27 Exciting Ways to Cook Swiss Chard

By Jess

Chard is a lovely, hardy spring green that has a million different uses. It’s nutritious and perfect for salads, wraps, and sautees. Try some of these paleo chard recipes and get your green on!

I eat a lot more chard now that I see how many ways you can use it. These chard recipes keep things interesting and keep me super healthy.

1. Roasted Root Vegetable Salad With Wilted Chard
Roasted vegetables are an easy and healthy dinner that definitely appears several times a week at my house. Try this version with baby carrots, small beets, fresh cranberries, Swiss chard, garlic, and toasted hazelnuts with an orange-Dijon dressing.

Swiss Chard With Raisins and Pine Nuts
Photo: Cooking at Sabrina’s

2. Swiss Chard With Raisins and Pine Nuts
This chard recipe takes just fifteen minutes to make, and uses onion, olive oil, red pepper flakes (you can adjust the amount depending on how much heat you like), golden raisins, toasted pine nuts, champagne vinegar (or balsamic, or red wine vinegar), and freshly cracked black pepper.

3. Green Over Green With Green on Top Salad
This triple-green salad has a cool name and simple ingredients like Swiss chard, grapes, kiwi, and avocado. It’s topped with a lovely savory dressing of German or whole grain mustard, sage leaves, garlic, olive oil, and sea salt and black pepper. This is a great lunch salad!

4. Heirloom Tomatoes and Swiss Chard Eggs Benedict
Here’s a bread-free eggs benedict dish that will become your new favorite breakfast with garlicky greens, sweet tomatoes, and a creamy, lemony blend Hollandaise sauce. You’ll use plenty of butter and a few pinches (or more) of cayenne pepper for spicy heat.

5. Fall Harvest Meal
I love recipes that give me full dinner ideas, because it takes up so much energy to try and figure out what goes with what. I can’t wait to try this dinner with delicate squash, pecan-crusted chicken, and shaved Brussels sprouts with garlic, egg, and Swiss chard.

Sauteed Garlic Chard
Photo: Great Food Lifestyle

6. Sauteed Garlic Chard
Made with fresh garlic, sea salt, and black pepper, this chard is sautéed in garlic until it’s wilted and tender with a bit of a bite still left. Because it’s shredded into small pieces, it’s even kid-friendly (not so chewy) and nobody can resist that much garlic.

7. Green Bean Salad With peas, Chard, and Tarragon
Leafy salads aren’t my favorite, but add veggies and I’ll gobble the whole thing up. This salad is more substantial than those that are mostly leaf-based, but it does boast its share of greens in the form of Rainbow or Swiss chard, along with purple onion and a lovely tarragon dressing with garlic and lemon zest.

8. Catalan Style Greens With Garlic, Sultanas, and Pine Nuts
Raisins can be a divisive food, because some people simply hate them in muffins or sprinkled throughout a salad. I, however, can’t get enough of those sweet little chewy jewels, and these golden raisins are my favorite, mixed into greens with white wine, apple, garlic, and pine nuts. You can use coconut sugar in place of the sugar, or leave it out.

9. Simple Egg Drop Soup
This soup really is simple, made with just bone broth, Swiss chard, eggs, coconut aminos, ginger, and oregano. Bone broth makes is extra nourishing and it takes alost no time to make, so it’s great for throwing together a quick lunch when you don’t have a lot of time.

Sauteed Chard With Baked Eggs
Photo: Whole Food Real Families

10. Sauteed Chard With Baked Eggs
This simple dish makes an awesome breakfast when you need some protein to go with your greens. You’ll need crushed red pepper flakes, shallots, chicken or veggie stock, eggs, and Swiss chard. You can leave out the parmesan cheese if it’s not part of your diet.

11. Quiche For Two
If it’s just the two of you at home, you likely don’t need an entire quiche sitting around—so don’t make it! This paleo quiche is perfect for two people with almond flour, eggs, almond milk, baby portobellos, chard, garlic, yellow onion, herbs, sea salt, and black pepper.

12. Chard Stuffed Acorn Squash With Za’atar and Tahini
While it’s totally delicious no matter what your diet is, this main dish is perfect for when you’ve got vegan friends over. The sweet and soft acorn squash is topped with extra-virgin olive oil, red onion, garlic, tomato past, chard, pistachios, and a tahini sauce drizzle.

13. Turnip, Chard, and Bacon Hash
Topped with green onions and full of flavor from bacon, hot sauce or homemade pesto, nutmeg, eggs, and Swiss chard, this awesome bacon hash is perfect for any morning, weekday or weekend, when you need something that comes together without mush effort and is full of nutrition.

Salmon, Shittakes, and Chard in Parchment
Photo: Foraged Dish

14. Salmon, Shittakes, and Chard in Parchment
Cooking in parchment paper is an excellent way to preserve flavors and moisture, and this parchment-cooked salmon with coconut aminos, garlic, chili peppers, cilantro, and more is delicious topped with the yummy and spicy sriracha aioli.

15. Baked Omelet Roulade
What a brilliant idea! This omelet roulade is baked and rolled with almond flour, almond milk, Dijon mustard, chard, Himalayan rock salt, freshly ground black pepper, homemade cashew greens, roasted pistachios, and fresh figs. What a perfect breakfast or brunch.

16. Shredded Chard, Apple Noodle, and Tuna Salad
Topped with a lemon Dijon vinaigrette, this yummy salad has the crunchy sweetness of spiralized apples, and savory flavor of tuna, and the heartiness of chard on its side, and it makes an excellent lunch. Top it with crunchy pecans, pack it in your lunch, and you won’t be able to wait for your break.

17. Chorizo, Sweet Potato, and Swiss Chard Wrap
Because chard leaves are sturdy and you can easily shave off the back of the thick stem, they’re perfect for using as wraps. This simple chard wrap is stuffed with chorizo, sweet potato, onion, garlic, and chili flakes. Top it with coconut yogurt or cashew sour cream!

Sweet Potato Fritters With Garlicky Greens, Poached Eggs, and Pesto
Photo: To Her Core

18. Sweet Potato Fritters With Garlicky Greens, Poached Eggs, and Pesto
Spiralizing your sweet potato gives this fritter the best texture with a lovely outside crisp and the flavors of smoked paprika. The garlicky greens are the icing on the cake with more garlic, coconut oil, eggs, and pesto sauce (use your favorite).

19. Sweet Potato Nooldles With Greens Pesto
Instead of the traditional basil, this unique pesto is made with chard, kale, and/or any combination of leafy greens you like. You’ll also use pine nuts, garlic, and lemon juice, and drizzle it all over yummy homemade sweet potato noodles for a low-carb dinner.

20. Apple-Walnut Rainbow Chard Salad
Rainbow chard is awesome in salads because it’s such a colorful addition. This whole salad itself is a rainbow, with apples, celery, onion, toasted walnuts, and a yummy dressing made from honey, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, and black pepper.

21. Garlic Sauteed Swiss Chard
This deliciously garlicky sautéed chard makes an awesome side dish for just about any cuisine, and is made simple with olive oil and sea salt. It takes only ten minutes to cook, so it’s perfect for throwing together when you’ve just realized you don’t have a side dish.

Spaghetti Squash Pesto Pasta With Chard and Sundried Tomatoes
Photo: So Lets Hangout

22. Spaghetti Squash Pesto Pasta With Chard and Sundried Tomatoes
This spaghetti squash is topped with a fresh spinach and pepita pesto (recipe linked on the page), dun dried tomatoes, and chopped Swiss chard. It’s a hearty dinner that’s made almost completely from vegetables, so you know you’re getting lots of nutrients!

23. The Best Green Juice
Looking for a new green juice recipe to start your morning off right? Try this one with romain leaves, celery, cucumber, kale, Swiss chard, spinach, parsley, fresh lemon juice, and if you need something a bit sweet and fruity, a green apple, too.

24. Baked Eggs With Creamy Leeks and Chard
This breakfast is elegant and sophisticated with easy paleo adjustments, like using coconut milk or beef/chicken stock in place of the heavy cream and leaving out the optional cheese. The leeks really add a deliciously savory flavor to this breakfast.

25. Leek and Swiss Chard Quiche
This quiche has a crumbly grain free crust that’s even better than your grandma’s quiche crust. All you need is almond flour, coconut oil, and eggs, with fillings like ghee, leeks, fresh thyme, Swiss chard, almond milk, eggs, fresh cracked black pepper, and nutmeg.

Cornish Game Hens With Shiitake and Chard
Photo: I Breathe, I’m Hungry

26. Cornish Game Hens With Shiitake and Chard
These Cornish game hens make a lovely romantic dinner for two with olive oil, salt and pepper, butter, sliced shiitake mushrooms, shredded chard, garlic powder, and fresh thyme leaves. You don’t necessarily need a lot of crazy ingredients or world-class chef skill to make a fancy dinner!

27. Spinach and Chard Souffle
This soufflé has a light and fluffy texture with coconut milk, ghee or clarified butter, tapioca flour, Swiss chard, spinach, garlic, onion, eggs, and freshly grated nutmeg. It’s a simple way to get more greens in your body that’s different from the usual salad. Enjoy!


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