18 Quick & Easy Ground Turkey Meals

There’s so much you can do with ground turkey that it’s a good idea to keep some on hand so you always know you’re minutes away from a healthy meal. It can be used much like ground beef or ground chicken, but has the distinct taste of turkey. There are varying degrees of leanness that you can choose from, and some recipes will let you know which one they used. It’s always a good idea to opt for leaner cuts while on Paleo, since your fat should come from healthier sources like oils and nuts.

17 Quick & Easy Ground Turkey Meals- try one of these wholesome recipes for a simple meal.

1. Paleo Turkey Pesto Meatballs
Rebecca is always tinkering around in her Paleo kitchen and has come up with some great-tasting turkey meatballs, with the flavor of pesto in each one. The main ingredient is of course ground turkey, but mixed up in it is a Paleo pesto, almond flour, egg whites, and salt and pepper. They’re baked, so they’re super easy to make and you don’t have to babysit them. Serve over a bed of spaghetti squash and you’ve got quite the Paleo meal.

ground turkey meatloaf
Photo: Healtheasy

2. Zucchini Stuffed Meatloaf
This meatloaf contains a hidden surprise in the form of zucchini running right through the middle of it. She’s using a very lean ground turkey at 94% lean, which means this is one meatloaf that won’t be swimming in its own grease. The great part about having zucchini added to it is that it makes it a complete Paleo meal so you don’t necessarily have to serve up a side dish with it. The zucchini also acts to keep the meatloaf from drying out, and gets cooked to perfection while tucked inside the loaf. Overall, a healthier alternative to traditional meatloaf, and a tasty one at that.

3. Turkey Taco Salad
Here’s a taco salad made with ground turkey instead of ground beef. A few of the usual taco salad regulars make an appearance, but they’ve done away with the taco shell that is typically deep fried and holds all of the taco salad ingredients. There’s avocado, spinach, and even plantains used, so it’s a taco salad recipe that isn’t following convention. That’s alright with us, as it tastes amazing and is a way to capture some of the taco salad essence while leaving the undesirable parts out. She even provides the recipe to make your own taco seasoning so that you retain quality control over everything.

4. Summer Burgers
These burgers are perfect for the summer, incorporating both ground chicken and ground turkey to pull of the right flavor. This shows that you don’t have to use just one type of ground meat, and that putting the two together can make quite the concoction. They’re serving these burgers up without a bun, a convenient way to sidestep any concerns with grains or wheat. The use of herbs and spices in these burgers is tuned into the summertime, with fresh cilantro being the most flavorful of them and adding a lot to the flavor profile.

5. Fowl Balls
Get a different taste from your meatballs when you use ground turkey and not beef. She’s really good at coming up with game day foods, even releasing a book called Pigskin Paleo featuring snacks that are perfectly paired with sports watching. She recommends dipping these in a avocado-spinach dipping sauce, and dipping always makes foods taste better and adds novelty to the dish. It’s always nice to serve up an appetizer that you can enjoy alongside your non-Paleo friends, and they don’t even have to know that it’s a Paleo recipe. Get in game time mode with these awesome meatballs.

6. Aubergine Turkey Chili Sweet Potato
One way to top a sweet potato is with this impressive turkey and eggplant chili. The reason this works so well is that while there’s plenty of ground turkey, there’s also plenty of vegetables used in the chili, and it’s served on top of a baked sweet potato, so you’re getting antioxidants and fiber from that, which helps to make this a perfectly proportioned Paleo meal on a plate. You won’t soon forget this dish, as it incorporates so many flavors, and is relatively easy to make. You could even use the slow cooker to make the chili if you were so inclined.

sweet potato burgers
Photo: Tastes of Lizzy T

7. Sweet Potato Spinach Bacon Burgers
There’s a lot going on with these burgers, made with sweet potatoes, spinach, and bacon. And of course there’s ground turkey in there or it wouldn’t have made our list. The savory flavor of the bacon will permeate through the entire burger, and it’s nice knowing that you’ve got two superfoods backing you up, spinach and sweet potato. Spinach contains iron and other minerals, as well as phytonutrients and fiber. Sweet potatoes have bera Cartone in them, as well as additional fiber. That makes these burgers more nutrient dense and fiber-filled than your average burger, and you’ve got your vegetables built right in.

8. Turkey Frittata
It’s not everyday that you find turkey in a frittata, which makes this extra special. There are literally hundreds of ways to make a frittata, so it’s all about your personal tastes and preferences. This one uses a full pound of ground turkey, plenty of spinach, lots of eggs, and an assortment of seasonings and spices to make it taste good. The beauty of this recipe is that it is a complete meal all in one, and good as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner as long as you’re in the mood for it. Use coconut cream for the cream instead of regular cream and you’ll be all set.

9. Luigi Stuffed Mushrooms
If you’re getting bored with the usual stuffed mushroom, try these Luigi Stuffed Mushrooms for a new taste sensation. Using turkey instead of beef is a good idea, as it goes well with the taste of the mushrooms, and is generally less greasy. The mushroom caps are baby portobello mushroom caps, so they’re sturdy enough to hold all of the ingredients without breaking apart, and they serve as the primary vegetable, even though there are carrots, celery, and onions in the meaty mix. They also mention that you can use a mix of turkey and beef and it will still turn out good.

10. Moroccan Stuffed Eggplant
This eggplant received a serious upgrade by being stuffed with a delectable mix of ground turkey, vegetables, and spices. Moroccan dishes are known for their intense flavor, not necessarily spicy intense, just a lot of different spices all working together. This recipe is no slouch in the spice department, using a combination of turmeric, cayenne, cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and more, all of which would catch your attention on their own. When they are used together it’s almost an assault on the senses, but in a good way, one that you’ll want to keep eating.

11. Turkey Tacos
These turkey tacos not only sub in turkey for beef, but leaves of lettuce for taco shells, so you’re getting a healthier taco overall. One ingredient they’re using is not Paleo, which is the corn, but it’s easy enough to sub that out for a vegetable like bell peppers, and you won’t miss it. They also have a list of suggested toppings that will help to enhance the flavor. Our favorite is guacamole, which will not only add to the taste, but provide fiber and healthy fats as well. The turkey they’re using is 99% fat free, which is about as lean as you’ll find.

sweet apple turkey sausages
Photo: Leaf Parade

12. Sweet Apple Turkey Sausages
You haven’t tried sausage until you’ve tried these turkey sausages infused with the taste of apples. We love how simple they’ve kept this recipe, with nothing added for filler, each ingredient lends itself to the overall finished product. A Granny Smith apple gives this all the apple flavor you could ask for, and is just enough to be noticed but doesn’t steal the show from the savory ground turkey and other seasonings in this sausage.

13. Caveman Casserole
This is a casserole you can feel good about serving to your family or guests. It is basically a Shepherd’s Pie but with sweet potatoes used instead of regular potatoes. The base is mostly made with ground turkey, and somehow they’ve managed to sneak an entire banana into this dish, mashing them in with the sweet potatoes to give them additional sweetness, fiber, and a dose of potassium. You’ll be surprised at how often Paleo chefs sneak wholesome foods into otherwise unsuspecting recipes, adding to the overall nutrition.

14. Mexican Meatza
If you love the taste of Mexican you’ll want to become adept at making Paleo-friendly Mexican dishes, and this recipe is a good place to start. They’ve basically made a pizza using ground turkey for the crust, and topped it off with Mexican-inspired ingredients. Serving it up on a bed of greens is a great way to get your vegetable serving along with your meat. They’ve taken the liberty of topping it off with an egg, an interesting topping that adds more protein to the mix. The dollop of guac on top of everything is a nice bonus.

15. Turkey Breakfast Pattie
Start your morning off right with this turkey breakfast pattie that features both ground turkey and an egg, presented in a way that will make you feel you’re having breakfast in a fancy restaurant. The great part about this recipe is its simplicity, and even though it looks fancy it’s tremendously easy to make, and you’ll be eating it in no time. You can use your choice of veggies, and here they suggest asparagus or spinach if you can’t find samphire. When you are short on time but still want a protein-packed way to start your day, this is the patty to turn to.

16. Spicy Turkey Sausage Patties
Spices always go good with meat, and here they’ve taken the taste of turkey and kicked it up a notch or two with cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, and other spices that will get your attention. They go well at breakfast time, or any time you want a spicy and meaty meal. They show them being served up with scrambled eggs, an excellent choice. If you end up with leftovers you can easily reinvent these as a meatball topping for a pizza or crumble them up and put them in a chili. Rather than being at the mercy of whatever the company wants to put into their sausage links, you get to make these patties from regular ground turkey, so you control the creation process.

paleo ground turkey goulash
Photo: MealPod

17. Paleo Turkey Goulash
This goulash brings some new flavors to the table, and features turkey as the centerpiece. Making a goulash is nice because you can’t really screw it up as a far as appearances go. It’s basically just all of the ingredients cooked up in the skillet, and so you have a wide margin of error. This is the sort of stress free meal that’s great after a long day, and you can even play around with the ingredients if you don’t necessarily have what’s on the ingredients list. It’s a complete meal all in one so you don’t have to fuss with another dish either.

18. Harvest Sausage Stuffed Squash
If you’re going to stuff a squash, you may as well stuff it with the tastiest things you can think of. Here they’ve gone with a delicious sausage made with ground turkey and an assortment of seasonings selected just for their ability to turn ordinary ground turkey into a something that tastes like sausage. Sage is the primary ingredient that will make this sausage-like, and because you aren’t using actual sausage you won’t have to worry if there’s nitrates in it, or extra sodium. This makes it a healthier alternative to buying turkey sausage, but with all the flavor you could ever want.


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