No-Cook Overnight Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

By Jess

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What if I told you that chocolate chia seed pudding might be able to help you lose weight?


I never knew chocolate pudding could be a health food! Yay! And this no-cook overnight chocolate chia pudding is so easy it only has one step.

I’m not saying you could eat mounds of it every day and still lose weight. But what if it was part of a healthy diet, instead of a “forbidden food”? The kid in me is pretty excited about this (who am I kidding? The adult in me is psyched too!)

So, here’s what makes this chocolate pudding so awesome: chia seeds. If you’re a Gen X’er like me, when you hear the word “chia,” you probably first start singing the song from the Chia Pet commercials of the 1990s. If you’re not a Gen X’er…just go google it. You won’t be sorry.

chocolate pudding ingredients

But I digress. Chia Seeds. It’s a superfood, but it’s so super, I feel like it should have its own category above regular superfood. Check this out: an ounce (which is about two tablespoons) of chia seeds have only about 130 calories, but pack a walloping 11 grams of fiber *and* four grams of protein. Like other seeds, they also have high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

These naturally gluten-free whole grains have been a staple of Central and South American diets for millennia. Because they are so high in fiber and protein per ounce, a little goes a long way in terms of keeping you satiated and keeping your body going, so much so that the ancient Mayan word for “strength” was, in fact, “chia.”

no cook pudding

Now don’t worry – you don’t end up with a pudding full of tiny hard black seeds. There is so much fiber in the seeds that they absorb amazing amounts of liquid and they puff up, breaking their crunchy outsides. If you eat chia seeds, that’s one reason they keep you full – they expand in your stomach. But in this recipe, we let the chia seeds do their thing over night in the fridge and the result is a gel-like – and pudding-like! – consistency. All we had to do was make them chocolate flavor and – voila! – chocolate pudding.

Now back to this “losing weight” deal. We know that protein keeps you satiated and energized longer than carbs do, and that’s why most diets emphasize the need for all meals and snacks to have protein. And now we know our chocolate pudding is packed with protein – and a whole bunch of other good stuff. The bit of carbs we do use – specifically the honey – is all natural so it breaks down more slowly than processed sugar and therefore doesn’t spike our blood sugar like processed sugar does.

no cook chocolate pudding

So, our chocolate pudding is a high protein, low carb snack that will not only make you feel like you’re indulging, but will keep you full and keep your energy up so you won’t be tempted to overeat at snack time or before your next meal. And that, my friends, is how chocolate pudding can help you lose weight.


    • 1 ¼ cup almond milk
    • ¼ cup cocoa powder
    • ¼ cup chia seeds
    • 4 tbsp honey
    • ½ tsp ground cinnamon
    • pinch of salt


  1. To make the pudding, place all the ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Divide the pudding between glasses or small jars and refrigerate overnight (minimum four hours).


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Prep Time

5 minutes

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  1. Is there a substitute that I can use for Allman milk? We cannot have any nuts or peanuts at our house due to anaphylactic allergies. Greatly appreciate your thoughts!

    • You can use coconut milk or soy milk (not sure if they are paleo) you might need to adjust the amount of liquid a little. I like it with coconut milk and a lot less honey if any at all. I use raw cacao powder which is not bitter like some cocoa powders.

  2. I found the seeds did not blend up very well and it wasn’t smooth. Do you blend the seeds first or just blend for a long time?

    • Hi Belinda,
      No , I don’t blend the seeds first. I just blend all ingredients on high until a smooth and creamy consistency is reached.

  3. Not much of a chocolate pudding fan so I didn’t use cocoa, but am a vanilla fan so just added vanilla instead and didn’t blend, just stirred. It was amazing and reminded me of tapioca. We even had berries on top. It’s now my go to for a snack or when i want something sweet!

  4. I use sugar-free salted caramel coffee syrup because I didn’t want to put the honey in. WoW! Love all the variations this basic recipe makes. Thank you.

  5. Have you ever used coconut sugar instead of the honey? I may be the only person on the planet that doesn’t like honey.

  6. “A High Speed Blender” is correct, for this recipe to turn out smooth.
    If you don’t blend, or your blender isn’t sharp/high-speed, you’ll get a tapioca-type consistency with little ‘dots’. Some people like it, others don’t. Another way to make it smooth (regardless of blender) is with a banana for sweetener & some plain oatmeal with an over-night soak–then blend when ready in the morning. It’s great for a go-to chocolate fix!

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