27 Refreshing Paleo Lemonade Recipes

By Jess

Did you ever have a lemonade stand as a kid? There are so many ways to make paleo-friendly lemonade, and most of them are so easy that the kids would love to help you out in the kitchen. So choose a few of these recipes to put on your list for the summer—the flavor combinations are endless!

Here’s a cure for the summertime heat, an ice-cold glass of lemonade done 27 different ways with these lemonade recipes. I’m in heaven!

1. Simple Strawberry Lemonade

This strawberry lemonade recipe couldn’t be any simpler, and has a light and prink pink color from the fact that the strawberries are steeped rather than pureed. You’ll just need water, water, juiced lemons, stevia, and sliced strawberries—it’s so easy, the kids could make it for themselves!

Photo: A Hot Southern Mess

2. Chili Spiked Mango Lemonade

You’ll have to switch out the sugar for coconut sugar in this recipe, but I loved the concept so much I couldn’t help but share it despite the necessary substitution for a paleo version. For the hot sauce, Frank’s is a great brand of paleo hot sauce, but you can use your favorite!

3. Mint-Infused Blackberry-Raspberry Lemonade

This flavorful lemonade has a beautiful bright color from fresh raspberries and blackberries with lemon juice, raw honey, and mint leaves. You’ll be getting calming benefits from the mint, antioxidants from the berries, and beneficial enzymes (and maybe some allergy relief) from the raw honey.

4. Pink Grapefruit Lemonade

Why should berries get all the attention? This pretty lemonade is flavored with pink grapefruit, lemon juice, and honey (bonus points for using raw and local honey for the extra benefits). Add water, ice, and some lemon and/or grapefruit slices for visual effect and you’re good to go.

5. Strawberry Lemonade Water Kefir

Water kefir is a homemade sparkling probiotic beverage made with kefir “grains” and sugar (the bacteria eat all the sugar, not you!), and it’s one of my favorites. This lemonade is made from flavoring water kefir with lemon juice and strawberries in its second ferment.

Photo: Green Healthy Cooking

6. Pink Mint Lemonade

This lemonade is flavored with mint, raspberries, honey, and lemon, and it’s easy to make. It’s also visually impressive because of the raspberry mint ice cubes, which will help to flavor your lemonade as they melt instead of diluting it.

7. Peruvian Avocado Lemonade Smoothie

If you’re craving a lemonade but want something a bit more dense with nutrients, or even just more filling, try this avocado smoothie made with coconut milk, frozen banana, and agave syrup (if you don’t use agave, you could use honey or maple, and certainly cut the amount if desired).

8. Muddled Berry Arnold Palmer

An Arnold Palmer is a drink that’s half lemonade, half iced tea. You can make one paleo style with black tea bags, fresh lemon juice, honey or agave (or stevia), and frozen mixed berries or berries of your choice. This is a delicious and refreshing drink for a hot day.

9. Lavender Lemonade Popsicles

These simple popsicles are delicious and have such an elegant flavor with a tart and sweet combination. They’re kid friendly, and would be really great for sick days! I could even see myself switching out the lavender for other throat-soothing herbs, or even ginger.

Photo: Wicked Spatula

10. Herb Infused Lemonade

You can easily customize this lemonade recipe to include your favorite flavor combinations. Personally, I’m a huge fan of mint lemonade or basil lemonade, but thyme or rosemary would also be fantastic. Let yourself get creative with this one!

11. Easy Stevia Lemonade

For a naturally sweetened lemonade that’s a close approximation to the sweet stuff you drank as a kid (minus the headache it would give you now) but not so sickly sweet, give this easy and kid-friendly lemonade a try. I’d throw a handful of berries into the pitcher!

12. Strawberry Lime Coconut Agua Fresca

Not quite a lemonade, this limeade drink is made with strawberries, lime juice, coconut water, homemade simple syrup (use coconut sugar) or honey, ice, and lime and mint for serving. Kids love this drink, and it’s very hydrating, so it’s perfect for hot weather!

13. Watermelon Raspberry Lemonade

This lemonade is naturally sweet, so there’s no need to add anything like honey unless you want yours sweeter. The watermelon and raspberry flavors add sweetness and brightness to the lemon, while coconut water is sweet and hydrating. Yummy!

Photo: Healthful Pursuit

14. Strawberry Basil Italian Lemonade

This fancy-pants lemonade is the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail for a summer party. Or, you know, just any time you feel like you need a sparkly drink. It’s made with mineral water, basil leaves, fresh strawberries, lemon juice, and drops of liquid stevia sweetener.

15. Almond Sugar-Free Lemonade

This lemonade is great for when you’re craving a sweet and tart lemony treat but avoiding extra sugars. It’s sweetened mostly with liquid stevia and uses just a tablespoon of maple syrup. You could also use lime juice in this one for a little extra zing.

16. Watermelon Mint Lemonade

It’s watermelon season where I live right now, and I’ve got one too many melons sitting in my kitchen from the CSA share. I’ll be making some of this minty watermelon lemonade, which is extra refreshing from the cucumber. What a cool idea!

17. Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream

Ice cream addict that I am, I couldn’t resist including this recipe for strawberry lemonade ice cream made with coconut milk and maple syrup. It’s gently sweetened and has a lovely strawberry-lemon flavor. It’ll freeze solid, so add a teaspoon or two of vodka to keep it soft in the freezer.

Photo: So Lets Hang Out

18. Green Spinach Lemonade

This drink is a cross between a lemonade and a green smoothie, and is made super nutritious with celery, cucumber, and ginger. Green apples add just enough sweetness to balance the tartness of the lemons. If it’s still not sweet enough for you, you could always add a little honey.

19. Simple Strawberry-Honey Lemonade

While this recipe certainly is simple, it has an optional ingredient that sets it apart from the rest. To the strawberries, lemon juice, and honey, you can add a bit of vanilla extract for a more complex flavor. You should also know this is a very thick lemonade—almost like a smoothie.

20. Green Tea Lemonade Popsicles

These pretty lemon pops are made with green tea and raw honey, so you’ll be getting powerful green tea magic (antioxidants and other goodies) along with your dose of delicious lemony sweetness.

21. Frozen Strawberry Peach Lemonade

My husband is a huge slushie fan, so I can’t wait to make him this healthier version—he hasn’t had a slushie in years! This frozen lemonade is made with chopped peaches and strawberries, lemon juice, honey, and ice.

Photo: Bushel And A Peck

22. Strawberry Maple Lemonade

This lemonade is made with a whole lemon as well as lemon juice, maple syrup, fresh strawberries, ice, and water. The maple syrup adds sweetness to this lemonade while also imparting a lovely maple flavor that isn’t overpowering the way honey can be.

23. Carrot Lemonade

I love this recipe for carrot lemonade, made with carrots, lemon juice, mango juice, and water. It’s nutritious and naturally sweet without the need for honey, stevia, or any other sweetener. That’s all thanks to the carrots and delicious mango juice!

24. Lavender Lemonade

If we know lavender lemonade is good, and basil lemonade is good, why not combine the two? These two herbs work well together to create a refreshing, floral flavor in this lemonade, which you can sweetened with either honey or coconut sugar—your choice.

25. Sparkling Ginger Turmeric Lemonade

Made with powerfully medicinal ginger and turmeric, this magic lemonade is full of flavor, a lovely yellow color, and a bit of coconut sugar or honey sweetness. It would be great for a sick day drink, especially if the weather’s warm enough that you’d rather have something cold than hot tea.

Photo: Wallflower Girl

26. Maple Lemonade With Peaches and Thyme

This peachy and herbal lemonade is sweetened with maple syrup for a lovely maple flavor, and fresh peaches give it a summery burst. The flavor is sweet but not overpoweringly so, and if you use sparkling water, you’ll have an extra fancy beverage.

27. Chia Seed Strawberry Lemonade

We all know those powerful little chia seeds are good for us, but how can you incorporate them into your diet? Here’s one way: mix them with an amazing strawberry lemonade sweetened with honey to make a hydrating drink!


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