10 Chestnut Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

By Jess

Chestnuts are often relegated to holiday status, but you can do more than just roast them! Try these paleo treats using chestnuts, including breads and cakes. I’m sure you’ll find one to love!

Fall in love with chestnuts like I did with these tempting chestnut recipes. Its subtle but hearty presence is the cornerstone to a delicious dish.

1. Chocolate Chestnut Mousse
Sometimes I think paleo mousse is actually easier to make than most traditional mousse recipes! All you need for this one is almond milk, raw cashews, dark chocolate, chestnut puree, grass-fed butter, maple syrup, vanilla, and sea salt. And this one’s fancy, too!

Paleo Seed Bread
Photo: Paleo Diet and Fitness

2. Paleo Seed Bread
This dark brown, richly flavored bread is made with an ingredient you might not typically see, even in grain-free recipes. The flaxseed, coconut flour, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are to be expected, but this bread is made mainly of chestnut flour, with a unique texture and flavor.

3. Roasted Chestnuts With Sage Browned Butter
Roasted chestnuts are one of my favorite holiday snacks, and they’re so fun to make! This recipe is easier than you might think, and involves extra goodness from fresh sage leaves, homemade browned butter, and fleur de sel to meld the flavors. You’re not going to want to eat anything else all winter.

4. Dark Chocolate Chestnut Cake
Made using roasted chestnuts, coconut milk, vanilla, dark chocolate, butter, eggs, and maple syrup, this sweet and simple cake is a perfect way to enjoy seasonal nuts and cake at the same time, all while avoiding the holiday influx of grain and sugar-filled treats.

5. Chestnut Flour Crepes
Crepes are a favorite breakfast in my house, but this recipe can even be used for savory fillings and eaten for dinner, too! They’re made with chestnut flour, milk, eggs, and salt, and filled with olive oil-caramelized red onions, fresh figs, and fresh thyme (leave out the goat cheese).

Paleo Chestnut Fruit Cake
Photo: The Healthy Foodie

6. Paleo Chestnut Fruit Cake
If the words “fruit cake” fill you with feelings of dread and obligation, just hear me out. This cake is absolutely delicious, and it tastes nothing like that block of whatever-it-is studded with red and green dried “cherries” that taste like plastic. This one is chestnut puree, date paste, molasses, coconut milk, cinnamon, chopped nuts, and other goodness.

7. Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts
This unique recipe is made to enjoy with friends and family, and it’s easy to make before everyone comes over. You’ll need cans of water chestnuts, coconut aminos, bacon, coconut sugar, and something to grease your dish if you bake in glass. The chestnuts get all caramelized and amazing!

8. Chestnut Chocolate Cupcakes With White Frosting
These amazing cupcakes are chocolatey, sweetened with honey, made rich with coconut milk, and spiced with vanilla and nutmeg. They’re frosted with a sweet and creamy white frosting made from palm shortening and arrowroot starch (great partners for frosting) along with wildflower honey and almond extract.

9. Paleo Almond-Chestnut Crusty Bread
Paleo bread is often a battle. You have to get the texture right, but also the flavor, and it can’t be too complicated, and of course you don’t want to spend a million dollars on expensive ingredients. Try this simple recipe, with chestnut flour, ground almonds, eggs, olive oil, sea salt, and an optional touch of raw honey.

Grain Free Currant Coconut Cinnamon Rolls
Photo: Dancing With My Father

10. Grain Free Currant Coconut Cinnamon Rolls
Almond flour and chestnut flour make great partners for cinnamon rolls in this recipe, which involves an amazing filling of melted butter, maple syrup, maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, and currants. These are super easy to make, too.


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