet coconut flavor and crunchy almonds, these almond joy cookies taste just like your favorite candy bar but they are paleo-friendly! Making these cookies is as easy as combining the ingredients in a mixing bowl and rolling the dough into balls before pressing them flat into cookies.

4. Pumpkin Pecan Cookies
Nothing says fall like these paleo no-bake pumpkin pecan cookies. Made with a tasty blend of pecans and almonds, these pumpkin cookies are simply to die for. These no-bake cookies are naturally sweetened with dates instead of sugar to keep them paleo-friendly.

5. Salted Cashew Chocolate Cookies
If you are looking for a paleo-friendly cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth, these salted cashew chocolate cookies are just what you need. In this recipe crunchy cashews, tender raisins and shredded coconut are all smothered in a sweet blend of chocolate and honey to make an irresistible no-bake cookie.

Photo: Gluten Free Skinny

6. Dried Fruit No-Bake Cookies
Made with a blend of dried apricots and raisins, these no-bake cookies are naturally sweet and chewy. Instead of blending the ingredients in a mixing bowl all you have to do is combine them in your food processor and pulse until it forms a sticky dough – it is as easy as that.

7. Coconut No-Bake Cookies
Not only are these coconut no-bake cookies grain-free and paleo-friendly, but they are made with a blend of nuts and seeds for a high-fiber, low-carb treat. If you aren’t a fan of overly sweet cookies, these unsweetened coconut cookies may be perfect for you.

8. No-Bake “Oatmeal” Raisin Cookies
Oatmeal is not a paleo-friendly food but with these no-bake cookies you can enjoy the flavor of oatmeal raisin cookies without straying from the paleo diet. Studded with tender raisins and sweetened with both honey and maple syrup, these no-bake cookies are sure to hit the spot.

9. 10-Minute Cashew Nuggets
If you are a fan of peanut brittle, you will love this paleo-friendly adaptation of cashew nuggets. A delicious combination of sunflower seed butter and coconut butter sweetened with honey and studded with crunchy cashews, these cashew nuggets are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Photo: Gourmande in the Kitchen

10. Orange Cranberry Nut Truffles
These no-bake fruit and nut truffles are made with a tasty blend of pistachios, almonds and cranberries, naturally sweetened with Medjool dates. With a hint of fresh orange zest, these fruit and nut truffles are irresistibly sweet and refreshing.

11. Cherry Fig Cookie Bites
Made with a dried fig and cherry base, these cookie bites are sweetened with maple syrup and studded with crunchy hazelnuts. Roll them in shredded coconut for enhanced flavor and presentation or sprinkle them with cocoa powder for a hint of chocolatey goodness.

12. Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies
This recipe for caramel chocolate chunk no-bake cookies walks you through the process of making your own Paleo-friendly caramel. Add to that a handful of shredded coconut, some dark chocolate chunks, and a few tablespoons of almond butter and you have a batch of no-bake cookies to die for.

13. Chocolate Sun Butter Bars
These chocolate sun butter bars are not your typical cookie but they are chewy and delicious, loaded with creamy sun butter flavor and topped with decadent dark chocolate. Feel free to try these bars with almond butter, cashew butter, or tahini instead of the sun butter, if you prefer.

Photo: Paleo Porn

14. Chocolate Coconut Haystacks
A delicious blend of chocolate and coconut flavor, these no-bake chocolate coconut haystacks are a snap to assemble. Sweetened with raw honey, studded with chocolate chips, and flavored with fresh vanilla bean, these no-bake cookies are sure to become a new family favorite.

15. Honey Coconut No-Bake Cookies
This no-bake cookies are made with six simple ingredients and they take no more than 5 minutes to prepare. In fact, it may take you longer to eat them than it does to make them! In all honesty, however, these tasty honey coconut no-bake cookies won’t last long.

16. Raw Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Not only are these double chocolate chip cookies paleo-friendly and no-bake, but they adhere to the principles of the raw food diet as well. Made with almond and cashew flour, sweetened with pitted dates, these double chocolate chip cookies are sweet and simple.

Photo: Whole New Mom

17. Coconut Avocado Grasshopper Bars
If you are a fan of chocolate mint, these coconut avocado grasshopper bars are guaranteed to hit the spot. These bars consist of a moist avocado mint base topped with Paleo chocolate. Not only are they sweet and tasty but they only take a few minutes to prepare, no baking required!

18. Double Chocolate Paleo Cookies
These double chocolate cookies are made with a blend of almond butter, cocoa butter and pitted dates for a lightly sweetened cookie base. Scoop the dough out onto a piece of parchment paper then top the cookies as you like with shredded coconut, cocoa powder, or a drizzle of coconut cream.

19. Oatmeal Banana Cookies
These no-bake cookies combine the flavors of oatmeal, chocolate, and banana in a sweet and chewy cookie the whole family will love. This recipe is sweetened with raw honey and spiced with ground cinnamon to complement the fresh banana flavor. You won’t be able to stop with just one!

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