41 Sweet & Savory Grain-Free Paleo Muffins

Muffins are one delicious food you can keep eating while on Paleo, but you will have to make a few modifications to them. Conventional muffins use all-purpose flour as well as milk in most recipes, so those have to go. In their place you’ll find that these Paleo cooks have found easy workarounds to make these muffins taste great without wreaking havoc to your body. So get out your muffin pans and get baking!

41 Awesome Muffin Recipes- both sweet & savory.

chocolate chip banana muffins
Photo: Eating 4 Balance

1. Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins
Let’s start with a couple of classics that get combined together for a new and exciting muffin. We’ve all had a chocolate chip muffin, and banana muffins are popular, so why not combine the two into one and enjoy both tastes at the same time. Almond flour is used so there’s no grains involved, but you still get the classic feel and texture of a muffin. They even managed to put some ground flaxseed in these, so you’re getting a nice dose of omega-3s along with your muffin fix. The ingredients used are all Paleo, including coconut oil, and coconut flour.

2. Strawberry Muffins
Using strawberries in baked goods is a great idea, because you’re going to get the sweetness and good taste that strawberries bring, but also the antioxidants and vitamins they contain. It also gives things a nice color, and the smells that will fill your home when you make these will make you want to make them again soon. Coconut flour and arrowroot flour team up to replace the all-purpose flour typically used when making muffins. No milk is used either, which is part of a classic muffin recipe. They also use natural sources of sweet instead of sugar to help enhance the flavor of the strawberries.

3. Banana Macadamia Muffins
Macadamia nuts are an important nut on the Paleo diet, and you’ll want to acquaint yourself with it if you’ve generally shied away in the past. They got a bad reputation several years ago as being very high in fat. This was back when all fat was bad fat, and before the distinction between healthy fats and unhealthy fats was made clear. Macadamia nuts contain far more healthy fats than unhealthy, and when you combine them with the vitamins and minerals that bananas contain you’ve got one delicious – and healthy – muffin on your hands.

4. Paleo Blueberry Muffin
No Paleo muffin list would be complete without a plain ole blueberry muffin recipe on it. And here is the best one we’ve found, producing a finished product that you’d swear isn’t Paleo, but it is. They’re using both almond flour and coconut flour in the same recipe, which is a popular way to get the exact texture you’re looking for without using any wheat products. Coconut milk is our favorite twist in this recipe, replacing the cow’s milk in a traditional muffin recipe, and lending a sweetness and texture that really makes these special.

5. Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
Paleo doesn’t mean giving up chocolate, you just get to be a bit snootier about the chocolate you consume. This recipe is using chopped up dark chocolate, and dark chocolate just happens to be one of the foods you can eat on the Paleo diet, and compared to milk chocolate it’s far better for you. It doesn’t have the milk and sugar that is added to milk chocolate, and it contains antioxidants that milk chocolate doesn’t. With the inclusion of zucchini you’re getting a vegetable serving with this, so no need to regret your chocolatey decision, the way you might with a conventional double chocolate muffin from your local coffee chain.

Photo: The Clean Dish

6. Grain Free Apple Walnut Muffins
Leave the grains behind in these apple walnut muffins. They’re Paleo approved and guaranteed to satisfy when your muffin craving sets in. There’s omega-3s thanks to flaxseed, and they’ve managed to keep out the grains by using cashew flour. This is a special flour that you don’t see too often in Paleo baking, but is similar to almond flour, a flour made from nuts that contains healthy fat, protein, and fiber that makes it a much better choice than all-purpose flour.

7. Cherry Vanilla Almond Mug Muffin
This is a pretty nifty muffin, and you might feel a bit like MacGyver when you’re making it because it uses simple ingredients and all takes place inside a mug. If you’ve ever wanted to make just one muffin, and didn’t want to waste time waiting for a full muffin tin to bake in the oven, this could be the way to go. It uses the microwave, so if you’re also following the Paleo lifestyle in addition to the diet, you’ll want to follow her instructions for opting out of the microwave. After all, cavemen didn’t have the ability to zap a muffin, so maybe it’s not the best way to go.

8. Paleo Mini Matcha Muffins
These muffins incorporate matcha tea right into them, so if this is one of your favorite teas these are bound to become one of your favorite muffins. If you’ve never tried matcha tea before, it’s a powdered green tea that comes from Japan and is what they use in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. It’s not the sort of green tea that comes in a tea bag that you see in supermarkets. These muffins blend the tea with chocolate so it’s going to have a nice unique flavor to it, and it’s topped with pistachios for a bit of crunch.

9. Carrot Ginger Coconut Muffins
Carrots and ginger are often paired together, but rarely do you see coconut included in the mix. These muffins have a little bit of everything, with raisins and maple syrup joining the party as well. What you’re left with is an interesting mix of sweet from the coconut and syrup, a fresh flavor from the carrots and ginger, and a robustness from seasonings like allspice and clove. These might not appeal to everyone, but those that think they’ll like it will probably end up loving them. Almond flour is used instead of all-purpose flour, keeping these grain-free but delicious.

10. Pecan Molasses Mini-Muffins
It’s a strong sign that a recipe is Paleo if it only has 6 ingredients, and two of them are in the name. Pecans are very high in antioxidants so you’ll be getting plenty of benefits from these muffin, unlike most muffins that are loaded with fat and calories and not much in the way of nutrition. Coconut flour is used to give this the fluffy muffin texture that you’re craving, and these are going to be sweet and nutty, overall a great muffin experience.

peach paleo muffins
Photo: Cook Eat Paleo

11. Fresh Peach Paleo Muffins
Eating Paleo is all about eating fresh foods, and keeping them whole and unprocessed as much as you can. These muffins stay true to that philosophy and the ingredient list is kept very simple. You’ve got fresh peaches of course, almond flour, eggs, honey for sweetness, and lemon juice. Compared to your average muffins these ingredients are all easy to pronounce, and there aren’t any artificial colors or flavors used, or any strange sounding preservatives and chemicals so you end up with a wholesome muffin. The simplicity results in big flavors even with few ingredients.

12. Buffins aka Protein Muffins
Get buff with these protein muffins packed full of protein. The protein comes from protein powder so you’ll get more than a regular serving of protein from each muffin. The flavor is upgraded thanks to bananas, honey, and coconut oil. They’re using a mixture of coconut flour and almond flour so there’s no grains in these muffins, and since they’re protein-rich they do a good job of holding you over for quite awhile after you’ve eaten them, and can even be used as a post-workout meal.

13. Paleo Banana Double Chocolate Muffins
These muffins will have you loaded up on chocolate so you don’t have to worry about getting your craving satisfied anymore. The chocolate they’re using here is both kinds that are allowed on Paleo: cocoa powder, and dark chocolate. They’re using 85% dark chocolate here, and it’s interesting to note that the percentage refers to how much of it is actually chocolate. That’s a pretty high ratio of chocolate, and combined with the cocoa powder you won’t be disappointed if you’re a chocoholic. They’re using chestnut flour in this recipe, which is a break from all of the almond flour and coconut flour that seems to dominate Paleo baking recipes.

14. Pumpkin Protein Muffins
These muffins will fuel you up with protein, which is helpful if you’re also following a Paleo style fitness program whereby you’re lifting heavy things and trying to build lean muscle like the physiques of Paleolithic man. Whey protein may not be considered Paleo because of its source, so you can try subbing in a vegetable-based protein supplement instead if this is a sticking point for you. The other ingredients are definitely all Paleo, with real pumpkin being used and arrowroot starch filling in as a form of flour.

15. Apple Pie Muffins
Standard apple pie may have been off limits to you while doing Paleo because of the ingredients used in it, so if you’ve been wanting it, now you can finally have it, only in muffin form. This has all of the taste of apple pie, with none of the guilt. Real apples are used of course, and there’s healthy ingredients like almond butter and coconut flour taking the place of unfriendly items that come with ordinary apple pie. Try a Paleo ice cream alongside this if you want the pie a la mode experience.

strawberry paleo muffins
Photo: An Aussie with Crohns

16. Strawberry & White Chocolate Muffins
Here’s a recipe that simulates the taste of white chocolate without actually using any of it. They have cacao butter, which will supply the flavor of chocolate, but it’s not white chocolate. The other ingredients insure that you’re going to get a mighty tasty muffin, full of fresh delicious strawberries and the antioxidants they contain, and they’ve managed to sneak a banana in there as well, giving you potassium and other vitamins. The result is a muffin that’s actually good for you, rather than one that will make you fat or slow your digestion down.

17. Lemon Poppy Paleo Muffins
Lemon poppy muffins are one of the most popular kinds around, so it’s a necessity to learn how to make them Paleo style. The standard recipe for these muffins includes such no-nos as sugar, all-purpose flour, and buttermilk. None of these ingredients show up in this Paleo recipe, and instead you’ll find things like real lemon zest and lemon juice, ghee, honey, and of course poppy seeds. The taste of these will rival if not surpass the kind you’d grown accustomed to before going Paleo, and it may turn out that you prefer the new way of making them over the old.

18. Pesto Egg Muffins
These muffins are not going to be sweet like most of the others on our list, but it is an interesting mix of pesto and eggs, and one that you won’t soon forget. This recipe is nice because it will show you how to make pesto, which you can use for anything you’d like not just egg muffins. It then shows you how to make yummy egg muffins which also contain bacon, so you’re getting a full breakfast experience, with a nice twist because this is the first time we’ve seen pesto being used on a breakfast item. But like they say, don’t knock it till you try it.

19. Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Muffins
The flavor of cinnamon joins the classic taste of chocolate chip muffins. They’re topped with a honey frosting that really seals the deal, and to go the extra mile you can put some orange zest on top of the frosting. The orange zest is perfect if you want to give them some pizzazz both in presentation and in how they taste. This gives them almost a cupcake look to them, and since they’re full of chocolate chips you’ll feel like it’s a treat.

20. Almond Butter & Chocolate Banana Protein Muffins
These protein muffins will definitely power you through a workout or through your day. They don’t contain whey protein, but are using hempseed protein powder instead. This means that there’s no worries if you were concerned about whey protein being considered a dairy product. There’s almond butter, bananas, and cocoa nibs to keep your taste buds well satisfied. There’s even shredded coconut for yet another flavor aspect to consider. Although presentation isn’t really a big priority for Paleo eaters, these may be some of the prettiest muffins we’ve found that adhere to the Paleo way of eating.

blueberry lavender muffins
Photo: What I Gather

21. Grain Free Lemon Blueberry Lavender Muffins
If you’re not used to using lavender in your cooking and baking, you might want to start. The flavor it provides is subtle, yet you know it’s there, and it lends its aroma to anything you add it to. The lemon and blueberries go together nicely here, and the lavender only serves to accentuate that combination. They’ve avoided using grains by using coconut flour, a popular choice. The remaining ingredients are all Paleo certified, so you can enjoy these muffins all you want, they won’t weigh you down. Just remember to keep your portion sizes in mind at all meals, as overdoing it is one way to stall your progress on this diet plan.

22. Pizza Muffins
With the popularity of pizza being what it is it didn’t take long for someone to make a pizza muffin that gets rid of the junk, but keeps the good stuff. These pizza muffins are using Italian sausage, so hopefully that’s one of your favorite toppings. They also contain bacon, and spinach, so you’ll be getting a good amount of vegetables in addition to the meat. There’s also flaxseed for omega-3 and protein, as well as additional texture. To replicate the crust and give this muffin the proper form, they are using almond flour, which keeps it grain-free.

23. Jalapeno Cheddar “Corn” Muffins
Spice things up with these jalapeno cheddar “corn” muffins which take a page out of traditional corn muffins but get rid of the corn since it’s not Paleo. They’re using almond flour to form the base of these muffins, so there’s no corn used and nothing that gives it corn flavor, but the essence is still there in the texture of the muffins. With the jalapeno spice you won’t miss the corn, and a bit of raw honey sweetens the deal and helps balance the spiciness.

24. Healthy Gingerbread Muffins
These muffins come infused with the flavor of gingerbread cookies thanks to the use of plenty of pumpkin pie spice and ground ginger. They’ve kept it healthy and Paleo friendly with coconut flour and almond flour and there’s also some potato starch used in order to get the texture just right. A combination of maple syrup and blackstrap molasses insures that you get some sweetness in each bite and when combined with the ginger kick it’s a nice flavor contrast for the win.

25. Delicious Paleo Carrot Cake Muffins
If you’re a fan of carrot cake you’ll no doubt become a fan of these carrot cake muffins. Perhaps you thought you’d eaten your last carrot cake, due to so many of the ingredients being off limits. But these muffins manage to bring you the taste you’re looking for without including anything that will throw you off track of eating Paleo. They’re using the classic mixture of almond flour and coconut flour together to get the muffin part right, and they have plenty of carrots, nutmeg, cinnamon, and more to get the carrot cake part right. They might not have the thick layer of cream cheese frosting, but they’re definitely Paleo.

raspberry armaretto muffins
Photo: Brooke’s Kitchen

26. Raspberry Amaretto Muffins
If you love the taste of amaretto and have been looking for a way to have it while staying true to the Paleo way, which doesn’t advice alcohol consumption, this could be the workaround. The alcohol will bake away, leaving you with the sweet, almondy flavor of the liqueur to savor. Coconut flour and almond meal combine to keep this grain free, and stevia takes the place of sugar. She is using soy milk here, but it could replaced with almond milk, since soy products are not Paleo.

27. Sour Cherry Streusel Muffins
Three different flours are used in this muffin recipe to get just the right texture and taste. You’ll be getting antioxidants from the cherries used in it, and all of the ingredients adhere to the Paleo eating guidelines. They break this up into two separate recipes, one for the muffins themselves and one for the streusel topping. You’ll see that they’re using coconut sugar instead of plain white sugar, which keeps things naturally sourced and avoids using sugar that’s been heavily refined.

28. Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins
These muffins will have you feeling like you’re at the sports bar watching the big game with a basket of buffalo wings in front of you. The nice part about making muffins that are egg based is there’s no worries on the grains because no flour is used. These are just a nice mix of eggs, chicken breast, and a high quality wing sauce. They say to make sure you use a wing sauce that has clean ingredients, because some of the bigger brands often sneak unwanted preservatives and chemicals into their sauces, and these just aren’t necessary.

29. Paleo Coffee Cake Muffins
Coffee cake can be yours again when you bake up these Paleo coffee cake muffins. They have the full flavor of a delicious coffee cake but without anything that will offset the progress you’ve been making. A normal coffee cake would have a crumbly topping made from regular flour but this one has a topping made from pecans and almond flour so there are no grains to get in your way. There’s cinnamon and maple syrup so you’ll have plenty.

30. Avocado Carrot & Honey Muffins
Here’s a scrumptious trio of ingredients that also provides plenty of health benefits. Avocados come with plenty of fiber and potassium, as well as both polyunsaturated and monounsaturated healthy fats. Carrots contain beta-Carotene which not only helps with your eyesight but also gives you plenty of antioxidant benefits, which help to battle free radicals in your body. Raw honey also does some wonderful things to your body, so be sure to use raw honey and not the kind you find in the shape of a bear on store shelves. Here’s a tip: If you can squeeze the honey out of a nozzle, it’s probably not the kind you want.

bbq stud muffins
Photo: Cavegirl Cuisine

31. BBQ Stud Muffins
These little mini meatloaf muffins have been branded with a cute name, and they live up to it as well. They are made with plenty of Paleo ingredients, just make sure that for the ground beef you get the good stuff that’s organic and grass fed, or at the very least grass fed. She shows you how to make a Paleo friendly BBQ sauce from scratch, which tastes great and is good to learn so you can whip some up whenever you want barbeque without resorting to buying it at the store and opening yourself up to unknown ingredients.

32. Bacon Chocolate Muffins
Bacon and chocolate go great together, and these muffins do it right. You’ll want to skip the creme fraiche if you’re strictly following a no dairy policy, but all of the other ingredients are OK. They’re using a pretty strong coffee in these as well, so in addition to the buzz you’ll get from the chocolate, it will be amplified by the coffee. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate are both used, so you’re not going to be short on a chocolatey taste, and there’s about one strip of bacon in each muffin, so you won’t be wondering “where’s the bacon?”.

33. Sweet Potato Muffins
These Paleo muffins are the only ones we’ve found that showcase sweet potatoes as the main ingredient. You’d think that this would make them taste like you’re eating nothing but a sweet potato, which is why they have the option of adding either raisins or chocolate chips, which we recommend. The health benefits of sweet potatoes are many, but it’s the fiber they contain that will be most beneficial to a Paleo eater to keep the digestive system humming along.

34. Blueberry Pumpkin Muffins
Just when you thought blueberry muffins couldn’t be topped they went and added pumpkin to it. Pumpkin not only improves the taste but also adds antioxidants and fiber to the mix. Not only that but it gives the muffins a smoother texture, and some heft to them. You’ll feel like you had a meal after you have these muffins, and they’re topped with chocolate so they can be used to knock out any chocolate cravings you’ve been having. A very versatile and tasty muffin!

35. Raichini Muffins
What do you get when you mix raisins and zucchini? Raichini of course! That’s what’s going on with these muffins, but that’s not all that’s happening. They have some yummy accompanying ingredients like applesauce and honey to accentuate the sweetness of the raisins. There’s also coconut oil used to give everything a nice buttery taste. The nice thing about using Paleo ingredients is that you end up making healthy muffins that taste good instead of good tasting muffins that you have to rationalize eating.

chunky monkey muffins
Photo: Paleo Parents

36. Chunky Monkey Muffins
Officially, Chunky Monkey needs to have bananas, fudge, and walnuts. Luckily, as long as you keep the chocolate dark, all the rest is Paleo approved. That was the concept behind these muffins, that add ripe bananas, dark chocolate chips, and walnuts together in a faithful adaptation of this popular ice cream. There’s also almond butter, coconut oil, and dates for added flavors and textures, so overall this is a winning recipe you’re sure to enjoy.

37. Paleo Stuffin’ Muffins
Need a side dish to go with your Thanksgiving turkey this year, but want to keep things Paleo? Here are some muffins that are made out of stuffing, but not the kind you’d have at a non-Paleo Thanksgiving. Traditional stuffing is made with lots of bread, and since that’s a no-go on Paleo she’s come up with a different way, using almond flour instead. There’s also plenty of meat in this stuffing, which definitely breaks with tradition. Time to start some new traditions when you are following the Paleo diet.

38. Apple Cinnamon Pork Muffins
These muffins to a great job of combining the savory, sweet, and sour, and cinnamon seems to be the conduit for them all. Coconut milk and applesauce will act to counter some of the sour from the Granny Smith apples, and white vinegar will really bring out the pork taste in these. It’s pretty impressive that they thought to combine pork and apples into a muffin, and if you like applesauce with your pork chops, you’ll like these.

39. Paleo Banana French Toast Muffins
If you’ve been missing French toast while on Paleo, try these muffins out. They are designed to mimic the taste of French toast without using any bread. They’re going to have the taste of bananas, but they will also get the nutrients that bananas provide. Almond flour acts to keep these grain free, and there’s even a buttery cinnamon topping so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

40. Omelet Muffins
What if they could put an omelet into a muffin? Turns out that was the goal on this recipe, and they’ve pulled it off nicely. Some favorite omelet stuffers are in this muffin, including bacon, onions, and peppers. They’ve also included some zucchini, and have left out the cheese since it’s not very Paleo. What results is a muffin that thinks it’s an omelet, or an omelet that thinks it’s a muffin. We’ll let you decide.

41. Cranberry Orange Muffins
A healthy combination of almond flour and flax seed gets this recipe going, so you’ve already got protein and omega-3s built right in. There’s also organic cranberries in them, so you’re getting plenty of antioxidants, in addition the Vitamin C contained in the orange extract. Notice how she’s paying extra attention to the quality of the ingredients, using organic ones wherever she can, and making sure the baking powder doesn’t have aluminum in it. This is one part of Paleo that may take a little getting used to, you have to check what you’re putting into your body and ask if it’s as pure as possible, as to avoid the junk that typically goes into conventional products.

42. Grain-Free Pear Flax Muffins
Biting into one of these muffins is like biting into a fresh pear that’s been infused with flaxseed so it has more protein, fiber, and plant-based omega-3s. That’s what happens when you use fresh, wholesome ingredients that are good for you rather than artificial ingredients that muck up your system and take away from your health. It shows you exactly how to use a fresh pear in your cooking, which can be hard to do and get results that will impress you with an awesome flavor.

43. Maple Pecan Muffins
The delicious combination of maple and pecans gives these muffins an edge on the competition. There’s also the flavor of banana and the nutrition that comes from using fresh bananas. You’ll get potassium and fiber from the bananas, healthy fat and protein from the pecans, and a source of natural sweetness from the maple syrup. These muffins have just a few ingredients so they’re a breeze to whip up and get into the oven for a nice anytime snack.

44. Basil Sausage and Egg Muffins
Take your breakfast with you with these basil, sausage, and egg muffins. It’s like having a full breakfast in the palm of your hand, and one that will hold you over for several hours. There’s protein from the sausage and eggs, and the basil does a good job of adding its signature flavor and antioxidants because they’re using fresh basil leaves. It’s a great breakfast dish to prepare when you have to feed a group because you can just make another dozen if needed.

45. Black Raspberry Coconut Flour Muffins
The incredible flavor of black raspberries drives these muffins, and you’ll love that they’re using coconut flour to keep it grain free and healthy. Even the vanilla maple glaze is made in a way that lets you enjoy it without any worries, and makes it feel like you’re having a gourmet muffin. Like regular raspberries, black raspberries are also a great source of antioxidants, so you’re doing your body a favor by having these muffins rather than working against you.

46. Cranberry Sweet Potato Protein Muffins
Cranberries and sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants, and when combined together they have a great flavor. The sweet potatoes are also a great source of fiber and give the muffins a nice texture. The tartness of the cranberries works well with the natural sweetness of the sweet potatoes. These make a great snack between lunch and dinner and can even be used as a dessert. They’re full of protein thanks to vanilla protein powder, which adds a third flavor dimension.

47. Paleo Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake Muffins
Blueberry streusel coffee cake never tasted so good. Having it in muffin form is nice because you can keep portion sizes in check. These are packed with so much flavor you won’t believe it’s actually good for you. But blueberries are a great source of antioxidants and fiber, and with nothing else causing you trouble all the good has a chance to come through. These are suitable for those following the Autoimmune Protocol for those following that enhanced Paleo diet.

48. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
There’s a lot to enjoy when it comes to these chocolate chip muffins. It’s pretty much a classic chocolate chip muffin recipe, with coconut flour filling in for all-purpose flour. Add to that the flavor and nutrition of bananas and you’re good to go. Coconut milk and coconut oil combine to give the muffins a great buttery flavor and a light flavor of coconut in the background. It’s a wonderful muffin to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea with.

49. Paleo Zucchini Muffins
If you haven’t tried zucchini muffins yet, here’s a great recipe to start with. They’ve kept it pretty basic so the delicate flavor of zucchini can shine through. In fact, just a little bit of cinnamon and some vanilla extract is what makes this recipe go, so they’re really relying on the zucchini to round it out. It’s always nice when you can get a serving of vegetables along with your muffin. Be sure that the orange juice you use is fresh squeezed to avoid all the added sugar in store bought orange juice.


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  6. Paleolithic homosapiens did not eat muffins…or a vast majority of the ingredients on here…and the few ingredients they may have had access to, they consumed in their raw form. Preservative free, yeah sure why not…Paleo? No.

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