100 Healthiest Paleo Diet Recipes of All-Time

By Jess

When following the Paleo diet you’ll want to keep a supply of healthy recipes handy so you’re never wondering what to make. These Paleo diet recipes are made with healthy ingredients so you end up with a dish that adds to your wellbeing and propels you toward a sleek and lean caveman/woman body.

100 Healthiest Paleo Diet Recipes of All-Time- including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks.

The Nourishing Scramble
Photo: Renewing All Things

1. The Nourishing Scramble
Many of the ingredients in this healthy scramble are superfoods, including eggs, and kale, and there is even a powerful spice in the form of turmeric. This will not only keep you in line with Paleo eating, but offers plenty of benefits to your overall health.

2. Orange Maple Salmon
Salmon serves as a great foundation, and Paleo is a great diet that let’s you enjoy salmon without mucking it up with unhealthy ingredients. In this recipe they’ve heightened the flavor of the salmon with orange juice and pure maple syrup, as well as some zing from apple cider vinegar.

3. Chocolate-Walnut Avocado Brownies
Brownies can actually be healthy, and in this Paleo-friendly recipe you’re getting some top-notch ingredients without all-purpose flour. Instead you get fiber from almond meal, antioxidants from dark chocolate, and healthy fat and minerals from avocados. Coconut oil has its own healthy benefits and adds a nice buttery flavor.

4. Loaded Cauliflower Fritters
These fritters are a lot of fun to make, and when you see all of the healthy ingredients that go into them, they’ll be even more fun to eat. There’s extra fiber from coconut flour, an assortment of vitamins and minerals from vegetables, and healthy fat from nuts and seeds.

5. Mom’s Watermelon Mint Salad
This mom was on to something when she crafted this special fruit salad. It’s made with watermelon as the main ingredient, so you’ll be getting the antioxidants it contains. The mints adds its cool flavor, as well as additional antioxidants. A refreshing Paleo fruit salad that helps your body.

No-Bake Triple Berry Crisp
Photo: GI 365

6. No-Bake Triple Berry Crisp
Even the whipped cream on this berry crisp is good for you, made without dairy from Paleo ingredients. You’ll love that you don’t have to turn on your oven to make this dish, and the antioxidants from all of the berries will help fuel you through your day.

7. Sweet Potato & Egg Breakfast Skillet
This is a filling breakfast option that uses the protein and minerals from eggs and the antioxidants and fiber from sweet potatoes to complete the deal. Keeping things simple is essential, and the only other ingredient used is olive oil, adding important healthy fat to the picture.

8. Burrito Bowl
Most burrito bowls couldn’t make it onto a list of healthiest recipes, but this one is made in Paleo fashion, and has excluded any ingredients that would slow you down or otherwise do you harm. In their place are fresh, vibrant choices like broccoli slaw and grass-fed beef.

9. Jamaican Rundown
Getting a nutrition boost is easy when you use ingredients like tomatoes, yams, and fresh fish. In this Jamaican-inspired dish you’ll be getting these and a lot more, with plenty of flavor so you’ll actually enjoy a healthy meal rather than forcing yourself to eat it.

10. Chicken Puttanesca with Artichokes
Artichokes can play a big part in your Paleo eating, as they provide fiber and flavor that helps to improve the taste of your meat of choice. In this recipe lean, skinless chicken breast gets the puttanesca treatment along with a good portion of artichokes.

Creamy Lemon and Paleo Rice Soup
Photo: Mellow Momma

11. Creamy Lemon and Paleo Rice Soup
Part of the fun of being on Paleo is that you get to have classic creations like lemon rice soup, without worrying if it’s doing your body good or not. Instead of rice this soup uses cauliflower, so you’re getting a vegetable serving that leaves you feeling full but not bloated.

12. Spicy Cucumber Noodles with Blueberries
On Paleo you’ll discover many different workarounds for the no noodles rule, and here they’ve used a spiralizer to make noodles out of cucumber. Spicing it up with jalapeno boosts your metabolism and cooling it off with blueberries adds antioxidants. A healthy dish that can serve as a light meal.

13. Frozen Paleo Breakfast Muffins
Freeze these muffins and enjoy them whenever you’d like. They contain strawberries for antioxidants, bananas for potassium and fiber, flax for omega-3s and additional fiber, and almond meal so there’s no flour and even more fiber added. A 10 minute thaw and they’re ready to eat making them very convenient.

14. Mulberry Spinach Salad
This tasty spinach salad uses a berry that you may be aware of, but perhaps don’t eat very much of: mulberries. It’s important to broaden your nutritional horizon when you’re on Paleo so that you’re trying new things and expanding your options, rather than limiting them.

15. Honeydew Avocado Popsicles
Healthy can be fun and refreshing, and these popsicles prove it. Pick up a popsicle from the store and you’ll be floored by the ingredients list. These popsicles deliver maximum flavor from simple and healthy ingredients like honeydew melons and avocados, with both adding adding a smooth texture.

Mojo Chicken Breast with Citrus
Photo: The Fit Fork

16. Mojo Chicken Breast with Citrus
This dish represents a balanced Paleo meal that you can quickly cook up whenever you’re in need of a simple meal. The chicken breast provides lean protein, while the tomatoes and onions meet your vegetable need. The citrus fruit provides needed Vitamin C.

17. Carrot Cake Muffins
These muffins are made with almond flour, which contains far more fiber than ordinary flour and is grain-free. The use of carrots, walnuts, and raisins boosts the nutrition, and spices like cinnamon give it flavor and additional health benefits making these a well rounded choice for a breakfast or snack.

18. Asparagus Soup with a Hint of Lemongrass
Asparagus is a cleansing vegetable, and will help your digestive system. Finding delicious ways to enjoy healthy foods is a cornerstone of success on Paleo. This soup is easy enough to make, and tastes great thanks to the lemongrass and concise ingredients list.

paleo recipes

19. Chicken Pesto-Zucchini Pasta
Pesto is a popular choice on Paleo because the traditional recipe conforms to the Paleo food guidelines. When added to chicken and a Paleo-friendly pasta like zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash, you’re getting a balanced meal with many of the key nutrients your body needs each day.

20. Sweet Potato Tuna Chips
Sweet potato chips on their own might not be very filling, but when you load them up with tuna fish you’ve introduced a protein source that will help you feel satisfied for hours. The recipe for the chips is provided separately and the rest is very easy to construct.

Acorn Squash Custard
Photo: It’s a Love Love Thing

21. Acorn Squash Custard
Custard may not strike you as very healthy, because it’s usually filled with sugar and dairy products. This custard uses acorn squash as its base, and uses no grains, no refined sugars, but still provides a scrumptious flavor that will help you stay true to your diet plans.

22. Dinner in a Bowl
When you want a complete meal that you can serve in one bowl, this is the recipe to go with. It has you covered with asparagus and salmon, two items that you’ll usually find paired on a plate. The optional rice should be Paleo rice made from cauliflower if you go that route.

23. Chicken Noodles with Asparagus and Artichokes
Chicken noodles are an interesting way to eat your chicken, and they serve the dual purpose of taking the place of pasta noodles while providing a quality protein because this uses chicken breast. The supplemental ingredients are all Paleo friendly and good for you.

24. Chicken Minestrone Soup
Minestrone soup by itself can be a hearty and filling dish, but when you add in chicken you turn it into more of a meal. This recipe captures the essence of minestrone soup without using any pasta, and uses leftover chicken breasts to add in protein and make it stick with you longer.

25. Raw Kale Caesar Salad with Almond Crusted Chicken
This Caesar salad is made with kale instead of romaine lettuce, improving the nutrition profile. Add to that the almond-crusted chicken and you’ve got a Paleo meal worth savoring. The almond crust comes from almond meal, giving it a thin coating and adding additional fiber while keeping things gluten-free.

Paleo Stuffed Avocado
Photo: Keto Diet App

26. Paleo Stuffed Avocado
When you start with avocados you really can’t go wrong, and these are stuffed with a special ingredient: sardines. Sardines will give you omega-3s, the kind that salmon gets all its attention over. Add in turmeric spice and this meal is a supermeal because its made from superfoods.

27. Mushroom Curry
Not every Paleo meal has to feature meat, and this curry features many classic ingredients but has mushrooms in the starring role. Turmeric and a blend of Indian spices will keep your taste buds more than interested, and will add antioxidants at the same time.

28. Honey Almond Salmon with Roasted Fennel
This salmon is so encrusted with almonds that you may not even recognize that it’s salmon on your plate. You’ll get fiber, healthy fat, and extra protein from the almonds, in addition to the omega-3s, minerals and healthy fat in the salmon. Serve with roasted fennel and this is a winner.

29. Garlic Chicken and Cherry Tomato Sauce
Many of your meals on Paleo will look like the 3 squares a day that most people eat, with the exception that these meals will only include ingredients that make you a healthier person. This garlic chicken has tomatoes for lycopene and basil for antioxidants.

30. Raw Tacos
Taco night can take on a whole new twist with these raw tacos. You’ll be getting the awesome flavor of tacos without the shell, and without any dairy. These tacos are actually vegan as well, so they don’t have meat or other animal byproducts.

Winter Salad
Photo: Paleolland

31. Winter Salad
Eating with the seasons should be a part of your Paleo philosophy. It only makes sense to eat what nature is providing through each growing and harvest season. This salad does a good job of providing you with the nutrients that help survive harsh winter winds and dryness.

32. Healthy Dark Chocolate
Chocolate doesn’t have to be off limits, and in fact it makes it onto our list of healthiest Paleo recipes. You just have to pay attention to the type of chocolate and how you’re preparing it. This recipe does a great job of showing you the right way to do chocolate on Paleo.

33. Brazilian Collard Greens
Collard greens don’t get the attention they deserve, and this recipe helps to show just how healthy they can be. Made with Brazilian cuisine in mind, they feature just a few extra ingredients, namely garlic and olive oil, adding to the nutrition and boosting the flavor considerably.

34. Sautéed Balsamic Brussels Sprouts and Strawberries
Adding Brussels sprouts to your Paleo diet makes a lot of sense. First of all, it will make your mom proud to know that you’re eating your vegetables, and secondly it will give you all of the benefits of this cruciferous veggie, helping you avoid cancer and boost your fiber and vitamin intake.

35. Creamy Coconut Shrimp Pasta
Forget going out to the local lobster chain and make this creamy shrimp pasta dish instead. There’s no dairy used, but it will still have a creamy texture thanks to blended cauliflower, with the flavor of coconut throughout from coconut cream.

Kale Salad with Hazelnuts, Dates, and Orange
Photo: Tummy Rumblr

36. Kale Salad with Hazelnuts, Dates, and Orange
Many Paleo followers are surprised to find out just how many vegetables they’re supposed to be eating. The misconception is that it’s all about the meat, but veggies play a key role. This salad helps you meet your vegetable quota, and has plenty of flavor from nuts, dates, and oranges.

37. Coconut Crusted Chicken Patties
Part of going Paleo is using high-quality ingredients, and here you’re instructed to seek out a good quality ground chicken. You’ll have to be picky and opt for one that is lean so you’re not getting all the fat found in low-grade ground chicken. Shredded coconut provides a crispy and healthy crust.

38. Avocado Mint ‘Ice Cream’
Ice cream as health food? Only on Paleo do you find recipes creative enough to keep it healthy while providing you with delicious flavor. Here avocado provides the creamy texture of ice cream, while mint provides a nice cooling effect in the mouth while adding antioxidants to your system.

39. Five C Spiced Salmon
This is a salmon recipe that is easy to commit to memory. Just remember that each of the spices it uses start with the letter C. These are cinnamon, coriander, cumin, cloves, and cardamom. Each spice has its own nutritional benefit, and combined they have a compounded positive effect on your health.

40. Kale, Spinach & Meatball Soup
Kale and spinach are usually used interchangeably, but here they’re making a joint appearance. They’re used in equal amounts, so you’ll be getting plenty of the fiber and phytonutrients they contain, as well as the minerals and protein. The meatballs are made from lean ground beef for plenty of protein without the fat.

Spinach Balls in Spicy Tomato Sauce
Photo: May I Have That Recipe

41. Spinach Balls in Spicy Tomato Sauce
It’s possible to make meatballs without any meat, you simply sub in the right ingredients that provide nutrition and still leave you satisfied. In this case they’re using spinach formed into balls with raisins and pine nuts for texture. A brilliant concoction that provide nutrients in every bite.

42. Spaghetti Squash Patties Topped with Shrimp
One key to Paleo is finding unique ways to eat your meat and vegetables. In this case they’ve placed a shrimp atop patties made from spaghetti squash. Not only do they taste great together, but they’re helping to give you protein, vitamins, and fiber all together.

43. Carrot and Beet Salad
Carrots will provide you with the beta-Carotene they’re famous for, while the beets provide you with a lesser known antioxidant called betalin. This makes for a powerful salad, because the beta-Carotene converts to Vitamin A, which also acts as an antioxidant inside the body.

44. Chicken and Vegetable Lo Mein
Forget calling up the local delivery place, you can make you own Lo Mein at home and make it in a way that it earns a spot on our list of 100 healthy Paleo dishes. Quality white meat chicken is joined by an assortment of healthy vegetables, with no unhealthy additives or oils.

45. Citrus Endive Avocado Salad
This fresh and colorful salad will have you salivating as you make it, and provides your palate with contrasting tastes and textures. Each ingredient provides you with vitamins, minerals, or both, and the avocado insures you’re getting healthy fat and fiber, two key elements on Paleo.

White Turkey Chili
Photo: Mellow Momma

46. White Turkey Chili
This chili is so good for you that it can be considered one of the healthiest Paleo recipes you can make. The turkey adds in quality protein with less fat than most ground beef, with vegetables and spices that are Paleo approved, and all unauthorized foods wisely removed.

47. Healthy Breakfast Salad
If you’ve ever woken up in the morning and wondered what to eat, wonder no more. Keep this recipe on hand and you’ll be able to start your day with a healthy salad that incorporates breakfast items like eggs so you feel good all the way to lunch.

48. Spicy Indian Cauliflower Soup
Using the right spices in the right amounts will help you stay happy while on Paleo, and will add to the nutritional value of the meal as well. This soup takes ordinary cauliflower and turns it into something amazing so you get a vegetable serving and antioxidants in one bowl.

49. Grapefruit, Avocado, Arugula Salad with Fish
Presentation is an important concept to add to your Paleo eating, and sometimes you’ll want to make a meal that’s a bit gourmet in order to send your brain the message that you’re not dieting. This plate not only looks great and tastes great, but is good for you too.

50. Quick Steak Salad
This salad keeps it healthy with a lean cut of beef and a big portion of vegetation. Tomatoes, cucumber, and bell pepper will help you get your vegetables, and steak is always a good choice when it comes to getting the benefits of beef without the drawbacks often associated with fattier cuts.

Easy Fig Salad
Photo: Healing and Eating

51. Easy Fig Salad
Figs aren’t just for Fig Newtons, they can play a part in your Paleo life by providing you with nutrition and a tasty flavor for your palate. This fig salad is something you can whip up quickly and easily, and contains simple and healthy ingredients that keep you on track.

52. Roasted Rutabaga, Pistachios and Golden Raisins
This is a very nice mix of ingredients, with each one contributing to your overall health and wellbeing. Roasted rutabaga is the bottommost layer, with a salad mix placed on top including pistachios and raisins for protein and antioxidants respectively. A tasty snack or meal starter.

53. Autumn Ambrosia
Best served in the autumn months, this mix of items focuses on food that is ripe at this time. Take for example the persimmon, which they have you waiting until it’s very ripe before using. There’s also walnuts, pomegranates, and cinnamon, all foods that consistently rank on health food lists.

54. Cilantro Lime Hummus
Traditional hummus is a no-go on Paleo, but you can still enjoy it if you make it according to this recipe. It uses zucchini instead of chickpeas to stay Paleo approved, and also provides a vegetable serving to help you out. Tahini and olive oil help provide classic flavors.

55. Balsamic Roasted Butternut Squash and Fennel
This is a great duo that deserves to be eaten together, with butternut squash providing its versatile flavor, and fennel adding in a different texture and taste. This is a dish that gets a big boost from the use of balsamic vinegar so you won’t be short on flavor.

Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad
Photo: Preppy Paleo

56. Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad
Sriracha will provide your meals with the zing it’s known for, just make sure to use a brand that doesn’t add in anything that isn’t Paleo. This chopped salad provides you with lean protein, lycopene from tomatoes, and vitamins from pineapple. Sweet, sour, and spicy combine for a healthy treat.

57. Garlicky Zoodles with Slivered Almonds
A spiralizer is an investment you should consider making on Paleo since it allows you to make noodles out of an assortment of different vegetables. This expands your repertoire and opens up more recipes options. Here zucchini is turned into noodles and joined by healthy almonds.

58. Kale Salad with Hazelnuts and Beets
Adding kale to your day just makes it better, and when you add in hazelnuts and beets you’re not only getting more nutrients, you’re adding to the flavor profile considerably. They’re using a special type of kale in this salad, and it’s a good idea to become familiar with all the types of kale available.

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59. Sesame Summer Squash Salad
Squash and zucchini combine in this summer salad that you can enjoy anytime of year, but is best during the long days of summer. By keeping it simple you’re sticking to the Paleo way of cooking, and this makes a great side dish paired with a meat dish.

60. Mini Quiches with Duxelles & Baby Broccoli
These cute little quiches make sure that everyone gets just the right portion, and you don’t have to worry about your quiche having an uncooked middle. Serving it up with baby broccoli means you’ll be getting fiber and vitamins with your protein.

Simple Indian Beetroot Salad
Photo: Cooking with Siri

61. Simple Indian Beetroot Salad
This salad is made up mostly of beets, and shows you a way to enjoy beets if you’ve mostly just tried pickled beets from a jar or salad bar. Using fresh beets and combining them with onion, seasoning, and fresh herbs gives them a special flavor and keeps their nutrients intact.

62. Tunisian Grilled Vegetables
Eating so many vegetables each day can become monotonous, so it’s vital to have a collection of delicious vegetable recipes to fall back on. These grilled vegetables are chosen for their flavor, and come with a dressing that uses healthy ingredients like paprika, cayenne, and cilantro for loads of flavor.

63. Raw Kelp Noodle Chili Salad
Kelp noodles are one way to have noodles without using any grains. They are made from seaweed, so you’re getting added nutrients with each bite. Kale and avocado make sure that you’re getting vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, protein, and fiber for a healthy meal.

64. Daikon Rolls with Pesto
These rolls are not just pretty to look at, they also taste great and are made with ingredients that will move you forward on your path. Pesto provides serious flavor, and daikon is a popular food item in Japan that is also Paleo friendly serves as the outer layer.

65. Asian Salad with Salmon
This salad and salmon combo works well and makes sure that you’re getting protein and vegetables together in one meal. No need for a side dish when you make this meal, the salmon gives you omega-3s and the cabbage provides fiber and anti-cancer properties.

Spring Slaw with Smoked Shrimp
Photo: Primal Palate

66. Spring Slaw with Smoked Shrimp
Taking the time to make the individual components of this dish taste amazing it worth it. You’ll see that the shrimp come out delectable all on their own, and the slaw could stand alone as a side dish. Combined this is a healthy meal that tops you up on veggies and quality protein.

67. Sweet Potato Sesame Salad
When you use sweet potatoes as your main ingredient you’re on the right track. They contain antioxidants and fiber, and unlike white potatoes they’re allowed on Paleo. They’ve managed to work some kale into it for added nutrients like calcium and Vitamin C.

68. Three Tomato Salad with Capers and Olives
Using three different types of tomatoes gives you subtle flavor variations, and get plenty of the important antioxidant lycopene. This is what gives tomatoes the headlines in health news, and in this salad you’ll be inundated with tomato flavor and health benefits with additional items added for extra taste.

69. Golden Isles Shrimp Stew
Make up this healthy stew and you’ll be getting a complete Paleo meal all in one dish. Plenty of tomatoes boost the nutrition content towards the stratosphere, while providing protein from the shrimp. A nice change of pace from the beef and chicken so often seen in Paleo recipes.

70. Everyday Lunch Salad
This salad is labeled as something you could eat everyday. The beauty of it is that it uses your choice of leftover meat, allowing you to take last night’s leftovers and repurpose them into a delicious salad the next day. Baby spinach provides plenty of nutrition and taste great too!

Mussels Marinara
Photo: Things My Belly Likes

71. Mussels Marinara
Mussels are a naturally healthy option, but all too often you’ll find them tainted by extra ingredients that make for an unhealthy dish. Paleo keeps things simple, and this marinara only adds to the nutrition you’re getting from the mussels. Olive oil, garlic, and tomato all add flavor and extra nutrients.

72. Homemade Baked Apple Chips
Eventually you’re going to want a snack on Paleo, and you’d better have a healthy option available or you may be tempted into non-Paleo junk food. These apple chips provide a satisfying crunch, while providing the goodness of apples with vitamins and fiber.

73. Loaded Chicken Vegetable Soup
This soup is absolutely packed with vegetables and chicken, so you’re getting a good Paleo balance of meat and veggies. The vegetables include bok choy, celery, and carrots, and garnishing with avocado adds fiber and healthy fat to the soup. You can opt to add in some hot sauce to spice it up.

74. Carrot and Beet Salad with Spicy Mustard Dressing
This salad combines two root vegetables that work nicely together in the form of carrots and beets. The dressing does a good job of adding massive flavor while only using ingredients that are healthy and provide additional nutrition. Walnuts are added to the top so you’re getting healthy fat, protein, and fiber.

75. Chicken Curry Stir Fry
Combine the powerful flavor of a curry with the convenience of a stir fry in this recipe. You’ll get protein and minerals from the chicken, and vitamins and minerals from broccoli, carrots, and celery. Almond milk keeps this dairy free but provides a creamy texture and offers health benefits.

Autumn Butternut Squash Salad
Photo: The Housewife in Training Files

76. Autumn Butternut Squash Salad
This salad is topped with delicious butternut squash. It not only makes a great salad topper for its soft texture and pleasing flavor, it’s also a good source of fiber and vitamins. While best enjoyed during the fall, you could also eat this through the winter for best results.

77. Green Tea Cookies
These cookies have green tea leaves baked right into them. This is a convenient way to benefit from the powerful antioxidants found in green tea. Green tea consistently gets reported on for clinical trials that show its effectiveness at everything from weight loss to cancer prevention.

78. Chicken Piccata
This chicken dish will be something you make more than once when you experience the flavor it provides. It’s amazing how keeping things simple can help you appreciate the ingredients more, and just a handful of different ingredients make this a memorable and healthy meal.

79. Sesame Cucumber Salad
Cucumbers are a hydrating vegetable, and one that you should give extra attention to while on Paleo. This salad presents an easy way to do just that, and is constructed mostly of cucumbers, with some toppings to make it taste better and spice it up so it’s not just cucumber.

80. Healthy Vegetable Soup
Getting into the habit of making soup on a regular basis can really help make sure that there’s always Paleo friendly food available. This vegetable soup can be made in bulk and is made with spinach, tomatoes, and cabbage, three powerhouses that form a broad nutritional spectrum.

Fire-Kissed Cantaloupe and Mango Salad
Photo: Paleo Fondue

81. Fire-Kissed Cantaloupe and Mango Salad
The contrast between the sweet melon and mango and the heat from the jalapeno and cayenne pepper is enough to put this dish on the map. Cantaloupe contains vitamins, and mango provides antioxidants. The peppers have capsaicin to help boost your metabolism and spur weight loss.

82. Cashew Chicken with Asparagus & Mushrooms
Here’s proof that you can have a dish that is restaurant caliber without having to pay restaurant prices or trust someone else with your health. The cashews provide healthy fat and protein and with asparagus and mushrooms you’re getting a healthy dish without worrying what’s in it.

83. Sweet Potato Skins with Indian Spices
The beauty of these potato skins is that you’re getting the flavor of regular potato skins with the nutrition of sweet potatoes. The Indian spices do a good job of accentuating the flavor, and even the sauce that goes over them is prepared with your health in mind.

84. Simple Fennel, Orange and Pepper Salad
As long as each part of your recipe is healthy, the end result is health too. That’s the story with this salad, made from a mix of fennel, orange and black pepper. You’ll be amazed at how just a few choice ingredients can taste just as good as a more complicated dish.

85. Barbecue Zucchini Chips
When you opt for Paleo snacks over the junk food aisle you are taking matters into your own hands and exerting quality control over what you eat. These zucchini chips give you a vegetable serving and the classic taste of BBQ from an assortment of spices.

Roasted Squash Stuffed with Roasted Vegetables
Photo: Panning the Globe

86. Roasted Squash Stuffed with Roasted Vegetables
When you stuff one healthy ingredient with other healthy ingredients you can’t go wrong. Here there’s a squash that’s been stuffed with roasted Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, and more squash. It’s a virtual who’s who of veggies, and you’ll benefit from all of the vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

87. Spicy Tuna Deviled Egg
This is a great twist on the classic deviled egg, and introduces tuna into the mix. Tuna provides you with omega-3 and additional protein to what the egg already contains. There’s no mayo used in these, which keeps it healthy, and they provide two additional recipes to choose from.

88. Grilled Veggie Salad
If you’re tired of salads filled with raw vegetables, try changing up the flavor by grilling them first. This recipe is handy because it includes vegetables that lend themselves nicely to the grilling process, and will provide plenty of nutrients along with their flavor.

89. Chocolate Hot Cross Buns
You can leave room for dessert and still eat healthy when you take the time to prepare a recipe like this one. She shows you how to make chocolate hot cross buns without any all-purpose flour or dairy, and only high quality chocolate with antioxidants for your health.

90. Mashed Garlic Cauliflower
This recipe is one that you’ll want to memorize so that you’ll always have a healthy side dish option available on Paleo. Say goodbye to mashed potatoes for good, and embrace Paleo by subbing in cauliflower for a vegetable serving and a similar taste and texture.

Ginger Cod with Zucchini Ribbon Salad
Photo: Cooking in Sens

91. Ginger Cod with Zucchini Ribbon Salad
Eating fish on Paleo is a smart idea, as many of our early ancestors would have thrived on fish freshly caught from local water sources. This dish features a hearty fillet of cod with a salad made from ribboned zucchini. Protein and a vegetable and you’ve got a healthy Paleo meal.

92. Moroccan Carrot and Kohlrabi Salad
Keep things interesting with this Moroccan-inspired salad made from carrots and kohlrabi. If you’re not familiar with kohlrabi you should try it because Paleo is all about trying new foods and expanding the number of food items in your arsenal so you can make a wider assortment of dishes.

93. Quick Huevos Rancheros
This egg dish is something that you can quickly whip up in a pinch, adheres to the Paleo guidelines, and is full of flavor. The use of spinach, avocados, tomatoes, and olive oil means you’re getting a combination of ingredients that will have a positive impact on the body rather than slowing you down.

94. Sweet Potato Kale and Shrimp Skillet
This skillet keeps your meal to one pan while providing nutrition in the form of kale and sweet potatoes, two bona fide superfoods, as well as shrimp. Shrimp is a quality protein that can help break the monotony of chicken and beef, and keep you healthy with its low fat content.

95. Spicy Cocoa-Dusted Kabocha Squash
Here’s a squash dish that uses a squash you might not have tried before. Kabocha squash has its own unique flavor, and provide fiber and vitamins that will propel you through your day. It’s dusted with cocoa, providing more flavor and making this a side dish that tastes great and boosts your health.

Chicken Sweet Potato and Mushroom Chili
Photo: The Texas Peach

96. Chicken Sweet Potato and Mushroom Chili
Chili makes a great healthy meal because it allows you to combine a larger number of healthy ingredients into one dish. In this instance they’ve gone with chicken for the protein source, sweet potatoes for texture and antioxidants, and mushrooms for added vitamins and minerals.

97. Grilled Peach and Avocado Salsa
Here’s a salsa that breaks away from traditional salsa styles and uses grilled peaches as the main ingredient. There is also avocado included, so you’re getting healthy fat, potassium, and fiber, which you wouldn’t normally get. You can use this salsa as a meat topper or side dish.

98. Tomato and Onion Salad with Curried Okra Chips
At first glance this salad doesn’t look like much, but the combination of tomatoes and onions is time-tested. Adding in curried okra chips only ups the ante, and you’re going to love the extra flavor and nutrition they provide. Serve this salad alongside a chicken breast or a lean steak for a healthy meal.

99. Loaded Curried Chicken Salad
This chicken salad features the irresistible taste of curry, and is full of such healthy ingredients as onions, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, raisins, and almonds. It’s enough to keep your mouth interested, and makes the perfect lunch or a light dinner when you need something on the go.

100. Chicken & Avocado Twice Baked Sweet Potato
These sweet potatoes are a meal in themselves because they provide you with all of the essential elements of a Paleo meal. Chicken gives you protein, the sweet potatoes provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and the avocado makes sure you stay full longer with healthy fat and additional fiber.


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