8 Paleo Hot Chocolates to Cozy Up With

By Jess

Hot chocolate is not one of the things you’ll need to give up on Paleo, but you won’t be able to use the packets of cocoa found in stores. Make your own healthier version of hot chocolate with ingredients that won’t leave you feeling groggy later. Several different styles to choose from.

Try one of these rich hot chocolate recipes when you want to cozy up.

Antioxidant Superfood Hot Chocolate
Photo: Savory Lotus

1. Antioxidant Superfood Hot Chocolate
Instead of dehydrated marshmallows, this hot chocolate gives you a superfood. That’s the perfect way to sum up Paleo cooking, you leave out the bad and infuse things with much better ingredients. She’s using raw cacao, which has antioxidants in it, as well as healing spices like turmeric and cinnamon to really amp up the nutrition. All the while it tastes great and will not only comfort you on a cold day, but will make it so your body is benefiting from it on the inside.

Good For You Hot Cocoa
Photo: Mutritious Nuffins

2. “Good For You” Hot Cocoa
Organic almond milk and cocoa powder are all that’s really needed to make a Paleo friendly hot chocolate. She adds in a bit of salt, some vanilla extract and some stevia in order to polish it off.

The trick is the preparation, which you want to study carefully and follow step by step because this isn’t just a matter of adding hot water to a packet of mostly sugar. When properly prepared this is going to give you the much needed blast of warmth and chocolate goodness that you’re wanting, without refined sugars and other additives.

Mexican Hot Chocolate
Photo: The Sprouting Seed

3. Mexican Hot Chocolate
This Mexican hot chocolate is a real treat for Paleo followers. Not only does it provide rich, chocolatey taste, but you get to put marshmallows in it as well! It’s not everyday that you find out that you can have something as novel as marshmallows on Paleo. Allison provides the recipe to make your own marshmallows using ingredients that are all Paleo friendly. When added to this delicious hot chocolate it really puts it over the top in terms of taste and adds that fun factor you’re looking for.

Rainy Day Paleo Hot Chocolate
Photo: Hollywood Homestead

4. Rainy Day Paleo Hot Chocolate
Here’s a hot chocolate that’s great for a rainy day, or perhaps a cold and snowy day depending on which part of the world you are. This contains absolutely no dairy, and has no refined sugar to speak of, so all you’re getting is chocolate and maple syrup for the sweetener. One thing you’ll notice on Paleo is that comfort foods actually do make you feel good, without causing any regret along the way. You still get your steamy cup of chocolate, without worrying about putting on weight because of all the sugar or having digestive problems from the dairy.

Dairy Free Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Photo: Allergy Free Alaska

5. Dairy Free Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Peppermint makes a great addition to hot chocolate, and totally changes the way it tastes. It provides a cooling mint sensation which provides a nice contrast to the hot, chocolate taste of the rest of the beverage. Almond milk is used as the base ingredient, and this is something you’ll want to be careful about when purchasing from the store. Not all almond milk is created equally, and a lot of it isn’t Paleo. To get around this try our super simple almond milk recipe which is just two ingredients and two steps.

Chai Spiced Paleo Hot Chocolate
Photo: Meatified

6. Chai Spiced Paleo Hot Chocolate
Adding the taste of chai to hot chocolate gives you the best of both worlds. It’s like having a chai latte only with chocolate as well, and the two tastes complement each other nicely. It’s as easy as using a chai tea bag mixed with Paleo style hot chocolate so you won’t have to deal with any dairy or sugar problems. The best part is that there are only a handful of ingredients, so you can keep them well stocked to help you through the cold months and keep your spirits up.

Calming Hot Chocolate
Photo: Grassfed Mama

7. Calming Hot Chocolate
This is a sugar-free hot chocolate that offers even more comfort that a typical cup of cocoa. It has chamomile tea brewed right into it, so you will be getting all of the benefits of this calming tea with the deliciousness of hot chocolate. There’s also magnesium powder added to help calm you down even further. If you’re having a stressful day and the weather is cold and bleak you can use this as an all-natural tranquilizer that will bring you back to a state of calm and composure.

White Hot Chocolate
Photo: Elana’s Pantry

8. White Hot Chocolate
This is a white hot chocolate recipe that doesn’t use white chocolate, but uses cacao butter instead. It uses vanilla stevia to amp up the vanilla taste and is sure to provide you with all of the creamy flavor you’re looking for. This makes a great hot chocolate for when you’re a little tired of traditional hot chocolate and want to shake things up a bit. It has a different flavor and texture and is definitely worth trying once to see how you like it. Who knows, it may become your new favorite.


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