The Best Eggless Breakfast Casserole with Bacon

By Jess

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Who says that you need eggs to make a good casserole dish? I must have missed the memo because this paleo eggless bacon casserole recipe is absolutely to die for. The words “bacon” and “casserole” together should already be enough to give you an idea of just how incredibly delicious this recipe is -- but there’s definitely much, much more that goes into this casserole. In fact, some of the ingredients used might even surprise you! And best of all with this recipe? It’s super easy to prepare and can be ready to go, start to finish, in only 45 minutes.

breakfast casserole without eggs

Think you need to include eggs to make a delicious casserole? Think again! This casserole recipe passes over the eggs and adds in everybody’s other favorite breakfast item bacon instead, along with a surprisingly varied amount of other paleo friendly ingredients. The end result? One incredibly yummy eggless bacon casserole recipe that is definitely not to be missed.

Meat, Veggies, and Spices…Oh My!

I like to think that the most important part of any good breakfast is that it has to have plenty of protein to help fill you up, get your metabolism going, and provide you with a steady stream of energy for the day ahead. So with that in mind, not only does this casserole recipe include bacon, but you’ll also be adding in one pound of boneless, skinless chicken breasts that have been cut into half-inch cubes. This one-two punch of meat adds a ton of protein and fat into the dish, which will both help to keep you feeling full for longer.

Just because there’s plenty of protein doesn’t mean that we will be skipping over the veggies with this recipe however. Quite the opposite, in fact. This recipe includes sweet potato, also cut into half-inch cubes. On top of that, you’ll be adding in broccoli florets and a single small onion. Every good casserole dish should make use of fresh, healthy veggies in order to add an abundance of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, and this recipe is no exception.

You’re not just going to be adding vegetables into this dish though — this recipe also calls for two Granny Smith apples, also cut into cubes. Apples are one of the most popular fruits worldwide and there’s a good reason for that — they’re excellent sources of antioxidants, flavonoids, dietary fiber, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and minerals like calcium and potassium. (1) They’re just a great way to easily add even more nutritional value into this casserole.

In order to round out the casserole, you’ll be adding in a handful of ingredients that all serve to boost the amount of flavor in this dish immensely. I’m talking about garlic cloves, dried thyme, cinnamon, olive oil, and chicken broth. I find that you’ll notice the taste of the garlic and cinnamon the most, and they both help to make this dish even healthier. The allicin in garlic has all kinds of beneficial properties, like reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease (2), while cinnamon is also well known as an excellent source of antioxidants with many great medicinal properties. (3)

As you can see, there’s a lot of great tasting ingredients that go into this recipe, and they all combine to produce an incredibly delicious casserole. My favorite part about this recipe is also how easy it is to make — there’s no need to worry about layering anything in or adding certain things at the right time. Simply add all of the ingredients into a bowl, toss them to combine, and then bake them for about 35 minutes, and you’re all set to enjoy a tasty casserole.

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    • 4 slices bacon, chopped
    • 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into ½ -inch cubes
    • 1 medium sweet potato, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch cubes
    • 1 ½ cups broccoli florets
    • 2 Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and cut into 3/4 inch cubes
    • 1 small onion, chopped
    • 2 garlic cloves, minced
    • ½ tsp dried thyme
    • ¼ tsp cinnamon
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • ¼ cup chicken broth
    • salt, black pepper to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
  2. In a bowl place all the ingredients and toss to combine.
  3. Season with salt and black pepper to taste.
  4. Transfer the mixture into a baking dish.
  5. Bake for 35-45 minutes or until chicken and sweet potatoes are cooked.
  6. Serve warm.


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Total Time

45 minutes

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

35 minutes

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