13 Addictive Paleo Kebabs for a Protein Kick

By Jess

Everything tastes better on a stick, right? Well, I’m not sure if that’s exactly how the saying goes, but skewered meat and vegetables are a fun and tasty way to get nutrients into your body. Give some of these Paleo kebab recipes a try, along with some of their amazing sauces and dips!

If you ask me, there’s just something about cooking meat on a stick that makes it taste great. So here's a collection of Paleo kebab recipes to enjoy!

1. Indian Chicken Kebabs With Cauliflower Rice

These spicy kebabs are seasoned with fresh lemon juice, garlic, ginger, allspice, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, cumin, coriander, and black pepper. Alternate them with pineapple chunks and serve with seasoned cauliflower rice and a coconut cashew cream sauce.


2. Simple and Addictive Chicken Kebabs

When you want something delicious and simple and deliciously simple go with these addictive chicken kebabs. Don’t blame us if you end up having them multiple times a week when you discover just how tasty they are.

3. Chicken Kebabs With Apple Cranberry Salad

These delicious barbecue-sauced kebabs are made with smoked paprika and bacon! They’re super flavorful, and the perfect accompaniment to a refreshing cranberry apple salad featuring walnuts, mixed greens, and an apple-y pepper dressing to drizzle over it.

4. Fajita Chicken Kebabs

Looking for a way to spice up your fajitas and make them extra fun to eat? Put them on sticks! These are easier to make than traditional fajitas because you can do them all together on the grill. You’ll want to replace this recipe’s canola oil with avocado or coconut oil.

5. Salmon Kebabs With Blood Orange Balsamic Glaze

These citrusy and flavorful salmon kebabs feature thinly sliced Meyer lemons and an amazing saucy glaze made from balsamic vinegar, blood orange juice (my favorite type of oranges!), and orange marmalade—check to make sure the ingredients of yours are Paleo-friendly.

Photo: iFoodreal

6. Greek Style Chicken Kebabs

These vegetable-heavy kebabs have lovely flavors from red onion, bell peppers, zucchini, olives, and lovely seasonings like oregano, garlic, and lemon juice. If you’re feeling extra creative, try making a sauce for these with coconut yogurt, cucumber, and fresh mint.

7. Resham Lamb Kebabs

This is a Pakistani-inspired recipe with ground lamb, yellow onion, honey, parsley, mint, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, and cayenne pepper. It’s an interesting combination of flavors, and especially tantalizing if Pakistani food is a new experience for you. Try them!

8. Grilled Beef Kebabs With Avocado Cucumber Tzatziki

Why should chicken get all the attention? These beef kebabs are meaty and amazing with red onion, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. You can dip or drizzle them with a homemade avocado-cucumber tzatziki with dill and lemon, just replace the Greek yogurt with coconut yogurt if you’re dairy-free.

9. Spicy Chicken and Zucchini Kebabs

Seasoned well with fresh cilantro, fresh mint, garlic, scallions, red chili, and lemon zest, these kebabs have quite a kick to them! What I like most about this recipe, though, is the fun presentation of weaving the zucchini ribbons around the chicken cubes. So colorful!

Photo: The Healthy Foodie

10. Bacon Wrapped Apple Pork Meatball Kebabs

This recipe has almost every type of flavor you could want in an amazing kebab. The bacon grease infuses the apples and pork cubes with an amazing salty-umami flavor, and the apple is the perfect burst of sweetness to counteract those flavors in the bacon and pork. It’s also seasoned with mint and chai spice, so get cooking.

11. Easy Beef Kebabs With Tangy Rosemary Chimichurri

For as simple as this recipe is, the taste is incredibly impressive. Who knew all you needed to make beef taste so good was a bit of Montreal Steak Seasoning and an easy, just-a-few-steps chimichurri with rosemary, lemon, garlic, and apple cider vinegar?

12. Beef, Fig, and Red Onion Balsamic Skewers

These delicious skewers have only a handful of ingredients, but will take you right into gourmet territory with the heavenly combination of figs, honey, garlic, and balsamic vinegar with red onions and tender steak cubes. Use a high-quality olive oil and dig in.

Photo: The Endless Meal

13. Thai Chicken With Spicy Satay Sauce and Cool Cucumber Salad

With this recipe, you’ll make deliciously seasoned chicken with a fresh and intensely flavored satay sauce. Replace the brown sugar with coconut sugar and the soy sauce with coconut aminos to make this recipe completely Paleo, and be sure to use Paleo-friendly mayonnaise.


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