38 Paleo Drinks to Refresh, Recharge, or Relax

By Jess

These Paleo drinks are all made to the specification of the Paleo diet, and in many cases will provide you with nourishment and nutrients far more than most non-Paleo beverages. That’s one thing you’ll soon learn about Paleo, it almost always means you’re getting a higher quality food item, one that promotes good health and wellbeing rather than being a detriment. You can relax and enjoy one of these drinks, or use one to get the pep back in your step.

38 Tongue-Smackingly Good Drinks to Refresh, Recharge, or Relax- the holy grail for drink ideas.

1. Paleo Antioxidant Berry Shake
Berries are a well-known source of antioxidants, so when Rebecca set out to make this shake she knew that it would be a surefire way to load it up. She’s using two different types of berries here, both raspberries and blueberries, so you won’t be let down in the antioxidant department. She didn’t stop there though, and this contains a banana for extra minerals and fiber, as well as chia seeds for added omega-3. Overall a feel good shake that you can drink with no regrets, and no worries that it’s going to do your body any sort of harm.

blood orange soda
Photo: Predominantly Paleo

2. Blood Orange Soda
Don’t worry, this isn’t a vampiric concoction they’ve come up with, it’s using blood oranges for massive amounts of flavor as well as added nutrition. This has an effervescence to it thanks to the sparkling mineral water, and does a good job of satisfying the craving of having a bubbly beverage. As you know, conventional sodas aren’t allowed on Paleo due to obscene amount of sugars they contain, so having a beverage like this that lets you indulge in a soda-like experience is important on a psychological level. Just three ingredients go into this, the mineral water, blood orange juice, and stevia drops to sweeten it up.

3. Carrot Apple Ginger Juice
This is a refreshing juice that will pop in your mouth thanks to the ginger blended into it. The apple helps to sweeten things up, and the carrot lends its familiar taste and notorious beta Carotene which helps the body with more than just eyesight. The drink is billed as being helpful in smoothing out the skin, and that’s what happens when superfoods start mingling together, good things are usually the result. Water is the only other ingredient, which is actually a good thing because most juices out there are loaded with extra sugar. Try this and you’ll wonder why Food Incorporated feels the need to use so much sugar in juice.

4. Red Raspberry Rhubarb Limeade
Here’s quite the mix of ingredients that somehow work well with each other to make a refreshing limeade. Raspberries lend their tartness, and rhubarb is going to help round out their taste. If you’ve never used rhubarb before you may be taken aback by it at first, as it looks like an alien species of celery. But that’s where the similarities end and it has it’s own distinct flavor that plays nicely into this limeade. The lime flavor comes from real limes of course, as Paleo is all about natural sources. An all natural sweet source helps take away some of the sourness of the beverage.

5. Spiced Almond Milk
There’s a mild debate going as to whether almond milk is Paleo or not, but you can put the entire debate to rest by making your own almond milk at home. This lets you have quality control and makes sure that your almond milk is indeed Paleo and from a trusted source. They provide the steps on how to make almond milk, and then how to spice it up so it becomes its own beverage that you’ll want to drink straight. You can also use the remaining almond milk in all sorts of Paleo recipes as a substitute for cow’s milk.

6. Paleo Pumpkin Pie Smoothie
Kiri has made a smoothie that not only looks amazing, but tastes great too. You can’t beat the taste of pumpkin pie when that’s what you’re in the mood for, except sometimes you’re not in the mood to make an entire pie just to have a slice. Even though it’s pretty easy to make a Paleo friendly pie, sometimes it’s just better to have a smoothie instead. This smoothie has a lot going on, with a banana, pumpkin puree, and even hemp hearts being used, but it stays true to its advertised taste and comes out as a delicious pumpkin pie themed treat.

healthy shamrock shake
Photo: Healthy Starts in the Kitchen

7. Healthy Shamrock Shake
Have you seen what’s in a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake? It isn’t pretty, and you can be sure that any Shamrock Shake you get from a fast food place is going to be littered with things you wouldn’t want to put in your body. This shake will give you all of the luck of the Irish you can stand without flooding your body with what amounts to industrial grade gunk. Imagine having a shake and actually feeling good once it’s finished. That’s the sort of thing that can actually happen on Paleo. It doesn’t say that you can’t have a shake, or that you need to wait for a free day or other gimmick. Just make the shake healthy, like in this recipe.

8. Turmeric Smoothie
This smoothie features turmeric as the starring ingredient, which is pretty amazing seeing that you normally only see this spice used in Indian-inspired recipes. But it’s a superspice that you should really be getting more of, and a recipe like this can make that happen. This is billed as a smoothie that can help you lose a cold, and the turmeric will help with that. But it’s not the only thing that’s in it, so don’t feel that the whole thing will taste like one big dash of turmeric. There’s banana, mango, coconut milk, cinnamon, ginger, and honey, all wholesome foods that should help you kick whatever’s ailing you.

9. Creamy Coco-Nutty Coffee Latte
Use coconut to create the perfect cup of coffee without the need for any dairy based creamer, or trusting your health to whatever is in a non dairy creamer. Many of the creamers on the market used partially hydrogenated oils, and some still do. Here they’re using coconut milk so there’ s no dairy, and they’re making it taste amazing by adding some coconut oil so it will be buttery and creamy, and like a latte without the drawbacks of dairy. Make it hot or blend it up with ice for a summer cooldown.

10. Prickly Pear Limeade
This is a specially created limeade that uses prickly pear for some serious flavor and nutrition. You don’t have to get caught up in the hype surrounding prickly pears, and it doesn’t have to be a magic cure-all in order for you to enjoy it. Suffice it to say that it contains some vitamins and minerals, and is something Paleolithic man would have explored if they came upon some in the wild. Finding out that there’s edible flesh behind the prickliness would have surely been a pleasant surprise for them. Drink this with the intention of being healthy and you’ll have a refreshing time.

11. Strawberry Clementine Smoothie
This smoothie rivals anything you could order at a smoothie bar, and lets you have control over what goes in it. The recipe calls for fresh or frozen strawberries, a banana and clementines, all blended up until they reach a smoothie consistency. You simply can’t go wrong with this mix because the strawberries provide antioxidants as well as their long-standing reputation as being fantastic in a smoothie. The banana helps add to the perfect smoothie texture while adding potassium and fiber, and the clementines give this some sweetness and a bit of tartness.

green kale smoothie

12. Green Kale Smoothie with Mango
Kale is still making waves among health circles, and for good reason thanks to its high amounts of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You can give your body a jolt of the good stuff with this smoothie, that makes things extra smooth thanks to the mango it has in it. The mango itself is no slouch in the nutrition department, and you’ll be happy knowing that everything that goes into this smoothie is good for you, as well as tastes great.

13. Cranberry Apple Detox Juice
They’ve gone all out with this detox juice, and this is something you can drink whenever you feel like your body needs a bit of cleansing. To detox you don’t need to follow any crazy fasting regimen or do anything extreme. All that’s required is stopping the influx of toxins, something the Paleo diet does naturally, and providing the body with what it needs. In this case they’re using the diuretic properties of cranberries mixed with the healthy benefits of apples, with added vegetables like celery and lettuce, and extra cleaning agents like ginger to get the job done.

14. Green Pina Colada Smoothie
If you like pina coladas you’ll love this green smoothie take on the classic beverage. Getting caught in the rain may lead to a cold, but this green smoothie is sure to get your immune system to a place where you won’t catch a cold easily. The coconut flavor comes from both coconut milk as well as shredded coconut, and the pineapple is from real pineapple chunks, nothing artificial. Spinach gives it the necessary green color to be called a green smoothie, and also piles on the nutrition. A banana joins the mix for added minerals and fiber as well as to smooth things out.

15. Wild Blueberry Cooler
Blueberries are renowned for their antioxidant content, so it’s a good idea to have them once in awhile. Since many Paleo food recipes don’t use fruit, it’s important to find drink recipes like this one that can give you a serving of fruit without being a meal. This is a sure way to cool off during the hot days of summer, and in addition to the blueberries you’re also getting pomegranate juice and raw honey. That makes three ingredients that consistently make health news because they’ve been found to beneficial effects on the body.

16. Salted Chocolate Smoothie
Salt and chocolate go good together, as salt helps bring out the flavor of the chocolate. Candy bar manufacturers have known this for years which is why you see peanuts added to many of them. But in this beverage you won’t have to worry about all of the junk that’s in candy bars, you just get the taste of chocolate thanks to cacao powder accentuated by sea salt. You get to choose the dairy-free milk that you’d like, with almond milk or coconut milk being a good way to go, and there’s also some bananas which you’ll find in almost every smoothie recipe.

non alcoholic sangria
Photo: The Sprouting Seed

17. Non-Alcoholic Sangria
This is a sangria that will make it so you don’t really miss the alcohol. Alcohol isn’t recommended while on the Paleo diet, as it’s not something our Paleolithic ancestors had discovered, and the effects of what alcohol does to the body are well documented. A funny thing happens on Paleo though, if you used to drink alcohol regularly and start doing Paleo you may notice that you just don’t have the desire for it anymore, and instead reach for healthier alternatives to relax and unwind. This sangria is one way to do it, with plenty of fruit, tea, and sweet things combining together.

18. Drink Your Greens Smoothie
Staring at a plateful of greens can be daunting, and drinking them down can take just a few seconds. When you know you need to get some veggies in your life but can’t force yourself to eat a big salad full of greens, this smoothie is your answer. It has kale, chard, and parsley in it, and to help the medicine go down it has pineapple chunks for sweetness and also added vitamins. There’s even a menu with different things you can add to the smoothie to upgrade its nutrient content.

19. Ridiculously Delicious Paleo Hot Chocolate
This hot chocolate will help you brave a long cold winter while on Paleo, without having to break your promise to yourself to stick with it. Coconut milk, cocoa powder, and honey is all that’s needed to brew up this steamy concoction. The coconut milk gives it the milky consistency it needs and is full of flavor, the cocoa powder makes it so there isn’t any added preservatives or chemicals, and the honey sweetens it so you’ll actually want to drink it. A total wintertime winner no matter how you cut it!

20. Paleo Banana Chocolate Shake
When it comes to making Paleo drinks it’s good to have a few recipes in your back pocket that you just know how to make. This is one such recipe that is so easy to commit to memory that you may remember how to make it without looking it up. The ingredient that you might forget is the almond butter, but you won’t want to forget that because it’s going to add not only its delicious taste, but also the healthy fats it contains.

21. PB&J Smoothie
Take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and turn it into a smoothie and that’s what you’ve got with this recipe. Except it doesn’t contain a trace of peanut butter, and doesn’t use any jelly. That’s the marvel of the Paleo diet and the chefs that come up with the recipes. They’ll take the things you love and reinvent them in new and exciting ways. She’s using sunflower seed butter as well as almond butter to stand in for the peanut butter, and for the jelly flavor she’s using fresh raspberries, although strawberries would work as well. Coconut milk gives it an amazing consistency, especially with the banana added.

paleo super green apple juice
Photo: So… Let’s Hang Out

22. Super Green Apple Juice
This is apple juice like you’ve never had it before, super-fied to the max with things like cucumber, celery, and collard greens. The thing is that you won’t taste all of the vegetables it contains, because all that comes through is the apples, and it really retains its apple juice essence. That makes it a win-win for you, because you get a drink that really quenches your thirst, and at the same time your body is thanking you for the influx of vitamins and minerals.

23. Winter Sunshine Smoothie
In some parts of the country the sun doesn’t shine for days at a time during the winter, so you have to create your own sunshine. This winter sunshine smoothie attempts to do just that, with ingredients like oranges, bananas, berries, coconut, and hemp seed. It’s like a who’s who of healthy foods in here, and the color it provides is sure to put a smile on your face, especially if Old Man Winter is attempting to put a damper on your spirits. All of these ingredients are seasonally appropriate and early man would have eaten these to help sustain themselves through the winter.

24. Cranberry Spice Tea
This is a wonderful tea that you can curl up with and know that it is infusing your body with things that it needs. It makes a perfect unwinding moment for times when you’ve been stressed, and can really help your calibrate both your thoughts and your feelings. The cranberries help your system cleanse itself and there is cinnamon, goji berries, and ginger all helping the cause. A bit of raw honey helps to take the edge off some of the more tart flavors this brings, and makes it more than sippable.

25. Kombucha
You can take part in the kombucha trend without having to go gaga for it or think that it’s going to fix all of your ills. Here she’s showing you how to make your own so that you don’t have to pay the high prices you’ll see it sell for. You’ll also get to be in control of what goes into it, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that there isn’t anything you don’t approve of in it. The nice part about kombucha is that once you get the process started it’s easier to keep it going. One batch leads to the next, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

26. Carrot Cake Shake
This shake is like eating a carrot cake, only you get to drink it. If that sounds a little weird, you should try it before you deny it. The same sort of ingredients are used, including carrots, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Missing is any dairy that would otherwise muck up your system. When properly assembled this will really hit the spot if you’ve been craving carrot cake but don’t feel like making an entire cake just to satisfy your desire. Paleo is all about fulfilling your natural urges, not stifling them or going without for long periods of time. Find a workaround and go with it. Plus it’s just fun to say carrot cake shake.

lemon giner and basil iced tea

27. Lemon, Ginger and Basil Iced Tea
Nothing quite hits the spot on a hot summer’s day like lemonade or iced tea, the two are pretty much interchangeable with summer lingo. Here’s an iced tea that has lemon right in it so you really don’t have to decide. It’s meant to be a detoxifying tea as well, so you are getting some cleansing properties form it that you don’t normally get from run of the mill iced tea. Thanks for the added bonus, Rebecca!

28. Creamy Orange Julius
By now you probably know that mall food is not Paleo food, so Orange Julius is off the menu. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own at home with this recipe that gets you most of the way there. This is using fresh oranges, coconut milk, vanilla, and honey to come pretty close to recreating the classic flavor of an Orange Julius, without wondering what’s really in it that makes it taste the way it does. This is sure to hit the spot and can be extra refreshing when the temperature gets unbearable.

29. Red Roots Detox Drink
Root vegetables are Paleo approved, because it wouldn’t take much to pull them from the ground and get them ready to eat as a forager in Paleo times. This drink has beets and carrots as well as ginger for the roots, and an apple thrown in for good measure and to make it taste better. Beets have betalain in them, and are one of the few sources you’ll find for this powerful antioxidant. They can also help with the lymphatic system, and this is a great drink to have during the winter months when these sort of root vegetables are meant to be consumed.

30. Pumpkin Spice Hot Buttered Coffee
Once you try this way of making coffee you might not go back to any other, at least not during the fall and winter months when pumpkin is in season and seems fitting to the times. The pumpkin comes from pumpkin puree, and as always on Paleo it’s best if you make your own using actual pumpkin rather than going with the canned version. The butter flavor is from ghee preferably, and the spice is thanks to pumpkin pie spice so you know that this will have the same sort of flavor as a pumpkin pie, with coffee and butter it all works most excellently.

31. Chocolate Bacon Smoothie
It doesn’t take long for Paleo chefs to add bacon to a recipe because bacon is on the menu on this diet plan. Don’t think a chocolate smoothie would taste good with bacon in it? Try it first and then make up your mind. There’s something oddly satisfying about bacon, even when it is added to things that don’t traditionally call for it. Aside from the bacon this is a pretty standard chocolate smoothie recipe, complete with banana, honey, and cocoa powder. Coconut milk forms the base, so the only oddball is the bacon. Trust us, try it and see what you think.

sparkling watermelon cooler
Photo: Holistically Engineered

32. Sparkling Watermelon Cooler
This just may be the perfect summertime beverage, as it contains a fruit that is best eaten in the summer, and has other ingredients added to help you feel refreshed. This will be a bubbly treat that is sure to satisfy, thanks to the use of cold seltzer water. This gives it that sparkling nature that really spells refreshment. There’s just something calming and refreshing about a drink with fizz. Cola bottlers know this, which is why they carbonate everything. But you can enjoy the sensation without subjecting yourself to their wares with this watermelon cooler.

33. Kiwi Sunflower Sprout Juice
Here’s an amazing Paleo drink that uses a unique assortment of ingredients to bring you something that you likely haven’t tried before, at least not this particular arrangement. The base is formed by kiwifruit, and there’s also sunflower sprouts, an apple, cucumber and even chia seeds. Yes, those are the same sort of chia they make Chia Pets out of, but the seeds are actually really good for you and contain omega-3s, something you will want to get enough of while eating paleo. Here’s a way to top up on them quickly and easily.

34. Cinnamon Vanilla Herbal “Coffee”
Want the taste of coffee without actually having coffee? They’ve figured out a way to provide an herbal-based coffee drink that doesn’t use any coffee beans at all. The secret is the use of herbal roots that have been ground into a powder and then mixed into a drink. To make it tastier they’ve added cinnamon and vanilla to it, and used a bit of natural sweetener to make sure that it tastes like something you’ll actually want to have again.

35. Japanese Coffee Jelly Drink
Here’s a fun drink to make if you want to baffle or impress your friends, depending on their knowledge of Japanese trends. There are bits of coffee jelly in this drink which may sound a little strange at first, but once you try it you’ll be hooked, and you’ll be making this more often than you’d care to admit. It’s a pretty popular beverage in Japan and it conforms to the Paleo way of eating – and drinking. A great coffee-themed beverage to cool you to the core.

36. Paleo Strawberry Daiquiri
You don’t need to add alcohol to your daiquiri to make it taste good, and here they have all of the necessary ingredients to make a very delicious strawberry daiquiri with no added sugar, or refined sugars used. to make it sweet she’s using honey, and it’s quite clear that the rum is optional with these. You can invite your non-Paleo friends over and they can have their daiquiri with alcohol while you just sip on a fruity drink that won’t ruin your dieting plans.

sparkling peach spritzer
Photo: Livin’ the Crunchy Life

37. Sparkling Ginger-Peach Spritzer
The taste of ginger and peach might not be the first thing you think about when you think of a refreshing mix, but it somehow works. The sweetness of the peach mixed with the spiciness of the ginger has a nice contrast that you’ll come to appreciate by the end of the glass. The use of a sparkling mineral water makes this a novelty to drink, and you have to give your mind treats like this that convince it you’re not keeping anything from it, especially if you used to be a big soda drinker.

38. Yellow Watermelon Margarita Fresca
This is a margarita that doesn’t need any alcohol added to it, and you’ll never miss that it’s not there. Yellow watermelon is something to behold, and if you can stop yourself from eating it long enough to use it in this drink consider yourself a warrior when it comes to willpower. The amazing color it provides is just part of its awesomeness, and your friends will ask you what that the heck it is that you’re serving them, if you’re kind enough to share this.


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  1. I have a severe allergy to all citrus ,melons and nuts………….what can I do to replace them

    • Look into treating leaky gut syndrome.. which is responsible for most if not all food allergies… eventually youll be able to tolerate these foods

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